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Why We Should All Care About Certified Wood

Updated on March 19, 2014

Sustainable Logging Practices

It's In Our Best Interest

Let's start by what certified wood is. Certified wood is wood that has been
inspected by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and has given its approval for
certification. What the FSC is looking for is sustainability when harvesting
wood. So why should you care about sustainable harvesting? Because it has the
potential to affect us all. The ecosystem is adversely affected by logging and
without sustainable procedures that system will never replenish.

Another View

Another way to look at this is, suppose you were to buy wood from a wood
supplier and this company has no regard for sustainability whatsoever. You are
in effect encouraging them to continue these unsustainable practices. It's like
a vote for depletion of resources. On the other hand that same amount of money
invested in a company that is certified by the FSC is a vote for the future.
Dollar for dollar certified wood is not that much more expensive than non
certified wood but the benefits of certified wood are immense.

Forestry Stewardship Council

What is Sustainable Harvesting?

So what exactly is sustainable harvesting and what kind of benefits can be had by practicing it? When deforesting occurs many of the wildlife of that forest are displaced and often left to suffer and often die. With sustainable harvesting the companies that support sustainability will ensure animals have adequate places to live after deforesting occurs.

Visit To Your Lumber Yard

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The Rainforest as an Example

Another example is the rainforests. Farmers around these rainforests depend on the water generated from them. If the forests resources are depleted that water source is no longer available to farmers and that will adversely affect them. These farms often produce food for the entire world. Less food produced means less supply to the market. That often leads to higher prices.

And this has adverse affects throughout the supply chain. Suppose one of those farms produces soybeans. If they raise the price of soybeans this will in turn raise the price of soy sauce and anyone who depends on soy sauce will suddenly have to pay more for it. This is just one example. You could easily come up with dozens more.


Rainforest | Source

And Finally...

Certified wood via sustainable harvesting is simply the better way to go. So the next time you are at your lumber yard, make sure you specify that you want your wood certified. The more people that do this the more pressure will be placed on wood suppliers to ensure that they meet certification requirements. It's a winning proposition for our ecosystem and by extension, the entire world.

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