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Why World War Is Better Than World Peace

Updated on July 28, 2009

The world could be peaceful if we really wanted it. All we'd have to do would be stop killing each other. That's it. World peace is the easiest thing in the world. The reality is that we don't want it. We don't want peace, we want domination. That's the little secret that lies at the heart of every human being. It is what drives us to breed when we have no resources to feed our young, its what drives us to treat people of races other than our own badly, and it is what allows us to sleep well in our beds at night when we know that our tax dollars are being used to wage wars and kill innocents in far off countries.

The everyman can claim ignorance of the horrors his government perpetrates in his name, but the reality is that not only is he aware of it, he agrees with it and supports it. When torture photos were released from Guantanamo, was it shut down? No. A debate was entered into on the legitimacy of water boarding, a crime which Japanese soldiers were executed for carrying out in WWII, but which is apparently now a okay, because, you know, we are doing it to other people. People who speak another language and who have infinitesimally different blood lines.

We know that children are being killed in unmanned drone attacks along the Pakistani border. One of Obama's first acts as US presidents was to authorize these attacks. In one case, funeral goers were killed by a drone attack whilst attending the funerals of those killed in drone attacks. But do we care? Hell no, we don't.

Killing Funeral Goers (AKA: US Drones, it seems, are not without a sense of irony.)

We don't care about civilians, and we care even less about soldiers. The Geneva convention is little more than a tattered whispering ghost document of times gone by, times when Western soldiers were at real risk of capture and torture over an extended period, times when we were prepared to promise to treat enemy troops well in return for our own also being treated well. Now that precious few soldiers are captured, and even fewer survive more than a few days of captivity, the Geneva convention has been circumvented to allow the USA to hold whoever they like and do whatever they like to them. Years later, it is still happening. Years later, nobody gives a damn. We'll only give a damn when somebody captures a critical mass of people we happen to care about. People with the same skin color and religious beliefs as us, probably.

Waterboarding Used To Be A Crime

Make no mistake, we are living in a time of horror and the majority of us are doing nothing about it. Remember when you read about the holocaust and wondered how the German people could be so complicit in the murder of millions? Well, Guten abend meine damen und herren, we're all German now. We sit, and we watch and we grow fat and we do nothing.

Why? Is it because we're powerless. I don't think so. I think it is because the majority of us are little more than gene machines, biological organisms focused entirely on the survival of our own bloodlines. On an individual level some of us care, and some of us act, but the number who do so are precious few. We mock people who call for peace, and if they call for peace too much, we shoot them. John Lennon, Jesus, Martin Luther King, the list goes on.

  • "It's interesting to notice who it is we assassinate. Did you ever stop to notice who it is we kill? It's always people who've told us to live together in harmony and try to love one another." - George Carlin

We don't want peace. We want war. We want to wipe out all those who are different us. We want to rule. We want domination. We support the troops, ostensibly because they protect us, but in reality because they further our goals. If we kill enough women and children in far off lands, we can use the resources of those lands in the future. We can breed more, we can control more.

We dislike immigrants with large families, because they are winning the biological race in another way. We fear that they will take our resources. We fear that they will overtake us in wealth. We fear that one day, we may lose control and they will seize it by virtue of numbers. We fear them, because inherently we know that what lies in our own human breast deserves to be feared. It is savage. It is animal.

This is not to say that we are not capable of love. We are capable of great love, especially when it ensures that our genes make it to the next generation. We love our children with great fervor. We love our partners more than life itself.

But we will send our children away to defend our 'freedoms' (aka, our oil interests) in foreign nations. Most of the soldiers dead in Afghanistan are young men under the age of 25. Children. Dying for what? For a sickness that the public which sent them will not stop. We support the troops by sending them to die. With supporters like that, who needs enemies?

'Hello mum, this is going to be hard for you to read' – The final letter of a 19 year old British boy soldier who died in Afghanistan.

We feel so superior to all other forms of life on the planet and have no qualms about killing it if we can eat it, or if it happens to be in the way. We think that this is okay because animals aren't conscious, they're not sentient like we are. Yet most of us never look in the mirror and realize that we behave with little more consciousness than your average ant. We protect the nest, breed as much as possible, and destroy all that lies in our path. That's not intelligent behavior, that's gene driven behavior, behavior which makes a human a puppet.

World Peace is possible, but evidently, it's just not desirable.

Why not buy some tacky peace products to demonstrate your commitment to peace!


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    • Hope Alexander profile imageAUTHOR

      Hope Alexander 

      9 years ago

      I didn't choose any solution, did I? Thanks for your comment! :D

    • bala99 profile image

      Bala Subrahmanyam Vishnubhotla 

      9 years ago from Hyderabad, Telangana, India.

      Despite a passionate argument against lack of action on indiscriminate killings, you have chosen a course to total annihilation of the world as a solution. I would call it an irony! Understanding and compassion is the only way to bring in lasting peace. The war should be a last resort. Cowboy nations encourage war in the stupid idea that their economies will get a boost by arms sales and whatever moolah the conquered land offers. I hope indiscriminate arming of an enemy of another enemy will stop. There is no farsightedness in this. This not solve any problem. An enemy is an enemy and will still be an enemy any day.

    • Hope Alexander profile imageAUTHOR

      Hope Alexander 

      9 years ago

      Thanks for your comment Howie.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      I highly disagree with many things in this article. Like the torturing of Japan. Japan also killed over 5 million civilians for the fun of it. Thats a little different then capturing militants(Who wear no uniform and represent no government) and torturing them to find out info about hideouts and attacks.

      Its not as simple as you make it out to be. So long as we have many religions and political and coial views war will erupt. Look at 9/11 for example. That is a case of Jihad against the US. Our the ethnic cleansings in recent years. Over 178 million civilians have been killed by there own governments since 1900.

      I do agree that there are people who want to gain power. Also people often become corrupt when given power. But not everyone wants this hatred. Most people support our troops because they protect us and nothing more. I enjoy living under a constitutional republic and not an oligarchy or autocracy. I also like not having to live in fear of terrorists attacking us. We must do our best to prevent power hunrgy, racist, corrupt etc people from gaining power.

      I just want to live my life as a normal guy. I don't want to see people being leeches on a government that has taken way too much power in recent years.

      World Peace though is not achievable unless all people act and to think alike, which I do not want to happen. Conflict can not be avoided only postponed. I know there are better ways to carry out anti-terror operations but politicaians won't allow them.

      You also make extreme generalizations about all of humanity. If we were as savage as you think then we would already have killed ourselves off. After all we have enough weapons to do so. And if anything Europeans and Americans don't fit your "breed and kill" ideology. Europeans have a negative population growth. Immigrants are the reason they rise.

      If anything it is the Muslim world that fits your mind set. Average of over 8 kids a family. Many of them declare Jihad on the West. And the swarm western nations and will soon outnumber them in population. Many of them have said they want their laws in other countries. So how do they do this. Outnumber them in a democracy.

      Don't make broad statements about all of humanity like this. What you have said is far from true. Hope you got a little insight


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