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Taxpayers Second Hand Citizens to the Federal Government?

Updated on March 26, 2010

What are YOUR Tax Dollars Buying You?

When Will the United States Government Put the Interests of Americans First?

Today October 15, 2009 President Obama signed a $7.5 Billion aid bill for Pakistan! That’s 75 million $100 bills or to put it in an ever easier to understand way… that’s $25 for every man, woman, and child in America. And what do we get for our $25? If I could answer that then I’d be a genius. As I see it we get nothing! This is just another take from the American Tax Payer to fund the chase for the imaginary bad guys who go by the mythical name “Terrorists”.

Who are these terrorists that they are worth $10 Billion a month, plus this new $7.5 Billion give away? Seriously. We might just be better off paying them to not be bad guys… it would be cheaper. Except we (And I use that term loosely) can’t even identify them.

For the record today I read another story today about Home Forecloses skyrocketing again as more people lose their job. How about some aid for the suffering Americans who are losing their jobs and their homes? Nearly 300,000 Americans a month are losing their jobs. I read earlier in the week that there are 6.3 applicants for every job! The published unemployment rate for last month was 9.8%, but this is not the “real” rate of unemployment because this only tracks the people who are eligible to receive benefits. I’ve read estimates of the “real” rate anywhere from 18-25%.

We can’t help Americans but we can spend Billions each month on Aid Packages? Over the summer Hilary Clinton arraigned an $800 million dollar give away to rebuild the Gaza Strip so they can blow it up again next year. In my entire life “Middle East” peace talks have taken place. Leaders change, money is spent, and where is the peace? There is none! Why? Because you can not legislate a belief system! Total waste. Sure peace would be great, but we as a people need to stay out of “their” business. The countries involved need to resolve these issues themselves. What is proven beyond doubt is United States intervention and US Tax Dollars do NOT solve the problem.

Just this week the Dow Jones Industrial Average broke 10,000. Big deal. It’s just paper trading… profits to investment bankers and nothing to American Tax Payers. There has been no surge in job creation. Bankers are sitting on the Government Bailout Money, and now padding the books as the investment firms turn paper profits.

The Economy is still in the toilet, we have not left the recession because nothing has been fixed. So there is a little paperwork shuffle and investors are scrambling to do something with their money. How much stock do you own? Where do these huge paper profits originate? They originate from institutional trades and foreign investment. This is not the kind of “profit” that is putting people back to work.

Temporary paper profits on Wall Street are not an indicator of a recovery… yes the Government Propaganda machine wants you to believe this but it simply is not true. The Feds want to tell you that unemployment will get all better because the stock market works as a lagging indicator for unemployment and a few months down the road we’ll be back to normal. Uh huh.

How long do they (Republicans and Democrats alike) expect to keep lying to the Tax Payer? And how long can the Government keep giving away American Tax Dollars in the name of the “War on Terrorism”? There are an estimated 20 million illegal aliens in the United States. It’s not like it’s hard to “sneak into the country”. I mean they didn’t catch the first 20 Million did they? And the supposed “Terrorists” that are supposedly responsible for 911 were here legally, not illegally! Bush and Cheney never did come clean on 911 they just pushed it all under the table and made Saddam Hussein the “Bad Guy” to divert attention to what really happened.

Now you don’t have to agree with me. I don’t care. Because I’m smart enough to see what is going on. I understand what a fractional reserve banking system has done to the economy. I understand when I’m being lied to. I understand the diversion tactics. Do you?

Things are not getting better, they are getting worse. Again, nothing is being done to “fix” the economy. There is a lot of talk and little action. The bailout funds are not creating enough jobs to even put a dent in the numbers for jobs being lost. And the jobs being created are temporary positions. Once the census is counted everything will be all better, right? But seriously how is census counting a job worth doing? If the Government wants to count people the information is already available in the DMV records of each state… and more accurate. And once roads are built those people will be laid off.

Racism Alive and Well in Government

And I’m sick and tired of hearing about all the Racism that is still taking place in this country. Just today some A-hole White Justice of the Peace in Louisiana refused to marry an interracial couple because in his opinion it would be bad for any potential children they might have? WTF? How is that not racist?

And here is what the A-hole had to say in his defense:

"I'm not a racist. I just don't believe in mixing the races that way," Bardwell told the Associated Press on Thursday. "I have piles and piles of black friends. They come to my home, I marry them, they use my bathroom. I treat them just like everyone else."

And we should not be referring to blacks as African American. They are not. They are American, just American. They were not born in Africa. Most have no relatives in Africa they even know.

And I know Muslims I have worked with Muslims. And I have not met any of them who want the “Death of America”. In fact the Muslims I know love this country, they love being here, and they love the benefits of America. This war on Terrorism has a hidden agenda and is bilking the American Tax Payer. It’s the leaders that are creating this war not the people. People don’t want war… leaders do. It’s manipulation for profit.

And you and I have no say in how our tax money is being spent. Our votes appear to mean nothing. Federal Income Taxes are not optional. I’m all for giving away money when it’s your money. But it’s not – it’s OUR MONEY.

Have you been following the new Credit Card Industry regulations? The Federal Government is requiring banks to stop gouging customers… or so you would believe. But what are the Banks doing now that new laws are being enacted? They are simply coming up with ways to skirt the laws! The Banks are raising fees on credit cards that used to have no fees! Banks are sending out notices to customers about the new fees which will take place automatically. So don’t throw out your junk mail. If you do nothing they start billing the new fees, if you complain your only recourse is to cancel your card? What happens when you cancel your card? That’s right it HURTS YOUR CREDIT SCORE! So once again what is the Federal Government doing to protect the Tax Payer? Nothing. But the Banks are protected.

The new agenda looks like this… drive everyone’s credit into the toilet. Raise Banking Fees and take tax payer dollars to keep funding the Corporate Wealth and lavish lifestyles of the wealthy elite. Then when the lie machine fails to convince the people of any real change, raise taxes. Take away the right to bear arms so the people can be controlled easily. Sell off American Assets to the highest bidder and begin the One World Government with absolute and complete control.

How much longer will you be “free”? You are not free now. You are a slave to the Federal Reserves perpetual debt machine. The only way to stop this and become free is to remove those in power who keep perpetuating the problem and eliminate the central bank. Put the power of the American People back in the hands of the American People.

And abolish racism once and for all. The only true Americans are the people who lived here before the Anglo Saxon world stole their land. To think that anyone has a claim to this land based on their race is ridiculous. You have a claim to this land because you were born here… regardless of the color of your hair, eyes, skin or whatever.

So I ask you again when is the Federal Government going to put the interests of the American Tax Payer first?

You pay and pay and have no say!

Federal Government Takes from you with threats of Prison Time then does whatever they want with your money and this is not theft? Isn't this how organized crime works?
Federal Government Takes from you with threats of Prison Time then does whatever they want with your money and this is not theft? Isn't this how organized crime works?


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  • OpinionDuck profile image


    8 years ago

    still true today

  • bill yon profile image

    bill yon 

    8 years ago from sourcewall


  • Tucci78 profile image


    9 years ago from New Jersey

    Hm. To whatever extent you're still accessing the mainstream media, do you get *The Las Vegas Review-Journal* and read the opinion pieces written by Vin Suprynowicz?

    I live in the area where the "paper of record" is *The Philadelphia Inquirer* (which would NEVER carry Suprynowicz as a guest columnist, of course) and therefore have to access his stuff online, at:

    As for the subject of your hub....

    Well, not much with which I can ague, that's plain.

    Except, of course that "the people who lived here before the Anglo Saxon world stole their land" had themselves stolen it from THEIR predecessors. As best can be determined, there were three major crossings of that land bridge over the Bering Straight, three waves of west-to-east (and subsequently north-to-south) immigration in the stone ages before the Europeans got here to address the noble savages of the First Nations with gunpowder, cold steel, and smallpox.

    Meaning that the folk of the Americas had been systematically raping, bashing, chopping, stabbing, burning, spearing, enslaving and otherwise treating earlier inhabitants of these lands with perfect "humanity" for millennia prior to the arrival of people more scientifically practiced in the art of organizing resources for the purpose of conquest.

    That the Europeans should have been really, REALLY good at what historian Victor Davis Hanson once so brilliantly characterized as *The Western Way of War* should be completely unsurprising, really.

    Ever see a movie titled *A Man Called Horse*? There's a scene toward the close of the story which caught me as extremely dramatic when I first saw the film.

    The protagonist finds himself taking command in the middle of an attack upon his adopted people's village and ordering his surprised and disorganized bow-and-arrow-wielding comrades into the same "harrow" formation with which the English yeomen slaughtered the mounted nobility of France at Agincourt.

    And in getting his comrades to stand and fight the way Europeans learned long ago to do - methodically, without individual show of prowess, simply holding together and killing and killing and killing until the other side was reduced to a scatter of corpses - he gave them victory.

    But that was fiction, of course. Not reality. A nice "coulda-been," never a "was."

    The people of the First Nations lacked that sort of eminently principled (and highly practical) sense of bloody-mindedness, and - good as they may have been, one on one - they had about as much chance of resisting the European invasion as the proverbial nitrocellulose dog chasing the asbestos cat through Hell.

    Not a nice thing to happen to anybody, but considering my own ethnic origins (most Americans of Italian descent have ancestors who spent more centuries in slavery and peonage than any American black could ever claim for his own family; think of *Spartacus* as our version of *Roots*) I'm not going to weep tears over the way things have shaken out.

  • privateye2500 profile image


    9 years ago from Canada, USA, London

    "Hatred is a learned behavior and Governments and Religious leaders use it to manipulate the masses."

    They also TEACH IT - ergo, that is where it is learned.

  • advoco profile image


    9 years ago from cadiz

    I agree with both strands of your argument - the War on Terror is being used by groups within the country and abroad to milk the taxpayer and the economy is being seriously mismanaged. Leaves little room for optimism right now.

  • MikeNV profile imageAUTHOR


    9 years ago from Henderson, NV

    You can't stereotype a person by their race. If you are the minority and the national press is painting you in a negative light you don't speak up. I have yet to meet a single Muslim person that hates America. But I have not traveled outside of this country to areas where they are manipulated by their own Governments and Religious leaders.

    Hatred is a learned behavior and Governments and Religious leaders use it to manipulate the masses.


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