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Why Are the Politicians and the Media so Adamant About Impeaching Donald Trump?

Updated on September 26, 2019
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Jason is someone that likes to read deeper into issues that seem to be thrown in our faces on a daily basis and see what it is really about.


Now, its not my goal to state one way or another if President Trump should be impeached for whatever reason, but this is an issue that has been thrown in our faces from the media for a few years now as of this article, and I feel it is important to give some insight as to what this impeachment is really about. Again, I am not going to get into the fine details of the alleged wrongdoings of Donald Trump, and whether they are true or not, but the over arcing issue for what this call for impeachment is about.

President Trump is an Outsider

Donald Trump will definitely go into the history books as one of the most unusual presidents in U.S. history. He does not come from a political background, did not hold one of the usual jobs most politicians were, such as being a lawyer. Trump came from different territory that most of the politicians in office came from, and like at any level, most people do not like outsiders whether they admit it or not. Its no secret that the politicians, especially the career ones, have a long-term goal for who they want to be president, and they are so set on who they want to win the elections. If the plan deviates at all, they have a hard time accepting it. When an outsider unexpectedly comes into the picture, it messes with the long-term goals and plans they have in place, which is the situation for Trump. Because of this, no one is willing to work with either group because each is set in their ways of handling politics. Instead of working a solution, the politicians and the media refer to the election and that it must have been rigged, which leads me to my next point.

Revenge from the Election

We have seen it all before, the reactions to the 2016 presidential election, you yourself may have been upset or maybe you were letting out joy, or maybe even just plain shocked. To this day, and possibly forever in history, the media and the politicians will always be claiming the election was influenced, of course they never claim this when the lection goes the way they advocate for. These people, and many of the voters, were so set on Hilary Clinton winning the election that to this day, they still do not know how to handle it. Their was a long-term goal in place, of what the exceeding four years would bring, and it was all vanished in one night. You yourself may have been upset with the election, and the first instinct is to claim the election was rigged and call for an impeachment trial. I am not claiming one way or another if the election was influenced or not, but the fact remains, many were not happy with the turnout and will do whatever it takes to get the results they want.

President Trump Simply does not Support their Agenda

Probably the biggest reason why the media and the politicians are constantly calling for Trump's impeachment is simply because he does not support their agenda so their reaction is to try him for alleged crimes and do their best to remove him. Whether you support this or not, the presidency of Donald Trump has revealed a larger picture about what is looming over the country. It is that the politicians are a lot more controlling over the fares of the common people than many might think. Their is a larger plan of who becomes president, who gets into political office in general, what issues are considered important to you, what you should and should not pay attention to, and as always, how much money they can squeeze out of you. Everything is alright, until someone from the outside comes in and says no. Instead of being good moderators, like politicians are supposed to be, they behave like spoiled brats that did not get what they want. I know you might be thinking, Trump behaves like this to, but the point being is politics as a whole. It shows their is a lot of corruption involved, and the politicians believe the common people are too stupid to know what is best for them, and that tells you that they view you as nothing. Not sure how you, as the reader, feels about this, but I think this is very alarming. Long term plans are in place in politics, and when things deviate, such as Donald Trump as president, they will sacrifice all, including doing their job, to work to force out their interference. It is alarming to see how much pure politics play in decisions and plans, and it should make anyone upset that these elitist think you do not know wat is best for you. Beucase Trump does not seem to support their particular agenda, this is the reaction. Of course, we could claim Trump has something similar in mind in his own way, but that is a whole another discussion.


So what do you think of all of this? I think that this whole issue about impeaching President Trump comes back to these fundamentals, anything else is secondary. It is clear the politicians and the media will fight this to the bitter end, until it either happens or his presidency is done. Whatever your views are on the matter, it is hard to dispute these particular over-arcing reasons. Only time will tell what will come from this.

© 2019 Jason


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