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Why Are Anti Trumpers so Angry Because Trump is President?

Updated on July 12, 2018

And the award for Nuclear War goes to Robert DeNiro

Robert DeNiro Fsssss the president before the North Korean summit.

Once again the entertainment award shows are used as a means to bully pulpit the president. This time it is Robert DeNiro's turn in the batting box, and the entire audience is his field.

Robert DeNiro didn't even attempt to mention the next entertainer, the actual reason he was in the batter's box. He Ffff the president and it was a hard ball that never made it out of the batting box, but the fans at the awards gave him a standing ovation.

This was on the day before that president Trump would meet with Kim Jung-un at the Singapore summit. In essence, DeNiro was awarding Nuclear War instead of world peace.

The Queen is dead forget about her

This article was inspired by hubpages and CNN

It seems that since the cloud of President Hillary Rodham Clinton has been disbursed and blown away with the reality of Donald Trump winning the election. The left has been irrational, emotional, abusive, and bullies over it.

  • Starting with Election Day through Election Night the main stream news media, aka, the annex of the democrat party was in Euphoria that now they would have their Queen elevated to her natural born and destiny of becoming the first Women in the US Presidency.
  • Even till the last moments of Election Night the cadre of the political experts on CNN and the rest of the left biased news media were still projecting the Donald Trump wouldn't be president. In fact, one news media political analyst drew out some elaborate charts and data on how impossible it would be for presidential candidate Donald J Trump to win the Electoral College.

Then, there was that strong wind of Trump voters that quickly swept away the cloud of fantasy that Hillary Rodham Clinton would be president. Then it was followed by the cleansing rays of the Sun that again were the Trump voters not only giving him the win in the Electoral College. It gave him 304 instead of the mere minimum of 271. This trounced Hillary Clinton's 231 Electoral College voters.

The Clouds of Hillary Clinton's fantasy presidency then wound up raining over the democrats, and the Hillary Clinton supported Main Stream News Media where CNN her biggest supporter got rained on the heaviest.

Only the rain was formed from the visible tears, and frantic crying because Donald Trump was now going to be president of the United States of America, and this would make their queen Hillary a two time loser of the presidency.

First, she got beat by the then unknown, unaccomplished senator from Illinois. Who easily with the help of the democrat party had a campaign of over one billion dollars, and he went all in like in Texas Holdem poker. Hillary then folded like a house made out of paper.

Second, she then has trouble with getting past winning her own democrat primary in 2016. Bernie Sanders started off slow, because Hillary Clinton and the democrats started her off with the Super delegates. But as the primary moved on month by month, Bernie was right on her heels.

Then there was the DNC servers, and Seth Rich, and Bernie Sanders mysterious drops out of the primary. Well, at least now the queen sees an open democrat race that she got past this time.

  • But wait, now she is up against republican presidential candidate Donald J Trump. Who will win the republican primary after beating seventeen of the republican party's best professional candidates except for Doctor Ben Carson.

I won't go into the political gyrations like the Russian Dossier created and paid twelve million dollars by Hillary Rodham Clinton to try and cheap shot take Donald Trump out of the running for the presidency.

At the end of the election day and night, Hillary Clinton is beaten by a first time politician who spent less than half of her one point two billion dollar war chest.

So the tally for Hillary Clinton was two losses, one having very little political experience, and pretty much unknown nationally, and one having been well known but not a politician.

I can see why that would be disturbing to not only Hillary Rodham Clinton but also to the DNC, the left biased main stream news media, and her supporters, and her voters.

At the end of the night watching the Cable News Version of Chicken Little the sky is falling. The doom and gloom reached hysterical and very emotional levels.

It would be the birth of the Trump Deranged Syndrome.

The Trump Deranged Syndrome has grown from embryo to small child in the same time generation as cell mitosis occurs with bacteria. There is a lot of comparison in the comparison.

The hubpages and CNN interview that inspired this article.

Since Election over and Donald Trump won the United States presidency the doom and gloom and torrential rain of tears increased the left has tried many things to rationalize why they lost the election.

  • And they had failed at all of them, and this must be the source of their irrational Trump Derangement Syndrome.

On hubpages, I keep seeing the same machinations of a death roll trying to find some way to do a ground hog day. A new beginning devoid of reality, and filled with the joy of their queen Hillary as the United States president.

These forums, and their posts along with an occasional article all act as if Hillary is queen but Donald Trump cheated and won. Yet, in reality it is the opposite, as Hillary with the help of the left biased main stream news media, the DNC, and president Obama and the DOJ and the FBI allowed her to cheat, and yet she lost.

President Obama and his administration including the DOJ and FBI worked successfully to keep Hillary out of jail. As yet, at least in the United States we have not elected felons that were still in jail.

These hubpage contributors usually have no real facts, they use democrat propaganda "DemoGanda" to pitch an untruth as a fact. They are acting like bots, and repeating the Democrat based fairy tales.

One of my problems with these kind of views is that they seem to not only show major signs of TDS but they also exhibit Turret Syndrome foul language. And while there is freedom to disagree, why are they so angry when they disagree?

We get it, you don't like Donald Trump, but is that the way you treat a president Donald Trump? Liking or disliking Trump as a person doesn't take facts, it just takes and opinion. But doing the same to president Trump needs facts and has to apply to what he is doing or not doing as president.

When he was elected president, the left predicted that the Stock Market would crash, as well as the economy. They also wrongly predicted that he wouldn't last a year. And they did that all the way to when he first became a candidate. He won't make it to the primary vote, then he wouldn't make it to the election, and then he wouldn't make it to the inauguration. They were and continue to be all wrong about Donald Trump.

The CNN interview

Trey Gowdy, the republican from South Carolina was being interviewed on CNN, about the intelligence committees classified memo that would incriminate many on the left for crimes during the election.

  • The point about this interview was the demeanor of the interviewer. It was clear from the expression on her face, and the repetition of the questions when she didn't get the result she was looking for in the interview. She was visibly mad, and emotional, and without raising her voice much, her whole demeanor was enraged, as if she had a life or death stake in getting the answered that she wanted, needed and begged for in the interview.
  • Her problem was that congress person Trey Gowdy cannot be intimidated and he gives straight unbiased answers while giving an opinion that is opposite of what she wanted from him.

This interview like many on CNN and the others like them, seem to be unprofessional, very biased to the point that it looks like they have a personal stake in making their view a reality.

And in many cases when they get any kind of resistance, they cut the Mike or try to shut down the guest.

How this represents Reporting the News in any sense news is beyond me. The News used to be reporting events and the facts that go along with the event. Then these fact were verified before they were published or aired.

Today that are just biased opinions, mostly without verification and no apologies for it.


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    • bradmasterOCcal profile imageAUTHOR


      6 months ago from Orange County California


      That is true, and let us see what happens now that president Trump has given the word for the DOJ to release the 99 page memo for everyone to see.

      I hope it happens, but you never know, do you?


    • Readmikenow profile image


      6 months ago

      I would have to say the left is angry because they aren't mature enough to accept they didn't get something they wanted. Crying? Taking to the streets and chanting? forming a "resistance?" To what? Anything but be adults and accept the results. Attack the Electoral College, try recounts (which failed and only showed Trump won by more votes), blame Russian collusion. ANYTHING, but be adults, accept the results and work to win the next election. I'm proud of my country, I'm just ashamed of how the liberals in it behave.

    • bradmasterOCcal profile imageAUTHOR


      6 months ago from Orange County California


      I agree, and they have no intention of ever changing.


    • breakfastpop profile image


      6 months ago

      They are angry because they lost the election. They are angry because they are immature, uninformed and one dimensional. The left in Congress wants power, and those that put them there want soundbites to make them feel empowered.

    • bradmasterOCcal profile imageAUTHOR


      6 months ago from Orange County California


      I think that you have AP syndrome. I got nothing out of this comment. Sorry.

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 

      6 months ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      Let me just ask. Isn't news about what people want to know about, about being filled it.

      That is just the way it is. I did jail time in both Flagstaff Ariz. and a punk place call Chollula. And nearly in Paris. Who decides what people should hear. Only a moron globs on to crap that obviously has stupid written all over it. So let us say our USA has 33 percent stupid. that will fund a TV Show. Who cares. I do not watch that which exploit women of the black race like where the woman abuses the man.Playing into the MLK dichotomy of fatherless families.


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