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Why cellphones should be allowed in school.

Updated on April 23, 2015

1. Cellphone can help a student in emergenc situation

When students need urgent help like lets say incase of an accident, they can use their cellphones to call for help from their parents or from the nearest hospital, in that case cellphones are useful in life saving situation. Also, in case of a robbery,bullying or maybe a gunshot,a student can always use the cellphone to call 911 to get help from the police. A cellphone is also useful if a student has forgotten his or her homework or lunch box, he or she can decide to call the parent to bring them the homework and thus they can avoid being punished. Also a student would need to call their parents or anybody close who is trustworthy to come pick them up if someone dint pick him or her.

2. Cellphone can be used to search educational stuffs

A school can’t have enough computers to accommodate all the students in the school who wants to use the internet to search for stuffs, so a better way to solve this situation is to allow students to bring their cellphones to school so that every student will have a chance to search for anything educational on the internet. Also the students can also access the online dictionary using their cellphones instead of carrying around big heavy oxford dictionary. So those are some of the ways cellphone can be useful in schools.

3. Cellphone can be used for studying and taking notes

This case applies to smart phones. Students can download useful apps that can help them to study. If a student has an iPhone he or she can download iBook on the app store. This app has a lot of notes and verbal teachings and thus during free times a student can go to the school library and study using the smart phone. Also a student can take notes in a smart phone. This sounds unbelievable but it’s all true. There are note taking apps. This is useful because a student can study and take notes at the same time anywhere. Isn’t this interesting?

4. To make detention more endurable

We all know that the worst thing in school is being given a detention. Many students often try to find a way to flee from detention. This is where cellphones come in. students can use the cellphones to free them from the misery of being in the detention. Cellphones can reduce boredom in this situation. A student can also use it to study in the detention or maybe watch or read some news on the internet. I know this sounds awkward but it’s truly worth it.

5. To keep the students happy

It is believed that if students are happy or enjoy being in school, they are more likely to excel in their studies. Happy students are able to concentrate more in school and thus learning things becomes very easy. So if students want cellphones to be used in school, its good not to oppose their request to make school fun for them.

6. Reduce cost of buying books or calculators

This also applies to smart phone, students can download note taking apps which they can use to write notes. Also instead of buying expensive novels in the bookshop the can download novel apps which are absolutely free to download. Another useful thing is that students can avoid losing the novels or writing books and the can easily access them anytime they want. During a math or science lesson student can use their smart phone as a calculator which has more features than the actual calculator.


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