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Why do I have to be politically correct?

Updated on August 28, 2012

Whose responsibility is political correctness anyway? It seems that PC responsibility falls primarily on the majority, whether it is race, gender, culture, orientation, religion or any other area that one could determine to be an unfair advantage.

Minorities do not have to be concerned with the slang that they use towards their own people, and often even towards other minorities. Somehow they are given a pass, a free card to violate the political correct dogma that permeates our society today.

This makes it particularly difficult for a middle-aged, white, Christian male. There isn’t any type of minority status that can be evoked. Thus, there are no get out of PC free cards. There are no slurs that can be passed off as jokes, no light-hearted banter that is not considered divisive and insensitive.

It just isn’t fair!

I guess there is another perspective on it also though. I walked into a store recently and came upon a cashier that was a…a…well, I wasn’t quite sure. But this individual fit into at least two categories of minorities, which made me automatically vulnerable to violating political correctness. If I had called him sir, I would have violated his orientation, because he was a she. If I would have called her ma’am I would have violated her orientation because she wanted to be a he.

You know, I want to treat people like people, but sometimes it is just a challenge to figure out who is who and what they really want to be anyway. This whole political correctness thing has put me on pins and needles. I suppose pretty soon we won’t address anyone out of fear of offending. Pretty soon the only way we will actual communicate is anonymously through social media. It is there that we will say, “Why be politically correct?” Talk about hypocrisy, we will be honest in private and perform in public. I guess maybe we have always been politically correct.



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