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Why do black people think white people are trying to kill them?

Updated on March 23, 2008

Are we sheep’s America? Here's a larger portion of the reverend's "God Damn America" sermon

Here is the 9/11 sermon, where Wright's "chickens come home to roost" comment was an embellishment and paraphrasing former U.S. Ambassador to Iraq, Edward Peck

Pastor Jeremiah Wright

Barack Obama Speech on Race (Tuesday, March 18, 2008)

March 19 2008

At work today one of my coworkers asked me a question.

Why do black people think that white people are trying to kill them?

This question was posed after hearing excerpts from Pastor Jeremiah Wright 2001 and 2003 sermons.

My response was that we all live in our own REALITY, its not that Pastor Wright isn't speaking the truth, but how it was delivered by the News Media offended people.

Please watch for yourself, I was also deceived.

His response was he never owned any slaves, so why am I being accused of that.

Slavery was started by Black Africans, and their contribution to the trade allowed it to thrive, I'm not justifying America's role in the slave trade, but let's not forget, if it wasn't for the help of Africans selling other Africans the slave trade wouldn't have flourished.

I think Barack Obama did an excellent job in his speech explaining the reality of black America and White America.

But now it's time we has individuals take responsibility for our own lives, has Americans I believe we have come a long way, do we need to do more?



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