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What we need to do save America

Updated on March 14, 2015

Abe Lincoln

What this means

The phrase separation of church and state is used by a lot of people who think that there can be no connection between the government and any thing to do with religion. The constitution says that the state can't promote any particular religious belief as the state church, or state religion.

It doesn't mean that the symbols or the word God can't have any place in any government building or government run institution. What we need to do to get America back to a great country and more stability is to get back to family values, morality and turn back to God as a major part of our lives. I don't want the government to promote any religious beliefs or detract from them.

The founding fathers had reasons for their beliefs and using them in the formation of the government of America. Those beliefs are part of the reason that America has prospered and been a great country for over 200 years. How do we get back to where America was at it's best.

End times book

New book on signs of the end times. Are there signs of when Jesus will return.

Founders use of God

Many things that were part of the founding of our country revolved around God. Many liberals now can’t stand to even say the word God, let alone acknowledge the God exists, even though many of them say they are Christians. What does this say about their definition of what a Christian is?

Being a Christian means that you believe in the word of God, have given your life to bring glory to God, repented of your sins, have accepted Jesus Christ as your savior, and strive everyday to be more like Christ.

Wanting to be nice to other people does not make you a Christian. Going to church does not make you a Christian. Taking from others to give to people you think should have more, does not make you a Christian. Liberals have not been given the authority to decide who has too much and who should get some of what others have.

Saving america

Minnesota Democrat congresswoman Betty McCollum was asked to lead the pledge of allegiance to the United States, she would not say the phrase “under God”. She just stopped speaking. This is just like the people who change the words of the Bible to fit what they want it to say. You can’t change the words of important documents or the words of the Bible, just because you don’t like what they say, the words were written for a reason. You either believe it's right or not.

The president of the United States, Barack Obama, in 3 separate speeches in October 2009, was of course using a teleprompter so he didn’t forget, just left out a phrase while quoting the Declaration Of Independence. He said “all men are endowed with certain unaliable rights”, he left out the part about “by their creator”. These words were not haphazardly put into the founding documents, they are there for a reason, and the founding fathers felt that without the help of God, we could not have the country that they were trying to create. George Washington said, “It is impossible to rightly govern a nation without God and the Bible.”

Reasons for liberal beliefs

The Constitution says that the government shall not establish a state religion, meaning that they shall not force anyone to follow a specific religion. It does not say that we can't mention God or anything about God. The Constitution does not say that God can't be mentioned or spoken about by anyone involved with the government. The lack of belief in God in America has been a big part in the destruction of the family with 2 parents. It's obvious that the family is one of the most important parts of raising children that will be good citizens and keep America the greatest country ever. From reading what the founders of America wrote, there is no doubt that they had God on their minds in most things they wrote when they were determining what this great country should be.

Liberals all around the country are continually fighting against any mention or any symbols that represent God. They want no nativity scenes at Christmas, no crosses at memorials, and no reference to God at all, even though God was a major part of the founding of this great country.

These things do nothing to force someone to believe in God, or limit their right to not believe in God, which would have to happen to be seen as creating a state sponsored religion. I see no other religious groups in America being forced to change to Christianity. The opposite is certainly true.

There are a couple of reasons that they must feel this way. First is that they want government to be in control of everything and take the place of God. For this to work, there can be no higher power than government.

The first rule of Communism is to remove God from everything in people’s lives, to gain total control. That is the main reason that our founding fathers put God into their lives, to make sure that government was not seen as God and so they could not control everything in our lives.

Saving america

Another reason is that God gave us laws and rules to live by, many of which the liberals don’t like. God’s laws were not suggestions; they are the words of God. Many of Gods laws do not fit into the liberal agenda, so they have to take God out of the mix to be able to alter the words of the founding fathers and God so they can make their own rules. This takes away freedom and leads to socialism and communism.

The main reason that liberals want to destroy this country and turn it into some form of socialism is because they do not know God and Jesus. As Christ said in John 16:3 “They do this because they have never known the father or me”.

For our country to return to the country our founders created, we must have many more people in America that truly know God, and don’t want government to be in control of everything, taking from people they feel have too much and giving it to those who they feel should get other peoples money.

Taking care of people in need is something we should all do, but taking from someone you think has too much and giving it to someone else is not what America was built on. Everyone sharing from a common pool is not democracy. In a democracy, if you work hard and have good ideas, you can be successful and have more due to your hard work. The people who built America were strong, responsible and wanted the freedom to worship and be as successful as they could, and live better because they worked hard. They didn't have as their main focus, what's in it for me.

When the pilgrims first came to America, they tried the communal living and the sharing equally of everything with everyone. After only 2 years they found that some people realized that they could take it easy and still get the same as the people who worked hard.

They changed the system so people could do whatever they could to create the most they could and benefit from working hard and doing better than others. They then sold or traded for what they needed with others, and by working harder got ahead. This is the reason America became the greatest country ever, and what must happen to allow average people do great things. There is no reason to work hard if it doesn't get you any more than doing less.

People used to care about other people, and used to want to do what they could to help others. Many people still feel that was, but an increasingly large group of people are all about what I can get for free. Nothing is free, someone is paying for it.

An article I read the other day said that 70% of the money spent by the federal govt. is in the form of checks to individuals. Margret Thatcher once said "the the worse thing about socialism is that you eventually run out of other peoples money." We are getting close and we need to stop it soon.

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    • LuxmiH profile image

      Luxmih Eve-Lyn Forbes 

      8 years ago from Fort Pierce, Florida

      Mr. Happy.... God is not the 'name'. God is in and through all, everywhere present. Refering to, "Christian God" is simply semantics, a tool used to divide people and nations. It's a separation mind game people play.

      @Spease I am in total agreement with your hub and I appreciate you for pointing out an unfathomable trend with some who have been voted into office.

      Our Nation was founded on God, and for it to thrive it is imperative that we stand, 'one Nation Under God'.

      It is so important to recognize God as the main fabric of our nations foundation. perhaps we could embrace our beliefs in God in a way that recognizes that God is worshipped in many lands by many cultures. When those cultures come to America they bring their love of God with them... God is the same God, worshipped by all, the method of worship and terminology may be different due to language etc., but the essence is One. One God in Whom we trust.

      Voted up and useful.

    • Mr. Happy profile image

      Mr. Happy 

      9 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      I have no problem with God. I have a problem in the way you speak of Your God. I do not believe in monotheistic religions. I do keep my spiritual beliefs to myself for the most part though and I do not knock on people's doors trying to convert them.

      I am not Christian and there are many like me so this Christian God talk is just for some.

    • rachellrobinson profile image

      Rachel Woodruff 

      9 years ago from Southwest Missouri

      Awesome Hub, I think the Liberals are so worried that we won't go Socialist that they will gladly change what the Founders believed in hopes of changing what we conservatives believe when we say this isn't what the Consitution was founded on.


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