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Why Do We Need to Plant Trees?

Updated on April 12, 2017
African Fig Tree in Botswana. Copyright Caroline Nettle
African Fig Tree in Botswana. Copyright Caroline Nettle

Why Do Tree Planting Holidays Want to Plant a Forest?

According to The Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations,

"Close to 1.6 billion people – more than 25% of the world's population – rely on forest resources for their livelihoods and most of them (1.2 billion) use trees on farms to generate food and cash. Moreover, many countries in the developing world draw on fuelwood to meet as much as 90% of energy requirements."15 May 2015

That means that over a quarter of the people who live on this planet derive their income from existing forests and so deforestation is something that directly threatens their livelihoods, health and well-being.

Why Are Forests Disappearing?

Forests and tree lines are disappearing rapidly around our planet as they often come into conflict with our constantly growing population and its' insatiable need for more land. Although mankind is the biggest threat to our forests, it is not the only one.

Forests are cut down to allow cattle to graze, to plant crops, and build housing. They are under constant threat from forest fires, which seem to be larger and stronger as the forests are often drier due to warmer temperatures - California is a good example of this.

Years Of Living Dangerously sent Arnold Schwarzenegger to take part with the fire teams who tackle the blazes, and they said that where there used to be a fire season, now the fires occur all year round. The trees are drier due to the warmer temperatures and so are much more likely to ignite.

As the trees are drier, they also become more susceptible to pest attack, which is on the increase in the USA and elsewhere.

Forest Fires.
Forest Fires.

Why Do We Need Trees?

Trees provide oxygen, which is the number one gas that we need to survive, alongside all sentient animals on the planet.

They take in the waste product that we produce, carbon dioxide, and convert it into oxygen.

Without trees and plants, we would be unable to breathe.

Trees are quite literally the lungs of the planet.

They provide many other things for us, as well as animals and birds, shelter, wood to build houses, and much more.


Why Do We Need to Plant Trees?

Trees absorb carbon as they are growing. Our climate is heating up because of the increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The more trees there are, the more carbon is sequestered.

Planting trees is one of the most effective methods of combatting climate change. Of course, there are many others that are important- namely reducing our carbon emissions, reducing our addiction to stuff, and our throw away mentality and fundamentally changing our pursuit of progress at the expense of the planet and our health.

However, according to, a tree can absorb as much as 48 pounds of carbon dioxide per year, and so the more you plant, the more carbon is sequestered.

Planting trees also aids the local community by providing work, food, and medicine, and if you plant enough trees, you are even able to affect the local climate, but that would be for an awful large quantity of trees!

Why Do We Need To Plant Trees?

As discussed, trees are very important in safeguarding our future and this is why Tree Planting Holidays has been established. The aim is to plant up to a million trees to start with and have them as productive trees to meet the needs of the local community.

Tree Planting Holidays will be planting a mixture of indigenous trees and fruit and medicine trees with a view to leaving a functioning forest behind when we have finished.....unless we just keep planting them!

Tree Planting Holidays is now actively looking for assistance to get this project under way- please go to the website if you think you can help in any way.

We need to plant trees across the planet, and as quickly as we possibly can. There are many fantastic organisations and NGO's already dedicated to regreening the planet and reforesting the earth. Look them up- they all need your help!

We have destroyed 60% of the trees on earth since the industrial revolution and it is time to turn the tide.

Please help Tree Planting Holidays to realise its' dream of planting a forest to help the earth.

Go to Tree Planting Holidays to find out more.

Written by Caroline Nettle

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