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Why do we say some people are bad

Updated on March 27, 2017

Sometimes we say that some peope are bad and we just try to keep away from them.When we ask ourselves why we do that, we do not find an answer.So, do we not know why we say so?Indeed, we do know why, but how?

The first thing that we should be aware of to know why we say so is how the human mind is made up and how it works.

we all know-as you may have heard before-that the human mind is divided into two parts:the conscious mind, and the subconscious mind.Our concern here is not the concious mind, it is rather the subconscious one.Indeed, the subconscious mind is the main reason why we claim that some people are bad.

As most of us know we have control over our minds, but do we have any control over the subconcious mind?What do you think?

1-yes, we do.

2-no, we do not.

if your answer is yes, then you are wrong because we have no power over the subconscious mind.Therefore, we do not tell it how to work: it works by itself, and that is the reason why we say some some poeple are not good.
But how?

Before answering how, we should know that our customs, traditions, beliefs, ethnics, religion teachings, etc. all live in our subconscious mind.So, it knows what is right and what is wrong.And if we want to answer how our subconscious mind forces us to say that some people are bad, we have to know through what our subconcious mind knows that those people are bad.

According to some experts of public speaking and debating, it is found out through communication, but when we talk about communication, we should bear in mind that there are two kinds of communication, so what kind of communication is responsible for that?Is it the verbal or the non-verbal communication?Can you guess?



is your answer non-verbal communication, then you are right.Indeed our sub-mind knows that through non-verbal communication.Now, you may want to know what non-verbal communication is.

It is a kind of communication between two or more people just though some signs made by their bodies(face, hands, position of body, and so on).

now that we have all these information in mind, let us know how our subconcious mind knows that those people are bad.

While we are communicating with others, our subconscious mind focuses on the signs made by others, and according to some of my observations, the signs are more important than the words people utter because the signs, sometimes, contradict the messages people want to express, and since, our subconcious mind monitors those signs, so it conveys to us what those signs mean.

Most of the time people tell us some good things, but they do not really want to say them.For example, if you have achieved something very great, your friends will come to congratulate you, but of course, not all your friends are happy for you, for there are some of them who envy you and are so unhappy because you have achieved something they have not, yet they will not admit it and will come to congratulate you and pretend to be happy for you, and you will, on your part, feel happy because you think they are really happy for you, but what is our subconscious mind doing meanwhile?

That enviousness is not expressed by their words, but the signs they produce really express it.Our subconcious here plays his role in a very good way: it studies those signs and finds out what is behind them.Therefore, it tells us what the real intentions of those people are, and that is how and why we say some people are bad.

We think we do not know why we say so, but indeed, we do know why, thanks to our subconcious mind.So, if you ever feel that some people are not good, just be sure that you are right.


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