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Convicted Illegal Alien Felons Protected by California Sanctuary State!

Updated on February 15, 2019

Why do democrats care so much for illegal aliens?

Why do democrats care so much for illegal aliens even the Convicted Felons? That sends a message to all the people in the US, we democrats care more about foreigners than the people that elected us. That is not as bad as when the whole picture is viewed that shows they even include Illegal Aliens that have committed heinous criminals acts. These illegal aliens were caught, tried in a court of law in the US and went to prison. Then after getting out of prison, they are lawfully going to be deported according to federal law. But, the very dark blue state of California will do everything they can to prevent that lawful deportation. These are the ones that got caught and paid for their crimes, but what about all of those illegal aliens that haven't been caught and are actively committing felonies? Why does CA not help the federal government in deporting these criminals?

We the DNC need to capture our future voters and they are illegal aliens. It is a long way, but we start by feeding and protecting them, until we can get legislation to get a path to citizenship. They are the future loyal democrat voters. We get them the same way we got most of you loyal American Democrat voters by giving them freebies and protecting them from the republicans.

Sanctuary State or City ? How does that help America and Americans?

Do you as a person living in these states or cities really think it is a good idea to recycle convicted illegal alien felons back into where you live or work? Not only is your personal safety in jeopardy from these felons, you will once again contribute to their government freebies, and welfare. While your fellow Americans go homeless, and your countries infrastructure looks like it did in the 1980s. I wrote this article to get some perspective from those that really think that sanctuary for these convicted felons makes any sense. It would really be helpful is you could comment, or even take the polls.

Sanctuary State like California

Who is given sanctuary in CA

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Sanctuary State and Public Safety

Does CA jeopardize public safety by giving sanctuary to Convicted Illegal Alien Felons?

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Protect and Serve? How can they in a sanctuary state

How does sanctuary cities or states benefit America and Americans?

California Sanctuary State

That means that California and local law enforcement wouldn't comply with the US ICE to detain immigrants.

What is the benefit to the State or to its people? How can it benefit the people, when it focuses on non citizens that are in the country by breaking the immigration laws.

California and local agencies would be prohibited from using their personnel or spending money on immigration enforcement. This includes facilities, property, equipment. The agencies wouldn't be able to collect info on the immigration status of the person. Federal immigration transfer requests or notification would be responded by California or Local Law Enforcement.If the purpose is to enforce immigration laws then they wouldn't respond if the personal info is not available publicly. Immigration warrants that are civil will not be enforced to arrest people on these warrants.They won't for the purpose of enforcing immigration allow federal immigration officers access to people in their custody even to interview them.They won't help federal immigration officers that don't have warrant to search a car. They won't allow them to performing immigration officer functions.

What is the benefit of immigrant safe zones?

How does that help the citizens of the US that live in CA by failing to uphold the immigration laws of the United States? Shouldn't the state of California use its tax revenue, and its power for the benefit of the citizens and legal immigrants in the state instead of illegal aliens? California law enforcement won't work with task forces for immigration enforcement. Again what is the benefit of protecting non citizens, and affording them the financial expenditure of California Tax Revenues? What is the benefit of protecting convicted felons by not notifying Fed Immigration when they are released from California prisons? How is keeping these dangerous felons in the country and in the state not a crime waiting to happen again? These convicted felons have already proved they are a threat to the public.

This would allow the state to hide the released felon from being deported by its choice not to hold the person until ICE is notified.

CA and local agencies would only cooperate with ICE if the information was already public. CA would give sixty day advance notice of inmates release date only if they have been convicted of a violent felony, or serious felony, or they have a prior conviction for serious or violent crime. If ICE has a judicial warrant then CA would comply only if the person have been previously deported for a violent felony. Ca estimates the cost for this would be $2.7 million 1 time, and $2.3 million per year.

Unknown Costs

local law enforcement agencies to change their existing procedures, As well as ending contracts with federal immigration agencies, including millions of dollars from leased jail space revenue. Also unknown is how much it will cost state agencies to implement new policies, including courts and schools.

Nor is the potential loss in funding from the Feds should the state refuse to cooperate with federal authorities.

Local law enforcement agencies would most likely not be reimbursed for their financial losses because while the bill would impose restrictions, it would not require them to develop new policies, programs or services. Ca might have to pay for expenses accrued by local govt ops, as well as school districts and county health facilities, asked to devise new policies that limit cooperation with immigration enforcement.

The Sheriffs are not happy with this sanctuary state.

They think it severely limit cooperation between fed and local agencies, forcing federal immigration officers to go into communities — instead of jails — when searching for immigrants who are a danger to public safety. Instead of handing over the 300,000 plus people every that are released from LA county jails, last year only 1000 were turned over to immigration agents.

Again why?

This puts a burden on the whole criminal justice system. The felon they catch today is released and protected from deportation so they can commit another felony. It is bad enough when a convicted Illegal Alien felon is deported only to cross the border back into the country to commit another felony. But, to leave these felons in the country and hide them from the federal immigration is against all the logic of protect and serve.

In addition, Sheriff departments in CA are conflicted with the state and federal laws on keeping or releasing the felons before ICE can get to them.

Ca is protecting over three million Illegal Aliens? But are they protecting the over 30 million legals in the state?

Here are some illogical reasons that supporters of the sanctuary say.

saying fear can keep witnesses and victims to crimes from coming forward. A 2013 study found 44% of Latinos are less likely to contact police if they have been a victim of crime because they fear that police officers will ask about their immigration status.
These are Illegals that shouldn't be in the country, and they are fearful of crimes against them by other illegal aliens that are criminals.

Deporting them all, solves the problem.


The State of California like a modern day Robin Hood, stealing from Americans and legal immigrants and giving it to Illegal Aliens, even convicted Felons. California is the bizarre Robin Hood instead of giving it to the poor legals in the country, they give to more than 20 million illegal aliens, including convicted illegal alien felons.

The final and only question? What has California done for the American Citizens, and legal immigrants? Have they doubled the states infrastructure to keep up with the doubling of the state's population? Have they done their job of bringing down the crime rate, especially from the gangs. Many of these gangs like MS13 that come across the border illegally to commit crimes, including murder.

What have they done to bring down the use of illegal drugs that also come across the border? What have they done to ensure that basic resources like heating and clean water are there for over 38 million people?

Without going through the entire list, let us go to the short list. A list that I believe it empty.

What have they done with the high taxes on business, and the people? Other than giving it away to Illegal Aliens!

What has the State of California done for the benefit of the American Citizens and legal immigrants?


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    • bradmasterOCcal profile imageAUTHOR

      Brad Masters 

      11 months ago from Orange County California BSIT BSL JD

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    • bradmasterOCcal profile imageAUTHOR

      Brad Masters 

      11 months ago from Orange County California BSIT BSL JD

      I have updated this article with two polls on Sanctuary State California. Please take them.


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