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Why does anyone support Hillary Clinton?

Updated on September 5, 2016

People have always supported Hillary Clinton. Before recent events I have been somewhat skeptical of their reasoning, but now I am truly appalled that people are still convinced that she is our best option. With all of the obvious evidence of her many wrong doings and lies it actually doesn't make sense to support her, but some how they are still out there. At this point I believe that the only way her supports stay is by plugging their ears, closing their eyes, and repeating,"First woman president", in their head. I know this may make some people mad, but before you do, I encourage you to do some of your own research and open your mind. People always refuse to support Trump for the dumbest reasons. Such as, he is racist, or he is sexist. First of all, he has done nothing to make himself seem like a racist. When people hear his plan to build a wall and crack down on illegal immigrants, they somehow translate it into: I hate Mexicans and I wan't them all gone. This simply does not make sense. He did not single out just Mexicans, he is talking about everyone here in the U.S. who is and illegal alien. The reason for the wall and the focus on Mexico is because that is where the vast majority of them come from. The wall would greatly slow down the flow of illegals coming. And as soon as they cross the border and decide to live here, they are breaking the law, which makes them a criminal. It is important to deport these people living here against the law. Letting everyone in without any process leads to many problems. They come here and take jobs that Americans need, Americans who live here legally and actually pay taxes. That is the thing, when they decide to live here, they are usually taking away our money one way or another. It is usually by taking jobs away from us and not having to pay taxes, and also by using our taxes to benefit them selves. The solution to this is deportation. This process does not have to be harsh, and it would not be just throwing them out of the country and saying,"And stay out!" We would give them the opportunity to come here legally, which is better for everyone. This way they can come and not worry about deportation, instead they can live a good life, get a job, and pay taxes like the rest of us. The problem isn't that they are Mexican, it is just that they shouldn't be here in the circumstances that they are. And the solution is pretty clear. I could go on and on about why Trump is definitely the right choice for this years election, but I wan't to keep this a short as possible. For all of you Trump supporters out there, I encourage you to spread the word. And as for you Hillary supports, I hope this shed some light on the whole situation for you. And if it didn't, I encourage you to do some research. And to everyone out there, please go watch the movie, Hillary's America, it will enlighten you.

One last note, please don't waste your vote on third party candidates. They have never won, and the last time they where a somewhat popular option, a Clinton won! Please, lets not repeat history, vote for This November.


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    • Lorenzo Crapo profile image

      Lorenzo JC 16 months ago from Utah

      Thank you, the list can go on and on...

    • Kathleen Cochran profile image

      Kathleen Cochran 16 months ago from Atlanta, Georgia


      Iran Contra

      Arms for Hostages

      Repealing Glass Steagall

      Invading Iraq for missing WMD

      Driving the economy to the brink

      And nobody ever got charged - much less convicted of anything. That's why.