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Why is the US going Bankrupt?

Updated on July 5, 2011

The decline of US power

The biggest reason we are in such a mess is due to the US trying to rule the world. The whole “world cop” mentality is outrageous! Nobody elected the US to run roughshod over the planet!
More precisely it is the corrupt scamming done hand in hand with the military industrial giants and internationals like Haliburton, the only winners in wars, and politicians who are for sale.

Look at NATO; all of the “other” nation members combined contribute $70 billion, while the US contributes $200 Billion. But the US doesn’t gain any more than any other nation.

NATO is really nothing more than a money scam. Small countries with little or no money are joined and the first requirement is that they be armed to NATO specs. They are lent, more often given, the money and “guess who” pays?

The US has spent roughly $4 TRILLION in the Middle East and we aren’t any safer today than we were 10 years ago.

Of course these are only dollars. The cost in lost and shattered lives on all sides can not be tallied. In Iraq; the US has lost tens of thousands but when you count all sides the number is a staggering 1.5 MILLION.
In Afghanistan the numbers are smaller with (coalition) 2,500 killed and 12,000 wounded.

But ending all of these wars and other entanglements, the US is in some 130 countries, would mean no more money and those in power don’t want that no matter who gets hurt. The guys who are making the guns get rich while those holding them are lucky to get out alive.

The idea that it is “all for oil” is wrong; we were already buying it at a cheaper price. Their real gain, for the oil giants, is the artificial inflation of oil prices.

The real money is still in the military spending. That is also where the solution lays.
In order to keep from true and total economic meltdown the US has to cut all military spending by 70%. We have to close every base that isn’t on US soil and bring home everyone and all of our equipment. If Japan or Europe feel threatened by a US pull out they need to pay the full, and true, cost of staying there. Japan has had essentially no military since WWII their very existence is owed to the US defending them for free.

We can place our reduced military bases along our own borders and effectively seal them. Illegal immigration costs the whole country a lot but states like California are paying as much as $15 Billion per year.

Ultimately the madness has to stop, and it will, eventually. The question is whether the US will emerge as a great power or another broken and bankrupt 3rd world country. Or will it break apart like the USSR did in the early 90s.


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    • profile image

      Borsia 6 years ago

      Chris; You are close here the US spends the money, but it is borrowed money. So the US ends up with the debt & all of the interest charges.

      Today China owns more of the US debt than Americans do.

    • CHRIS57 profile image

      CHRIS57 6 years ago from Northern Germany

      Just skipping any moral aspects of feeding the military industrial complex, it is simple fact that the US can´t afford to go to war any more.

      Actually it is no more the US that pays for its own military adventures and police activities on this planet. It is the world that pays for all. At least all money that was lent to the US administration (bonds) since the last 2008 depression was given by foreign economies.