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Why is the western view of "the west treat women better then the none west" is a false view

Updated on August 19, 2015

The traditional western view believe the west treat women better then the none west and the none west treat women horribly. But many people who been outside of the west, would realized this view is highly inaccurate and might even be racist. If you conduct, further study, into the matter, you would realized not only is this view of the west treating women better then the none west, inaccurate, but it is a complete joke. So, why is that the case? Today we are going to explore it.

The origin of the view that west treat women better then the none west

The idea that the west treat women better then the none west, is in fact originally a propaganda piece created by white supremacist, to justified the idea that white people are superior to the none whites. One of the most significant example, is prior to WW2, the people in the South of US, once made a silent movie, where it portray black people as savages and the KKK, as knight in shinning armor, rescuing white women, from the savage blacks. This movie was quickly banned in the US. Another example is during the 18th century, a British portrayal of Aboriginal Australian wedding, to be one where two groups of men pull the bride in two different direction, as if pulling here apart with two cars. However, this image of Indigenous Australian wedding is false and gender role in traditional Aboriginal Australian society, is reverse to the west and such violent to women, don't happen.

Although there are no clear evidence about the origin of racism, archaeology evidence suggest it might origin from the Catholic church. The Catholic church was in fact created during the 5th century. By Emperor Constancy, of the Roman Empire. Archaeology evidence, state the idea that Christian was been persecuted by the Romans, is in fact a false history, written up by the Catholic church. In fact Romans Emperors from Jesus time, wrote order saying the Christians are not to be harmed, for their alternative religion view. The main reason some Christians got persecuted against was because (1) During the era of Rome, the Roman believe in yearly sacrifices of animals to the gods, so the gods would forgive humans for their sins, otherwise the gods will punish men by plague. During those days, people are very superstitious, astrologist and psychic, were even top adviser to the Emperor, so, this practice was consider to be of a most important state affair and a person can be charged with treason, for disestablishing the state, for speaking out against this practice. However, Christians believe Jesus death is dying for all sin of men, past and future. So there is no need of animal sacrifice. As a result, some deliberately go up against the animal sacrifice ritual. These Christians are seen as causing serious threat to the country and could bring upon plague. (2) Due to a fear of revolt, Roman Empire doesn't allow private gathering, due to a fear of revolt. Most Christians obey the law and conduct Sunday gathering in public, but a some choose to do it in private, which is illegal.

Main stream bible record stated, for Constancy, to be the liberators of Christians, from Roman oppression, is also a false history. In fact Constancy, killed more Christians, then under the rule of any other Roman Emperor. To secure his power Constancy, claim to legalized Christianity, a religion that is already legal. He then created the Roman Catholic church and crowned himself its first Pope. Afterwards, Constancy put in place of a law saying all people both Christians and Pagan, must covert to become a Catholic. Those who refuse, are been executed. To further secure his power, Constancy began the long western tradition of accusing people for been witches and executing them for it and to execute anybody who speak out against the Catholic church. Accusing people for been witches and executed them for it, is in fact, an excuse for Constancy to execute his political opponents, especially the educated.

Soon after the fall of the Roman Empire, the first history record in coalition with racist behavior emerged, initiated by the Catholic church, emerged in the 5th century. That would be the image of the white Jesus. Within the bible itself state, Jesus has the skin color of burned bronze and short white woolly hair. That is in no way, in coalition with the modern blond hair blue eye white Jesus (In fact, if we want Jesus to look accurate in movie, we probably should get Will Smith to play Jesus, with his hair dyed white!!!) This modern image of White Jesus was created during the 5th century and is really the image of the son of the then Pope. Later during the Crusades, the Catholic church also massacred Orthodox Christians, one of their main reason, is because they portray Jesus as a brown man rather then a white man.

Promoting racism, is an extremely effective tool to help the Catholic church, to secure their power, in the west, because, by doing so, it help encourage isolation between the west and the free world of their era, which was Asia, Middle East and North Africa. It is very much like why, today, Communist who rule China and North Korea and many other nations under tyranny dictatorship, will continue anti American propaganda, because today the US is the leader of the free world.

However, the idea that "white people are superior" would help make people's pride feel good. Psychologist Philip C McGraw, once state that sometime, when a person believe in something badly enough, they would refuse to believe otherwise and evaluate everything in a manner in coalition with it, by looking for example and opinion in favor of it and ignore all else. Due to the fact, there are some form of conscious or unconscious payoff. As a result, long after, the Catholic church is no longer in power, the idea "white people are superior" continue to live in western society, for example, in the 17th and 18th century, none sense scientific theories was been created and taken as fact, simply to serve the purpose of maintaining the idea white people are superior.

The idea that "white people are superior" and the fix believe in association with it, lead to the idea of "the west is superior to the none west" and a further set of fix believe, that continue to survive in the post racist era, where the idea "white people are superior" have fall apart. For example, till date, when speaking of the western world, most people from the west, think of developed countries such as US, Canada, Australia and Western Europe, but conveniently forget about undeveloped western nations, that are in poverty and/or have serious human right issues, including Eastern Europe, Russia, Mexico and most of central and south America.

In the real world: male centralism society, female centralism society and neo gender centralism society

In reality, there are three type of culture in the world. Male centralism, female centralism and neo gender centralism.

Western society fall under the category of male centralism society, where traditionally the man is the head of a household and chief of a village. Female centralism society, see the reversal, where female are the head of house hold, Neo gender centralism society, is one where neither gender take the lead.

Male centralism culture, more likely to exist upon the Euro Asia continent. This is mostly because, men have a advantage in physical strength, As a result, in early tribal life it make sense for a tribe to function better, for men to do work in relationship to external affair, including serving as warriors to defend the village, due to this advantage in strength, women serve domestic affair role, which usually don't require much physical strength. However, as time went by and situation change, the idea of what is a man's job and what is a woman's job doesn't change. This is because during early era most people are not educated, uneducated people are usually passive thinkers. Which mean, they simply follow what they are teach to believe without understanding it, even when it become inadequate to time. This lead to the emergence of male centralism culture.

An example of male centralism society include traditional western society, which believe a woman's job is merely to stay at home and take care of children. A wife should honor the husband. The husband is the head of a household, and in the state, women was not allow to be in governor and can only be King, if there is no male heir.

Female centralism, society, is same as male centralism society, but only have the gender role between men and women reverse. Example of such society, including native Hawaii, native Australian and parts of center Asia. In native Hawaii for example, the wife is the head of the household and village.

Neo gender centralism society, is one, where there is no such centralism to either male or female. Example of such include the Kurdish tribes in Middle East, in the war against ISIS, women were expected to fight along men, against ISIS, until recently, where it become more obvious that the limitation of women's strength make it difficult for them to serve in heavy infantry units, due to the fact, heavy infantry carry a lot of armor, supply, fire power and weapon, the combine of some many equipment is too heavy for most women, to carry for a long period of time, without suffering health problem.

However, this is the first evidence to prove the traditional western view that the west treat women better then the none west, is an inaccurate view, despite the west have move greatly away from male centralism society, considering the fact there are female centralism culture and neo gender centralism culture, to say the west treat women better then these cultures, is a problematic view, we can see, without further explanation.

The 18th century propaganda that Aboriginal Australian are abusive towards women, lead to a urban legion in Australia, even in post racist era, that abuse to women and children rate amount indigenous community is extremely high. Socially, people theorist that to be the result of Aboriginal have now westernization to male centralism society and high unemployment rate and uneducated rate, amount indigenous community. However, in the late 2000s, Australia Prime Minister John Howard, decided to study and address the issue, first by sending Australia Federal police to investigate. What the Federal Police found is that, the idea of the high rate of abuse to women and children in Indigenous community is false, in fact, their rate of abuse towards women and children are significantly lower.

The west vs other male centralism society

While, the west do treat women better then some male centralism society, it is not, in comparison to all.

How well a male centralism society treat the other gender, is usually associate with education standard. This is because people whom are better educated, are more likely to be active thinkers.

Most examples, of the none west male centralism society, treating women better then the west, although can also be found in some other none western society.

A first example is voting right, despite operating democracy since the 18th century, no western country gave women the right to vote or run for political office, till after WW2. China on the other hand, gave women the right to vote, in 1911, Turkey soon gave women the right to vote, after WW1.

The second example is treatment of unwed mothers. In parts of Europe prior to 1980s, the Catholic church have the authority to confiscate the baby of any unwed mother and place them under the custody of the church. Most of these children, are then been used to serve slave duty, to the Catholic church, even renting the children out to others to serve as servants. Some European nations went even further, in Ireland for example, the church is allow to throw the women into Catholic run private prison, for life, for been unwed mother. These women don't even get a trial. In Asia, despite unwed mother is still be frowned upon prior to the 1980s, the worse that happen to these women, is to have some desperate housewives, gossiping about her, behind her back and calling her a slut.

Another example is women's right to work. Prior to 1980s, in most western countries, women are paid less for doing the same job as men, simply because they are women. Prior to WW2, women are discouraged from working. In China for example, women was already been encouraged to join the work force, prior to WW2. Chinese family, where both husband and wife work, until they have children, in which, the wife would quit her job to take care of the children, was extremely common in China, since the early 20th century. In the west, this become a common scene, only after the 1980s.

Further example, is attitude to women in marriage. In the west, prior to 1950s, it is believe that after marriage a wife is the husband's property. In some western countries, this view, was even enforce by law and the husband have complete authority over the wife's asset. In Asia, it merely believe that in marriage, the wife join the husband's family and is from now on a member of the husband's family. In addition by the 10th century, the idea become more complex, saying there should be a choice of whether it is the man join the woman's family or woman join the man's family. And such event did happen. One of the best example, was the younger sister of South China's Emperor's younger sister, in the 12th century. She was known to be a woman who love sex. As a result, she have multiple short term marriage with different men, the men married into the royal family, after a few months of sexual intercourse, they would then get a divorce and then the princess would marry another man. It was recorded the princess had casual marriage with at least 28 different men, until she finally settle down. However, men willing to married into the women's family, is still unusual and very rarely happen. If the husband has no immediate family, then, it would usually be a situation where the husband and wife come together to form a new family.

Further example is Japan, in the west, women were discouraged from getting educated, prior to 1950s. In Japan, compulsory education was initiated by late 19th century and it was by law for all boy and girls to complete up to year 9.

It should be important to note, the western stereotype of Asian marriage is one where the husband is like a king and the wife is like a servant, is in fact, inaccurate. The image that Asian women are submissive women who treat their husband like a King is also inaccurate. In fact, most people who been to Asia (including Asian men), would told you Asian women are the most demanding and cranky yell machine there is. Any of you watched the sitcom "Everybody love Raymond"? Remember Debra the angry and unreasonable yell machine? Well, imagine Debra times ten. That is what Asian women are like in general. In Taiwan, this has now resulted in a situation, where Taiwan has the lowest marriage rate and birth rate, in the develop world and Taiwan men are preferring foreign women, finding foreign girls to be much gentler.

So, why are there still more couple between white men and Asian women

Some people think, the reason there is a higher rate of marriage between white men and Asian women, is because western men treat women better. This is in fact not true. There are in fact some social science research, into why there are more marriage between White men and Asian women. And this is some of the findings.

1. Most Asian men in western countries are from China. For some reason, most men from China, have a presume idea that there is no way, any women whom are not Chinese can be interest in him. This is probably due to Chinese Communist Party propaganda, design to pitch Chinese people against the rest of the world. In a public survey, it is found, most women who are not Chinese, never have a Chinese man asking her out or even try approaching her. And most Chinese man claim they won't even try approaching a none Chinese woman, saying foreign girls do not like Chinese men, so it is a waste of time.

2. America effect. Women prefer the alpha male. But the problem is that, unlike men, whose love with the logical side of their brain, women love with the emotional side of their brain. So, instead of been attracted to men who are alpha male, they are attracted to men, whom they felt as if an alpha male. This mean, even if you are an alpha male and she knows it, if you don't give her the feeling you are an alpha male, your alpha male characteristic won't attract you. On the other hand, even if you are not an alpha male, if you can make a women feel as if you are an alpha male, it would draw her sexual attraction, due to her sexual attraction to alpha male. This is the reason, why, women are more likely to be attracted to man who dressed up as a soldier, then a man who is really a soldier, but not in uniform. It is also one of the reason, some women are attracted to bad boys, because, they act very dominate and that make them seem like the alpha male, despite most bad boys are not tough. Currently, the US is the most powerful country in the world and America has a white majority, this lead some women to more likely to be sexually attracted to white men, then none whites. If today, the most powerful country in the world is Japan, these women would be more sexually attracted to Asians, if the most powerful country is South Africa, they would be sexually attracted to blacks and if Saudi Arabia is the most powerful, they would be sexually attracted to middle eastern people.

3. Mail order brides. Evolution has led the human to instinctively be sexual attracted those whom are genetic opposite to them (this is also why, most people find sexual intercourse with blood relative to be sickening.) white and Asian people genetic are in fact in direct opposite to each other, in many arena. As a result, Asian men are more likely to be sexually attractive to white women, while white men are more likely to be sexually attracted to Asian women. As a result, while searching for male order bride, western men are more likely to choose women from Asian country, most of these women are from regional China, Vietnam, Philippine and Thailand (Although the rate of Thai women as mail order bride, is likely to drop, due to the era of political instability that lead to poverty, has ended and Thailand's economy is recovering.). Thus, increase the rate of white men and asian women marriage, in the west. This in fact work both ways. Asian men who search for mail order bride, frequently prefer women from the former Soviet Union. But because the agencies usually set the price of fixing up with European women very high, working class Asian men usually can't afford the fee. Men who can afford to look for mail order bride from the former soviet union, are all at least Middle class. The reason setting up girls with former Soviet Union is so expensive, is due to the fact, most of these girls are college educated, thus agency want to make sure, the men they set her up with are also of a standard suitable for college educated women. Despite the fact Mexico and most of central and south america are broke and most of their people are ill educated, there are no marriage agency tapping into the South American market.

4. western stereotype about Asia and a desire to rescue a damsel in distress, is a disturbing reason that help to encourage marriage rate between white men and Asian women. The idea that Asia is a society that treat women like crap, gave some western men, who has the desire of been a knight in shinny armor rescuing a beautiful damsel in distress (a male ego thing), cause some of these men to have an unhealthy sexual obsession with Asian women, thus actively chase after Asian women and give them good reason to find mail order brides from Asia. However, these women usually leave the man, after gaining their citizenship, because these men usually won't treat their Asian wife, well.

5. Asian gold digger like to target these middle age white men whom have such unrealistic believe of how Asia treat women and thus has an unhealthy sexual obsession towards them, due to their desire of been a knight in shinny armor, rescuing a damsel in distress. An Asian women whom travel Europe with her daughter, once told of her own experience, when coming across such western men. The British men's obsession with her and desire to protect her from her husband, whom he assume to be abusive (simply due to the stereotype), without her even asking, bought her a beautiful house, with a lovely garden and encourage for her and her daughter to move the Britain and be with him, even claiming "I can and will protect you." and continue to send repeat email to the woman, even after she returned to Asia. This woman has no intention of conning this British man and just ignore him, but from this image along, we can see, how easy it is, for an Asian gold digger, to con some of these western men. Event like these is extremely common, they married the white guy for a few year, got him to buy her jewelry, house and give him money and get a citizenship of the western country (if she is from a 2nd or 3rd world nation) and then take half of his money in a divorce.

Base on these five reasons along, we can see why the marriage rate, between white men and Asian women are going to be significantly higher then the vise verse.

A Chinese Communist Propaganda pop song call: The entire world is laughing at Chinese for been stupid

Ironically this Communist song is changing the lyric of a MV of two westerners prasing Chinese culture

Western girl on Taiwan talk show, making western guys look bad (no subtitle)

Negative stereotype of western men created by western women in Asia

Ironically, in these years, western women who lived in Asia, have paint a negative image of western men, to be merely tools and that Asian men are better then western men.

It is unknown why is this happening. But they generally paint a view that western men are unreliable tools and Asian men are nicer. But the long term effect is an increase stereotype in Asia, for western men to be tools.

There is a few theories this article could think of, which might be why, these western women in Asia, paint such negative image of western men

A. It is possible due to the same reason why in western society women frequently say "where have all the good men gone." because western men whom usually have characteristic women are attracted to, fall under the category of problematic, which is why, in we nickname these men as bad boys. We might theorist, it is possible that, there are more decent men in Asian society, that also demonstrate trades women like, then western men. As a result, in Asia, nice guy are more visible to women in dating, then in the west, therefore, these women felt as if Asian men to be nicer boy friends.

B. It could also possibly be, they are just been nice, since they are now in a none western country and want to avoid speaking negative about Asian men

C. Considering the fact unlike in some western nations, prior to 1980s, women in Asia don't get paid less for doing the same job simply because they are women, women in Asia don't get thrown in prison for been unwed mothers. And the original image of Asia to be a society, where the husband is a king and wife is like a servant is false. It can be argue, despite in the west, we fancy our self as leader in women right, in reality, it is only by 1980s, did the west caught up with Asia. And after living in Asia for sometime, most western people whom are in contact with society, would most likely realized the traditional western view, is not accurate, at least in comparison to Asia. The fact that the west only caught up with Asia in women right by 1980s, might be the reason, why they think Asia men are nicer.

But the bottom line is, if we really want to figure out what is the main reason, this is the case right now, we need to do a proper focus group study with a group of western girls, whom lived in Asia. That is only way we could know for sure.

As a result...this is now Asia's stereotype image of western guy today (See the girl in the video is white, but an Asian guy, play both the white guy and Asian


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    • profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago

      In relationship to the Catholic church please watch the first two documentary above. Also, please check out this following lecture by historian Dr. Richard Carrier at

    • Connie120 profile image


      3 years ago

      After reading the first couple of paragraphs, I didn't even bother to read the rest. You don't know the slightest bit of early Catholic history. The Catholic church was not founded in the 5th century, but was founded by Jesus in 33 AD. The early Roman persecutions are very well documented, by both catholic and pagan Romans. Constantine finally ended the persecutions, although in different parts of the vast empire, they didn't end immediately.

      Why don't you stick to the topic, which is supposed to be why the perception of non-western treatment of women is wrong? Blaming everything on racism and the Catholic Church (which by the way is probably one of the most anti-racist Christian religions out there) might be an easy way out, but it just hides the real issues.


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