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Why most evangelicals should STOP calling themselves Christian

Updated on January 7, 2018
Donald Trump at Liberty University.
Donald Trump at Liberty University. | Source

Hypocrisy at its best

Christian: the religion based on the person and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, or its beliefs and practices.

A Christian is a follower of Christ. He follows his teachings, imitates his life and follows his philosophies. So, most American evangelicals should stop using the name Christian and use something else. Why?! That’s easy. You politics are racist, your hate of homosexuals is hypocritical, your anti-immigration stand is anti-biblical on every level, and your refusal to help the poor is punishable by hell! We should also be careful stewards of this planet and not destroy it. We will discuss the why later, let’s discuss how we got here. How we got to the point where Jesus teachings have been all but excluded from modern American Evangelical philosophy.

In 1960 when Richard Nixon ran for President, he made an astute mental note. He noticed that white Southerners had voted against their own interest (see map on the link). In voting for Kennedy, Southerners had voted for desegregation. He also understood the electoral college. Kennedy beat him by almost 80 electoral college votes despite Harry Byrd taking 15. He knew that if he could win the South, he would only have to win the swing states of Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida to become President.

His strategy was simple. He needed to separate those white racist voters from the Democratic party. He did that with what is known today as Nixon’s Southern Strategy. Republicans understood that White Southerner's belief systems were ‘bible based’. They also knew that they did not read and could be easily swayed. Facts and statistics would not sway them and science did not have a clue. They needed someone for them to focus that hatred on. Blacks were always available, but the country was changing toward them. In 68, he noticed that by doing so, George Wallace won the South.

Wallace did so by calling Democrats communist, vilifying welfare, and giving Southerners a new focus for their anger: Hispanic immigrants. Eventually, the hatred of blacks would be refocused as being tough on crime. They also saw the burgeoning women’s rights and gay right’s movements as targets. Later on, Abortion became a lynchpin in those battles and Gay Marriage refocused their hate. Yet, they continued to call themselves Christian. Immigration would become an issue after Reagan gave 3 million illegal immigrant amnesty and ‘cracked’ down on the border. People often forget about the amnesty part.

So here we are in 2016 on the cusp of another presidential era and Donald Trump is our Commander-in-Chief. An overwhelming majority of white Evangelicals voted for him despite him grabbing pu**y and being boorish. They voted for him even though he’s been married three times and cheated on each ex-wife with the new one. They voted for him because he spouted their core values and because, ironically, they believe he can start World War III and usher in the second-coming of Jesus.

So please stop calling yourselves Christian. I have a new name for White Anglo-Saxon Protestants. WASP because your values are not Christian. Jesus' speech on the sheep and the goats and your anti-poor stance are in direct contradiction. Jesus says if you don’t feed the poor you are going to hell and he qualified what he meant by that: hungry, thirst, clothing visitor, ill, and in prison. This is not an allegory and he is not alluding to something philosophical. Do these things and you get in, and do not do them and do not get in.

Yet, modern Evangelical Christians call welfare evil. They build gaudy sanctuaries and watch as America’s homeless problem becomes the worst in the world. They say that government should not be in the business of welfare; it should be the churches. Then they let people starve. They spout ‘teach a man to fish’ and forget about gleaning. This is not Christ-like. It’s Ayn Rand. A stark cold society where corporations thrive and humanity should just die.

Their fear of homosexuality goes beyond pale. There are six verses in the bible about homosexuals. There are countless about adultery and fornication. Jesus even said that some men are BORN without a natural attraction to women but they completely ignore that. For 10,000 years homosexuals have been here and for 8,000 of those years, we have been denying them their God-given rights. The bible says that homosexuality is a sin. Evangelicals have made it a deadly sin because of fear. Now they are trying to protect their right to discriminate and brutalize gay people.

Their anti-immigrant stand is just anti-biblical. From the story of Joseph to the story of Jesus himself, the Bible has a definite stand on how to treat foreigners in your land. As a matter of fact, the prophet Ezekiel claims that this was Sodom’s sin, not homosexuality. The story of Mary and Joseph’s passage to Egypt after Jesus was born shows us how we should treat immigrants.

Yet, Donald Trump supporters, who call themselves Christian, chant “build that wall”. Not at the Canadian border, but at the Mexican one.

Finally, Jesus told a parable about a vineyard owner who left two men in separate parts of his vineyard. One grew the vineyard and double his harvest. The other was lazy and did not increase the harvest and destroyed the vineyard. When the owner came back, he rewarded the good steward and banished the bad one. Science is not a fable. It is not a fairy tale. We are causing the planet distress and it is our job to fix it.

Yet, Evangelicals deny anything to do with the fact that we are destroying the earth. As a matter of fact, they want it that way. It is inconceivable that if and when Jesus does come back, that he will be happy with our destruction of his creation.

So, either, change your name or change your ways. There is no white Christianity and being a Christian does not make you superior. It makes you a servant because that is who JESUS wanted you to be. Stop calling yourselves Christian. It is really beginning to make Jesus look stupid. Call yourselves WASP. It is what you are and represent.


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    • profile image


      2 years ago

      I have been pointing this out for years. Its amazing regardless if I believed in God or not. If I sat down and read a Bible I would learn its good against evil. Its Good Ideas with good results oppossed to bad ideas and bad results. I did not vote because my vote would make me guilty of voting for something evil and that would mean i supported evil. For me it was not even about the lessor evil because God said no such thing exist. Most of all its about spiritual growth and maturity or the test of faith. God will remember the free will you displayed in your faith and will allow the evil of this world to punish you and its not Gods fault when you suffer because of your own free will. Why would he save you from your own stupidity and deceit because you practiced nothing. On Sunday you can go to your club and judge others and pretend you care as you pray about every Earthly affliction someone is suffering. Pray for someone suffering from cancer that they might be healed because they have no health care, will never afford to pay for it, because rich people need to be richer and other people need to be poorer and you should elect them. The real rear for those who believe in God is the coming persecution of those who really do believe in God. We know those hypocrits will deny God to save their own skin. They will claim as they do today that others do not have their skin and can not be in their place of worship. That they can not flee persecution in their lands and flee to ours. The reason is because they only see this World and do not understand that God does not care about your money or where you live. God does not even care if you die but only cares who you have become before you die. Todays so called believers practice nothing but hypocrisy. The rules are in Heaven and not on Earth and I know how hard it is to practice anything in this World. Its a test that requires you to make wise decisions every day. Its simple never choose evil and this was beyond obvious. If the Devil came tommarrow he would not have to fool anyone and the church would vote for him. This man told you hate and and how many voted for him?

    • fpherj48 profile image


      2 years ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

      Bruce, This hub is my introduction to you & I've just returned from your profile where I clicked on to follow you. A very impressive read, I appreciate your writing style.

      Thank you for the clearer understanding of Evangelicals. You've surely made your point with me

      I have an aversion to "labels," and don't refer to myself with any particular title in terms of my Spiritual life/beliefs. No one aspect of myself/life as an adult woman defines me in total, as I'm certain it shouldn't for any of us.

      And on that note, I look forward to getting to know more about you and what makes Bruce tick. Wishing you all the best in the New Year~~Peace & Joy, Paula

    • Kathleen Cochran profile image

      Kathleen Cochran 

      2 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      Amen and amen. As a believer myself, I could not have said it better myself, though I made an attempt in November.

    • Alternative Prime profile image

      Alternative Prime 

      2 years ago from > California

      Right NOW, Wall Street OWNED Republicans like Paul Ryan are SCHEMING Against AMERICANs ~ The NEW LIE or "Angle" is that OBAMACARE is "Unaffordable" yet their PLAN calls for Corporate Tax Rates to be SLASHED from 35% DOWN to 15% which means Corporations will essentially Pay NOTHING toward Maintaining OUR Nation the USA ~ So, according to CONservative Swindlers, we can't AFFORD Vital Health-Care 4 ALL Americans yet they are about to GIVE MORE BILLIONs to the Walmart Walton Family which is already WORTH 150 BILLION ~ Do everyone see the CON-Job ??

      Christians are NOT Immune to an UNSCRUPULOUS CON-Man who's Main Contribution to Society has been "Supporting" ENEMIEs of the United States such as Communists Situated in Russia & BAMBOOZLING American Citizens 4 Personal GAIN ~ "Trump SHEEP" will FOLLOW him but Certainly NOT Forever ~ One day they will "SNAP" back to REALITY & Understand he's the CLOSEST thing to the "Anti-CHRIST" we've ever seen ~ Hopefully they "SNAP Back" before the DAMAGE is DONE ~


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