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Why our system fails.

Updated on March 3, 2014

Why We Are Failing

Why does our system fail? This is a question that should be asked more often. The reason why this question is not asked that often is because people do not care about politics or alternative ways of ruling. The answer is really easy: it is meant to fail. People seem to care more about reality soaps and sports and celebrities and this is exactly what the people at the top want. The people I am speaking of is not your president or your king or any other ruler, I am talking about the rich people who control all the money in the world and as we know money=power.

Our addiction

That being said. We are slaves of our own entertainment and media. We are entertainment junks. All of us will say that people who are addicted to drugs and alcohol, should go to rehab, but are we really more than those people? Are we any better than those people? I think not. We do not think for ourselves anymore. We let our television do that for us. But is there any thinking in the shows the average (Western) man watches? I believe that the media is dumbing us down. It tells us what to believe and what not to believe. Studies show after the 9/11 attacks, the crimes against Muslims and Arabs increased. Why? Simply because almost of our television shows are telling us to believe that almost every Arab is a terrorist. I was actually really shocked to see how many people responded positively towards the idiocy of burn a Koran day. We are not compassionate towards each other anymore, nor do we feel anything for each other’s feelings. But nobody seems to notice that our human race is a crisis. A crisis of morality. Because well, we are more busy with our celebrities and sports.

Our fake monetary system

Before I start this part of my article, I would like to start off with a great quote:

We buy things we don’t need, with money we don’t have, to impress people we don’t like
- Dave Ramsey-

Let’s analyse this quote. The things we buy are mostly things that end up in the garbage bin. We over consume. We have become greedy. and again the real rulers of the world have exactly what they want because now they can justify what they are doing. Waging war against innocent people to get their resources, and when they fail, they just label them as a terrorist nation (e.g. Iraq). After that, they bomb the country and divide its ethnic groups so that they just can kill each other. We also tend to buy things with money we do not have. Well, actually with money that does not exist. The money we use today is actually the same like the money we use in a good game of monopoly but the only difference is that one is being accepted as currency and the other one is simply not. The reason why we use this money as our currency, is because we believe that is has value. It has simply not. It is based on the trust of the people. If people would think that it has no more value, the whole monetary system would explode. And I believe it is just a matter of time before that happens. Our monetary system is nothing but a ticking time bomb. If money was linked to some gold or silver, it would at least have some value because it is linked to reality, but now it is simply not. To impress people we do not like. Let us analyse that part. It is in human nature to compete with every other humans. But does that mean we have to impress those people we do not like? Do those people really bring any value in our lives anyway? Buying things is the new thing to live by in this age.

Human progress gone wrong

We can all come to the conclusion that there is something terribly wrong in the world when human progress costs human lives. Human progress is there because we all need to make progress as a world community. In order to survive. But instead, we only think of our own progress even if it costs sacred human life. We bomb countries and let people starve, just because we want to make progress ourselves and not as a world community. We have become very greedy and we live in a morality crisis.


But there is hope. Simply if people wake up from their sleep. We all know that it is hard to wake up to a terrible truth, but if we all wake up, we can change that terrible truth into something beautiful.


I hope this article was an eye-opener. Please notice that I used the word “we” instead of “you”. I am not a saint so I am also guilty of the things I have discussed. Feel free to comment and I put a video down below. From this video I got almost all of my information and is discusses much more than I have discussed in my article. Feel free to comment! Thank you for commenting and thanks for reading!


notice how much time we spend in front of the television and how little time we spend on thinking an socializing
notice how much time we spend in front of the television and how little time we spend on thinking an socializing


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An awesome video on this issue by George Carlin


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