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Why the Media got the Election so Wrong

Updated on December 10, 2016
My Two Pennies profile image

A constitutional conservative, taking on the Left with common sense, armed with truth, critical thought, and the principles of the Founders.


It was a sad state of affairs for the talking heads at CNN during the waning hours of November 8, as typical Democrat strongholds slowly fell to now President-elect Donald Trump. Believing that heavily skewed polls and political commentators masquerading as journalists could manipulate such a significantly flawed candidate to victory, the coronation of Hillary Clinton quickly collapsed when the Rust Belt decided to reject more of the same and give a blend of conservative populism a try. But far more cringeworthy was the dreary display at Clinton's victory headquarters, as the dream of the former secretary becoming the first female president of the United States withered away with any hopes of taking Ohio, Iowa, and Pennsylvania (represent!).

While some would see such an overly descriptive portrayal of Hillary's utter upset as gloating, that is honestly not my intention. I take you back to the night of this historic election, when the world seemingly ended for American Liberals and elitists alike, to exemplify how those that control the media set Hillary supporters up for the most brutal of mind-shattering heartbreaks. Politically motivated ideologues under the guise of professional reporters are largely responsible for the major meltdowns currently on full display by the left across the nation. Unwilling to adapt and change their tune, they were gunning for Trump from the day he announced, while simultaneously shielding Hillary Clinton every step of the way. Although the entire chronicle had a number of multiple independent and simultaneous factors unfolding, I think a basic summary will suffice.

Wrong and Blissfully Ignorant

First we had to hear how such an enticing phenomenon of change was simply, "the summer of Trump," and that he would dry up well before the first debate. This accompanied a series of other smug talking points the media pushed throughout the election season. These included, but were not limited to:

  • Donald Trump is incapable of being a serious candidate (Often followed by pompous laughing).
  • He is just running to gain some publicity and would eventually drop out anyways, fading back to being a nonthreatening TV personality.
  • Donald Trump is a racist, sexist, anti-Semitic, bigot, xenophobic, Islamaphobic... (fill in the blank)
  • The man is simply unfit to be president.
  • Does he not know that it's Jeb Bush's turn to run for the Republicans?
  • Only an establishment insider like Kasich, Christie, or Bush can beat Hillary (they'd have gotten slaughtered).
  • He will be absolutely embarrassed in the general election and lose by the largest margins imaginable.
  • Vote for Hillary Clinton because she will be the first female president of the United States, especially if you're a woman (insulting and degrading, right?).

I could clearly go on forever, but you get the gist. This is just a sampling of the deceptive web of misinformation the mainstream media outlets tried weave for the entire campaign season. After all, preservation of the status quo has oddly become synonymous with these "news" personalities. So much is the case, that they very shamelessly and openly endorsed the candidate that was mainly supported by elite globalists from the big government-supporting branch of both Democrat and Republican parties.

However, as we all know, the collapse of Republican establishment contenders during the primaries gave way to the rise of outsider candidates, which should have been an indicator that the mood of the country was shifting away from the media-backed bloated government preference.

Despite Trump crushing any opponent brave enough to openly challenge him (Low-Energy Jeb, Little Marco, and Lying Ted), the pundits and insiders still refused to take him seriously. This became even more noticeably ridiculous as the primary gave way to the general election, with Trump standing victoriously as the nominee. The record crowds he was drawing to each campaign rally demonstrated a mounting movement, clearly exceeding his conservative base. However, numbers and spreading discontent of the masses be damned to the powers that be, for Hillary was destined to ascend to the Presidency in a landslide victory (guess merely ignoring the low turnout and lack of excitement for Clinton was simply not enough).

While the outcome is now apparent and can be analyze retrospectively with ease, the elitist and media appeared to have learned very little, as evident in their post election coverage. Many are sadly still left scratching their heads and wondering where it all went wrong.

The Liberal Bubble

With Wikileaks casting a blinding spotlight on the media's collusion and corruption, it only became increasingly more perceptible as this election season lurched onward that there was a deepening disconnect between the upper echelon and average American. Although certainly not limited to these media personalities, as they appear to be part of a much bigger ruling class, consisting of politicians, pundits, and D. C. insiders, it is opinionated political commentators who are responsible for the flow of dangerously inaccurate information. Still adamantly purveying a screen of integrity, media providers have abandoned asking the hard questions for promoting an opinionated narrative that reflects their own political identities and affiliations. They often prey on those not paying close attention. These taken advantage of individuals then unknowingly (most of the time) fulfill the cycle of misinformation by passing agenda talking points off as fact. But why address what we already know?

It is through this decisive distribution of half truths, ignoring what is inconvenient to the narrative, and participating in identity politics, that the media has set so many up for failure. But to the credit of these political "experts" and "journalists," it is evident that they have suffered from inclusive regional isolation (ironically something the left always denounces). Almost entirely exclusive to the D. C. beltway and major metropolitan areas, these network heads and their anchors (not to mention the establishment of both parties) have failed to read the anger that the Donald has so successfully tapped into.

Their overdo downfall was marked by:

  • Relying on outdated polling models from previous elections
  • Reporting solely what each other wanted to hear, across a limited liberal echo chamber
  • Ignoring the widespread discontent of the American voter and mounting disinterest in Hillary Clinton
  • Wikileaks bringing the corruption to the forefront, further damaging trust in traditional news sources

But unfortunately, the fallout is not exclusive to those selling the lie, and has left the average CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and even Fox News viewer completely dumbfounded with Trump's win. Perhaps they should have put their finger on the pulse of this country as the President-elect has done, and stuck to reporting the actual news.

Poll expert Sam Wang fulfilling his overzealous terms of eating a bug if Trump got more than 240 electoral votes (try 306 to Clinton's embarrassing 232 Sam).
Poll expert Sam Wang fulfilling his overzealous terms of eating a bug if Trump got more than 240 electoral votes (try 306 to Clinton's embarrassing 232 Sam). | Source
Rachel Maddow crying
Rachel Maddow crying | Source

A Few Particularly Memorable "Journalists Facing their Own Condescension" Moments

You would almost feel sorry for them... but then recollections begin to materialize of the brash arrogance and dismissive nature of people that seem to have no clue of the average American's plight (see my article on liberal arrogance this election season). Here are a few particular highlights of political "experts" eating their own words or having a complete break down. Whether it's annieing up, lashing out at millions of Americans, throwing tantrums, or just having a good old fashion cry, the public now sees the media in its very blue and dishonest colors. What's even worse is that, as opposed to having an epiphany, most outlets have continued to double down and push a weakening narrative to a shrinking audience, who was already taking to the Internet to satisfy its daily news needs.

CNN host Van Jones has a meltdown  shortly after the election is called, claiming, "This was a whitelash, a whitelash against a changing country. A whitelash against a black President. That's the part where the pain comes."
CNN host Van Jones has a meltdown shortly after the election is called, claiming, "This was a whitelash, a whitelash against a changing country. A whitelash against a black President. That's the part where the pain comes." | Source
Megan Kelly's look on election night properly personifies her feelings, as a path opens up for a Donald Trump victory.
Megan Kelly's look on election night properly personifies her feelings, as a path opens up for a Donald Trump victory. | Source

Megyn Kelly

Did you honestly think that we would go this entire post without mentioning one of the most controversial mainstream critics of Trump?

Love or hate Megyn Kelly, she's perhaps garnered the most journalistic attention this election cycle (certainly not all good...), when she entered the ring with Donald during the very first primary debate that was hosted by Fox News. Some claim she was the aggressor, while others insist Kelly was purely doing her job as a moderator, but there is no denying her ever growing public dislike for President-elect Donald Trump. Megyn was even antagonized into a pretty epic throw down with Trump surrogate and former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich over his observation that she has a fascination of painting the Donald as sexist and scandal-ridden (guess she missed all the Wikileaks on Hillary).

Ms. Kelly became noticeably downtrodden as the momentum began to shift in Trump's favor on election eve and was seen holding back tears as a Hilary victory faded (something coworker Sean Hannity has proclaimed Megyn desired). Although she did manage to hold it together, Kelly is one of Fox News' numerous heavy hitters that inaccurately predicted this entire election cycle (Dana Perino, Juan Williams, and Shepard Smith to name a few others...), and is now forced to face the contrasting reality of a Trump Presidency.

Hillary supporters realizing that a loss was becoming inevitable.
Hillary supporters realizing that a loss was becoming inevitable. | Source
The false narrative of skewed polls and a biased media make it that much harder to endure.
The false narrative of skewed polls and a biased media make it that much harder to endure. | Source

The Abandoned

While Hillary Clinton suffered one of the biggest unforeseen upsets in American politics to date, it was her supporters that bore the blunt of the loss. Abandoned on the evening of what was to be their grandest of victory celebrations, those die-hard loyalists, who faithfully waited for countless hours, were not even granted the decency of an official concession from their candidate. Audaciously sending out campaign chairman John Podesta to console sobbing supporters with promises of false hope (Hillary conceded roughly 15 minutes later...) and an order to disperse, Clinton all but abandoned her ardent base to the cold hard truths of defeat.

Misguided by a mainstream media perpetuating the spread of distorted and filtered facts, Clinton supporters had their overinflated bubble shockingly burst as it became impossible for her to break the electoral threshold. With presumptuous projections of a landslide victory for the former Secretary of State, the countless criers were just the beginning, as full meltdowns and violent protests have since ensued (and are likely to continue).

I'll leave you with this compilation...


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    • My Two Pennies profile imageAUTHOR

      My Two Pennies 

      2 years ago from United States

      Sanxuary, I do agree with you that the two party system sucks, but it's unfortunately what we have at the moment. I personally affiliate more with being a conservative than a member of the Republican Party, which certainly has its fair share of elitists at the top of it doing nothing during the Obama years.

      I do however disagree that it's a guarantee that the Democrats will automatically return to power in four years and Republicans will get nothing passed, as they have the majority going into a very goal-orieinted administration's first term. The proof will have to be in the pudding as they say, but I definitely think it's not a guarantee that the Dems will rebound that quickly. Doubling down on Pelosi (see my article), blaming everyone under the sun except Clinton for her loss, talks of selecting Ellison for DNC chairman, & seemingly learning very little from this election has them still wandering lost in the metaphorical woods (ironically what they claimed was happening to Republicans this entire election season).

    • My Two Pennies profile imageAUTHOR

      My Two Pennies 

      2 years ago from United States

      Thanks for the shout out EdwardLane, always appreciate a compliment to my writing and commentary! Glad you like it and the pic of Kelly, as it took me a while to find a good one of what I remember witnessing with my own two eyes on election night. I also agree that journalism is dead and why trust in the biased establishment media outlets is at an all time low. More is coming soon, with at least two new pieces set to drop this week, so stay tuned!

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      Perceptive hub! Enjoyed your in-depth analysis of the 2016 presidential election. Look forward to reading more of your writing. That pic you used of Megyn Kelly was priceless. As they say a picture is worth a thousand words. I personally think journalism as we once knew it is dead. Great hub!

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      This was one of the dirtiest elections ever and the dirt is getting deeper. When they figure out all the dirt came from its going to pile up. Bernie was far more popular then Hillary. He proved how corrupt the Primary is. He should go third party today and start his campaighn right now. He should meet with all the other third parties and develop a plan that will represent the idea of an established third party to be a real challenger to the status qoute. You can not make everyone happy but we need a third party to decide some kind of normal government. The Democrats will return the Republicans with 4 years of passing nothing. We need a moderator and someone to balance the endless agendas.


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