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Why the 'Outsider' is attacked by the 'Establishment'.

Updated on March 9, 2016

Trump - Bernie

What we have seen in this year's election process to date has been unprecedented.

With the Democrats, you have the establishment, the party elites, falling in line behind Hillary, she gets the Super Delegates no matter how badly she loses in a state, and then of course, there are all those coin flips that decide a precinct in her favor... to say that things are entirely fair and balanced in this contest would be a stretch.

With the Reps, they have no Super Delegates (bet like heck they are rethinking that issue right now) so they have tried everything else to destroy Trump's campaign, they have fabricated falsehoods and had them leaked to various media sources, they dragged Romney out of the closet to have him accuse Trump of having a 'bombshell' in his taxes (oh the Irony, it was Harry Reid that helped derail Romney's campaign in 2012 with his Tax accusations), tenured Senators long in the pocket of Special Interests and Lobbyists have come out against him, and the PACs are spending hundreds of millions on anti-Trump ads.

Why such resistance to the 'outsiders'?

Why is it that the 'establishment' is so opposed to allowing someone who may be beyond reproach, beyond corruption, becoming President?

Well it may be because for the past seven years, President Obama has been using the power of Executive Order to bypass the Constitution and Congress to set up the 'fleecing' of America.

One example is when Obama bypassed congressional authority, issuing an executive order to place US coastal waters in the jurisdiction of the UN, and making US coastal states responsible to pay taxes and share revenue with up to 160 foreign nations. Obama placed the UN L.O.S.T. Treaty above America's National interests.

Of course these orders were only the prelude to the Trans-Pacific Partnership, or TPP, which follows in the footsteps of NAFTA (the North American Free Trade Agreement), CAFTA (the Central America Free Trade Agreement), the WTO (World Trade Organization) agreement, and many others. If you think Obamacare is bad on your budget, and for this country, TPP will prove to be a heck of a lot worse.

You should remember the one time Speaker of the House Nanci Pelosi stating "that we have to pass the ObamaCare legislation so that we can find out what’s in it." Five years down the road tens of millions of Americans learned what really is in the bill, the hard way, as they received health insurance cancellations or massive premium hikes. Some also learned that under ObamaCare the IRS has been given new powers to go after them, their businesses, and their bank accounts.

We should consider ObamaCare, and how it was a wolf in sheep's clothing, when considering the TPP. The TPP has been the most secretive document passed in US history. It was so secret that if Senators wanted to read the trade agreement they had to enter into a highly secure and guarded room and be watched as they read it and promise to never mention what they read.

The TPP is an all-out assault on our national sovereignty. It unconstitutionally transfers legislative powers from the U.S. Congress, state legislatures, city and county officials to multi-national corporations and international bureaucrats at the World Trade Organization, or WTO.

Worse, it also transfers judicial powers from our federal and state courts to globalist TPP judges at regional tribunals, and to the WTO. It also confers huge advantages on foreign businesses and large multinationals, while at the same time putting companies that operate here in America at a competitive disadvantage, as they would remain shackled by the regulations of EPA, OSHA, etc. while their foreign competitors could operate here unimpeded by those same strictures.

This is what the large corporations want, this is what powerful consumer countries like China want, and none of this does our economy, or our jobs situation any good.

These are the same Corporations that outsource American jobs, cheat their taxes, and use our bailouts to fund their own vacations.

The International corporations and Foreign powers have taken over Washington, the politicians do not answer to the voters anymore, what is happening now in the election process is the proof of that. The powers that the elected officials truly answer to are telling them to stop the Trump train, who has openly campaigned against NAFTA, CAFTA, the TPP and the Open Border.

Yes, even the Open Border with Mexico is an issue that affects National corporations, for instance the Toll Brothers builds housing developments all over the country, should you happen to pass through one of these developments as they are under construction you would see that 90% of the laborers are Latino, speak only Spanish, and I would not at all be surprised if they were of the illegal sort. Of course Toll Brothers would never knowingly allow such a thing to occur, I am sure.

I suppose it shouldn't matter if they do away with Nationalism, with the Constitution, with the Freedoms and Rights that are bestowed to Americans. The future will be about Corporate loyalty rather than National Loyalty, maybe we can go back to the days when Corporations were more powerful than Nations.

Back in the 1700s there were corporations like the Honorable East India Company which raised its own armed forces. The three administrative areas of India, the Presidencies of Bombay, Madras and Bengal, each maintained their own army with its own commander-in-chief.

TPP allows for Corporate officials who feel that they lost profit due to legislation imposed in a certain country will now have the right to sue the country for the lost profit. Of course, when they sue the “country” they are actually suing the taxpayers of that country. But isn't that great? Corporations are now more powerful than governments (ours in particular) and their citizens!

So this is why Trump is being called a KKK lover, the next Hitler, a wife beater, a cheater, a Cheetos eater... because they are trying to ruin him, unlike Cruz, Rubio, Clinton or anyone else, he is potentially a real threat to the TPP, NAFTA, CAFTA, etc. as President he may be able to alter the course we are now on ... meaning he may be able to halt the outright selling of American rights and freedoms to the international corporations and foreign nations before the TPP is entrenched and irreversible.

They can't buy him out, he is his own person if anyone is, if they want to compare him to someone it should be Teddy Roosevelt who's ego and bluster was immutable... if Trump wants to try and undo all that the corrupt politicians have put in place over the last 20 years or so, he can and would try.

Trust me, he is the only one running who will.


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    • Ken Burgess profile image

      Ken Burgess 10 months ago from Florida

      As usual the political machines, along with the major media news outlets, work to focus people's attentions on trivial matters or social matters that the President will never address.

      This year it is about electing a woman, a historic event that will come at the expense of many of our freedoms, jobs, and a lowering of our wages.

      NAFTA, CAFTA, TPP, etc... everything Trump is saying about them is essentially true, these are the issues harmful to our economy and jobs.

      If people want AMERICA to have a better economy, if people want AMERICANS to have more jobs and better wages... then these issues need to be addressed. No one can say for sure Trump would be able to change them... but I can tell you with a fair amount of certainty Clinton will not. She has not only defended these trade agreements, but she is 'funded' by the very factions that benefit from them the most.

      We cannot compete in a world where imports from China, Mexico, etc. are not taxed, but our products going to those countries are.

      We cannot compete for jobs here in America when companies can use H1-B visas to replace American workers for half their salary, and it has been shown that even the largest companies (Disney, IBM) replace Americans who already fill these jobs with foreigners simply to save themselves a couple of bucks.

      Americans born and raised here, can't get anything close to the support and aid some of these immigrants do... I see this with children who have autism and the parents have to wait on lists for years for Medicaid/medicare coverage, many never getting help, I see this with veterans who are on the streets begging for money because our government deems them unworthy or unqualified for welfare support while we are happy to give lifetime immigration welfare and support to foreigners.

      People need to realize that right now NEITHER party is helping Americans, if we don't, if we continue to bicker over petty issues and act as if one Party or another actually has all the answers, we all lose... and the only winners are those making the politicians dance to their tune in Washington.

    • colorfulone profile image

      Susie Lehto 10 months ago from Minnesota

      With Trump the only colors that matter in America is the Red, White, and Blue. He is a Nationalist, a Patriot, and he will make America Great Again!

      The establishment has divided this country racially and in every way it can under the first black president. The writing is on the wall, but people are blinded by the rhetoric and a biased political media.

      I agree with everything you wrote in this article, Ken. We have to have FAIR TRADE! That is the starting point to make America successful again and to create good jobs for every American.