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Why the Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Muhammad Nawaz Sharif should resign?

Updated on August 28, 2014

Why the Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Muhammad Nawaz Sharif should resign

The first reason for his resignation is that he has been elected through a bogus and rigged election. Following are the proofs of rigging in election 2013:
The second most significant official of the Election Commission of Pakistan ratified this aspect that massive rigging was conducted under the auspicious leadership of Mr. Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, the then Chief Justice of Pakistan.
The aggrieved party i.e. Tehrike Insaf of Imran Khan adopted all legal recourse but of no avail. His appeals are still lying pending in the Election Tribunals since more than one year which under the law should have been decided within 120 days.
Mr. Justice (R) Kayani headed the election which he had no authority. Fakhru Bhai was the Chief Election Commissioner but he was seriously ill and his health did not allow him to perform his functions.
The press conference conducted by the Election Commission after the interview of Additional Secretary in fact endorsed his view point and there was no answer with Mr. Justice (R) Kayani to the questions of the media men.
Practically Election Commission was under Mr. Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, which itself a illegal
Ballot papers were printed from a private press which was illegal.
Therefore, the Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Muhammad Nawaz Sharif and his regime should resign to
2. The second reason for resignation is the incidence of Model Town. New aged men, women and children were protesting against the attach of Police of the university known as Minhaj ul Quran. The only reason for this attack was that the said organization was linked with Mr. Tahirul Qadri. The viewpoint of the Police was that they were here to remove the hurdles from the Roads. The protesters were just few hundreds. The media was giving minutely courage to all the happenings. All of sudden an incidence has occurred which was beyond any iota of doubt of any Pakistani. The Police opened straight fire on the protesters which resulted into killing of 14 individuals, majority of which was women. Out of these women two were pregnent. Ninety others were seriously injured with the bullets of Police.
3. This incidence took place in the first week of June. Mr. Shahbaz Sharif and Nawaz Sharif have the reputation that they could not hear a word against themselves. They consider themselves as gods and Pakistan as their inherited estate. But no one could expect such a heinous genocide against humanity.
4. After this incidence Mr. Shahbaz Sharif Chief Minister of Punjab appeared on the media and stated that a Tribunal has been established for investigation of model town incidence and if this Tribunal held Mr. Shahbaz Sharif as guilty he should resign and would face the rigor of law.
5. The report of the Tribunal was sent to the Interior Ministry and Chief Minister used his sources so that the said report may not be made public. However, under the pressure of the higher courts the report has been made public which revealed that:
i. Government of Punjab is responsible for Model Town incidence.
ii. Firing by the police was under the directions of Chief Minister communicated through his private secretary, who is presently absconder with the courtesy of Government of Pakistan and Punjab. He is, according to the reports, is in Canada.
iii. It is also held in the report that Mr. Shahbaz Sharif and his ministers are liars.
6. Joint Investigation Report is the report prepared by certain security agencies which was also received in the media. The said report confirms that Mr. Shahbaz Sharif and his government is responsible for what has happened in Model Town.
7. The government of Shahbaz Sharif used its influence so that the First Investigation Report (FIR) could not be registered despite the fact that:

a. More than three months have passed.
b. Sessions Court has directed the concerned SHO to register the FIR.
c. The high court has rejected the appeal of the govt. of Punjab against the order of the sessions Court.
8. Mr. Shahbaz Sharif is the accused of killing 14 unarmed persons and wounding more than 90 others. He is not ready to resign. How come the victims of Model Town could imagine that under such circumstances they could get justice. FIR is just a first step. Thereafter certain investigation was to be conducted by the concerned Police Officers.
9. Mr. Shahbaz Sharif is the real brother of Mr. Nawaz Sharif the present Prime Minister of Pakistan and resignation of Mr. Nawaz Sharif is as important as the resignation of Mr. Shahbaz Sharif as Chief Minister.
10. The supporters of Nawaz Government arguing that resignation of Prime Minister before establishing the allegation would be unfair. It would mean that the prime minister has been convicted before establishment of the charge. Is it a logical argument? There are many governments in the democratic countries of the world which rendered their resignations on the allegation of corruption.
11. The recent example of resignation of a lead of government on the allegation of corruption is Peru's Prime Minister René Cornejo who resigns following serious allegation of corruption in the month of July 2014. There are countless examples of resignations then why not Mr. Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif who are facing much server allegations than 'corruption'.


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