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Why the United States Needs More Muslim Refugees and less white people on tv?

Updated on July 29, 2015

White Hate Against Muslim and Latino Immigrants

The audacity of the United States of America and racist right wing media, that spend all day spewing massive amounts of hate against Muslims and even Latinos. Yes. We do have a lot of Latinos in the United States but is this the fault of the Latino? Absolutely not. This is the fault of the global, fiat billionaire banker class that have gone into Central America and even Mexico and confiscated huge amounts of land from indigenous native peoples. What the United States, Germany and even China are doing in Mexico, Central America and even South America amount to nothing but modern day colonization & Nazism.

  • If the Western World wants to hog up resources and not turn these mineral mines into middle class paying jobs but simply want Latinos living in slavery, like what we see happening with mineral mine operations in Africa; as it relates to black Africans; then these same Europeans, Canadians and Americans have a responsibility to not just take in Latino Refugees but also African, Asian and Mid East Refugees.

Due to the Bush Administration policies of arming Iran and aiding an Iranian Mid East Domination strategy, in cahoots with the Soviet King Pin, Vlad Putin, we have the rise of mega-terror cells like Hezbollah 2.0 and why should this all fall on the shoulders of Obama (I guess he spent seven years playing golf)?

The next US President will have to make this right and open up the U.S. Borders to more refugees. And I am not just speaking about latino/latina women and children because young men (Latino, Arab, North African, Asian, Ukrainian) also have a right to a life and not to simply be pawns in these global banker wars, that are often happening with lop-sided political operatives strategies; where even the CIA doesn't know what is going on, in many circumstances.

In fact, I am shocked that I don't see more Syrians, North Africans, Africans and Ukrainians being allowed into the United States. I think that all American students should all be required to learn Arabic and since we already have a good bit of Ukrainians in Los Angeles, parts of the North West and North East; we should see ship loads of Ukrainians being allowed into the U.S.

The British Hate Monger and Terrorist of the English, Tommy Robinson, is linked in with FBI, Alex Jones, Pamela Gellar and Dutch Politician and hate monger, Greet Willders, to draw these Muslim Cartoons and kick off an Islamic Race War. It is pure and simple hatred. Drawing cartoons that stir terror is what these people are about in Texas, Arizona, the UK, France and The Netherlands.

  • What if I draw a cartoon with their white daughter or wives kissing Mike Tyson? Oh, yea. I bet some white people gonna get very mad and come out with their machines guns, pick-up trucks and confederate flags. I have seen them do it before in Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, South Carolina and Texas.

But I guess hatred against Muslims (for white people) is big money business, seeing how they all appear to be able to afford top-of-the-line security (NYPD, FBI, private details) and they all appear to have enough money to travel the world! Since when does preaching hatred and inspiring race wars and hate crimes against minority and ethnic groups; allows a person enough cash to travel the globe? Only white people can get away with these profits of hatred and their medium of choice is always cable news. I have seen each and every one of these white Nazi hate mongers on cable news, over the years, in one form or another.

Cable news simply provides a vehicle for radical white political preachers of white hate to drive and crash into their Ku Klux Klan Nuclear reactors to burn us all.....look at Donald Trump!

Fox News Promotes White Hate


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