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Why the fight against Climate Change begins with YOU

Updated on March 10, 2015

Behavioral economics is a viable way of dealing with Climate change

Let's not mince words here: Climate change is an exisiting phenomenon and a direct result of excessive energy consumption. To deal with it, like with all problems in life, one needs to take individual and collective responsibility. That, I'm afraid, is the first step to change. In all walks of life, when people do wrong then then they pay the consequences. Greedy bankers who got involved in criminal behaviour prior to the financial crisis in 2007 were deemed responsible and punished. Global banks and Regulators took, to a lesser or greater extent, parts of the responsibility and now you are seeing signs of better micro-management. When Manchester United's David Moyes endured a string of losses, back-to-back, United's chairman and directors' proceeded to sacking Moyes in order to find a viable replacement. In both cases, a situation occurred where a group of people have taken responsibility for their actions and developed with a recovery plan. That kind of attitude is exactly what we need to instill to climate change reform enthuasiasts. Now let me explain how.

The burden of excessive energy consumption is and should be shared amongst all of us. For those of you who raise their eyebrows, let me ask you this: do you own a car, a TV-set and a gas boiler? If so, then you are part of the many billions - yes billions with a B - who are (in)directly responsible for the effects of climate change. With this in mind, governments should be urging people to individually reduce their patterns and levels of energy consumption and contribute to what I now call " The Action Plan to decarbonize our Earth".

The irony is that actually cutting down on your energy consumption is beneficial in two ways: environmentally but also personally! Using less electricity will bring down your cost of living, and that surely that, in itself, is a persuasive argument. If each of us can force ourselves to make a minuscule effort to bring down our consumption to an all time low, we are equally, and for the first time, demonstrating genuine desire to take matters in our own hands. I know our countries are part of several leglislative pacts to reduce our carbon emissions and develop better energy efficient mechanisms, but support for individual efforts is highly undervalued.

As for governments worldwide, they can support these initiatives in more way than one: public messaging, conferences, declared new targets, delegating responsibilities to local authorities, etc. It has long been said that defeating the challenges of the environment will take a worldwide effort. Let us therefore be proud of wearing our environment-reforming badges and urge governments to support us in this fight. By creating the space for competition between states, like a boxing arena-style tournament where "you box hard, I box harder", governments can make the whole experience enjoyable, educational and financially attractive.

That leaves us only with the energy companies...

Behavioral economics

Behavior innovation is open innovation. Let us unite in dealing with the environment

Ways of dealing with Climate change

How should we fight Climate change?

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Behavioral economics approach

Behavioral economics
Government alone
With the support of the Government, we can defeat climate change together
The government was elected by the people and therfore is the only actor responsible for climate change initiatives and should not involve them in the process


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    • Goodpal profile image


      3 years ago

      Individual "responsibility" is the key message from this hub. Glad to see someone talk of "responsibility" in today's world where everyone is obsessed with "rights" and "freedoms" of all kinds -- in unlimited quantities. Personal responsibility is in short supply because it is taught nowhere.

      The climatic disorder is getting more disorderly each year! This threatens lives of people - not the planet. Earth has its own mechanisms to restore its balance; it is the people who are heading towards bigger trouble as years pass.

      The ever increasing energy consumption is a lifestyle problem, though we are taught to see as economic. I very much doubt if the biggest consumers, who are also the most influential, would ever mend their ways of living.

      You are doing a great job of reminding people of their responsibility, but am not sure if your voice would reach where it matters.


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