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Why the Worlds Problems are Never Solved

Updated on April 6, 2016

If people aren't going to change their ways anytime soon, maybe we should go back to the beginning and see where it could have gone wrong.

If you could go back in time to when the people who are in power of the country where children, what would you teach them differently?

Learning, Parenting and External Influences. The creation of the fundamental basis of a person.

Perpetual Peer Pressure !

Everyone is influenced by the behaviour of other people. We try to fit in with social norm, as it is an instinct derived from a natural part of our being. Adapt or die in a sense. When we are growing up we are more susceptible to picking up habits from the people in our immediate reality; friends, family and most importantly parents. And the truth is, is children look up to their parents first and foremost, so whatever the adults are doing the kids will mimic. Even in the most subtle ways. In lots of cases when a mother or a father practices a habit, whether it is gardening, smoking, singing, or even passing gass openly, the child will familiarise with the subject and will be more inclined to practice it. Why? because it is a fact of nature. All young in the stages of development needs some sort of mediator for when they start to learn things for themselves. Whether it is learning the other extreme of what the parent does, or whether it is identical habits. It is all a process of adaptation.

...The interesting thing is, is parents spend LESS time with their children now.

So parenting could not necessarily be one of the reasons why people arent changing. It could be the lack of parenting.The average parent sends their children to school, from the age of 5 to the age of 18+. That is through their most crucial development time periods, and pretty much most of it. And they spend probably 80% more time away from parents and in school now a days. Quality time spent with parents is almost down to 5% in correlation with work, school and other obligatory places. Seeing as though originally the children and parent would have been together for a lot more, this is a clear pointer as to why the personalities in society are all mostly the same, as they have not had the 1 on 1 personal guardian to show them the intricate and valuable self building lessons that they would not get otherwise. Instead, they get it from a curriculum that is a self interested pre determined course that will spand throughout each child's vital growing period, feeding it's exact same old information to each one of the individual children.

Most parents simply don't have the time for their kids

Avoiding Adulthood responsibility, or merely too busy?

School is a more convenient way for parents, but not necissarily children in their learning. As parents have to provide for the children, they have to be working from 9 till 5 7 days a week. So they don't have enough time to spend with their children if they have to provide for the family. It has even been argued that it is the most prefered way for children to learn, as it includes a variety of other pupils where the child can make friends, practice to be more independent in learning as well as learning teamwork. All the things that they could also learn in a home community, if it was prompted. It is only more convenient for parents now, because they have to be away from the home most of the day providing for the family, as the average job requires 8 hours a day to be sufficient. So one popular reason why parents send their children to school is because the way we live today demands an individual obligation to work for money, something that the system of our society runs on; so there is no time to even look after our own children.

School Shenanigans

Going to school from such young ages and being with another 'family' so to speak, in the school environment, can often be a completely different atmosphere to what it is at the children's home. Pretty much all children when they are first taken to school want to immediately come back home, because naturally they would want to be with their initial family and guardians. When being at school, children are faced with segregation throughout all their time there. Through learning the labels in labeling mental ability, physical ability, gender, age and even aspirations; all defined through a strict curriculum. A curriculum which is never really questioned. In a family home the intention is passing vital knowledge from one to another on a personal, deep and more helpful way from personal life experience. This happens in order to prepare them for their own life experiences. However in school pupils are fed information until they can memorize it and recite it from heart when asked certain questions. In school they are taught what to think, rather than how to think and question what they think. The intention in a school system is almost subliminal and oftentimes not in the best interest of each individual child. As each child is spoken to as a whole when placed amongst every other, so the self worth for each child is not empowered, but instead eradicated in a midst of a practice of oppression and indoctrination so they can get used to being ruled and directed by external authorities. If a child has a stronger sense of personal will, the mainstream perception on this is that they have a diagnosed condition, that ultimately does not fit with their accepted standards; in which case they are demeaned until they submit to the mediocre way of acting and thinking.

Why each and every child needs a personal mentor. (The parent!)

Naturally, animals are with their offspring all the time since conceiving. Bound from birth, parents are irreplaceable to the young as they are the only ones who are sensitive enough to their every need; Through day and night until they come of age and fly from the nest. The mental and emotional stimuli they can only receive from parents and siblings is vital for infants when they are growing, and the intricate depths of understanding are only reached when a child has a personal teacher and guardian to learn from. Without growing with these basics that help create the structure of their conciousness and behaviour, there would consequently be many self degenerate side effects... because without a good sense of sensibility and self directive, they would be more prone to having a herd mentality, where they can not think for themselves and are easily led by what others think they should be thinking or doing. Which isn't always righteous.

So this could be what we are noticing today. The side effects of the lack in personal parenting. The lack of awareness of a lifestyle that is not beneficial for either or.

Maybe our true priorities are with the children?

Because after all, they are the future adults.

So maybe if everyone all carried out the full responsibility for having children, in teaching them how to question rather than indoctrinating, from an infant to a young adult, maybe it would help create the mentality we need for change... because how can you fix problems with the exact same mindset that created them? How can we progress positively into the future with mentalities that aren't open minded, unbiased and ones that can practice subjectiveness as well as objectiveness? We need more people who aren't used to being spoonfed their ideas, because it wont create the skill of finding their own inspiration for the future.

But this could perhaps be a more idealistic matter, as all parents would want this.

Because really, how can we solve the worlds problems, or prevent more problems when we contantly engrain the same habits, practices and ideas into the future generations?

So maybe the real question is, where do we start to change our whole lifestyle for the better?

It's up to all of you. Just because we have been shown one way of living, does not mean there is a better alternative way of living.


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    • Bella Sames profile image

      Annabella 2 years ago

      I Appreciate your comment Jodah, thank you.

      Yes it seems that it has become a large problem hidden in plain sight, due to lots of distractions. It takes a person of sound mind and true discipline to outweigh the negative effects that the most demanded lifestyle causes, and by doing what you and your wife did is the next best step.

      This article hopes to plant some questions in the readers mind and then allow each person to individually process the concept.

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 2 years ago from Queensland Australia

      George Carlin's statement hit the nail on the head. Society has to make a change. It has to once again become possible for only one member of the couple to have to work full time so the other can spend more time with the kids. When my wife and I both worked and had four children at home we made sure that we had jobs where one or the other were always home when the kids were. We never put them into childcare and my wife even home schooled them for three years. Great hub highlighting an important issue.