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Why there is no Back Lash if a White is Killed by a Black:Racial inequality is a Fact in America

Updated on December 27, 2017

Racial Overtones in America


Recently there was a hue and cry when a black young man was shot dead by a white man. I am referring to the famous Zimmerman case.The local police compounded the matter by not preferring charges against the white man, till there was this upsurge of popular opinion and the FBI stepped in. the law took its own course but everybody was not convinced that the right decision had been handed down.

The Obverse Scenario

Somebody asked me whether such a scenario in the obverse was possible. What if a white man had been killed by a black? Would there be a hue and cry like in the present case? would the black been let off? Would the police have acted the same way as they did in the Zimmerman case ?the answer to these questions lies in the roots of America and the legacy of slavery. A legacy that has existed for close to 250 years

Discrimination Against the Black

For close to 200 years the black man was discriminated against. He toiled on the plantation and served his master( the white man). His women were bedded by the master( again the white man) without compunction and all the black could do was watch. If he protested he was liable to be shot or whipped. The fact is the church did precious little for the black man in chains and that is an enigma that good Christians must think over.

Thus over 2 centuries, a culture grew up in America where the black man was always at the receiving end. organizations like the KKK came up to protect the 'purity' of the white race and it is on record that many blacks were lynched to death.

Is This Discrimination Ended

I don't think this discrimination has ended as another form of slavery is now in existence, the US prison system. America out of a prison population of 2.3 million has 900,000 blacks behind bars. That makes it a whopping 40%. Considering that the Blacks constitute only 8-9% of the population the facts speak for themselves.

Is the black man more prone to crime? Probably yes. But the fact is that crime and economic condition go hand in hand and it shows that the Negro in America has far fewer opportunities of economic advancement than a white. That is one reason more Blacks take to crime, as that is the only avenue open to them.

Forces of History

Thus when a black is killed by a white man, the forces of history come into play. Generally, the whites will just shrug their shoulders and would like to treat the matter as closed. in their thinking killing a black man is no big deal. Thus the police are also apathetic and they hope the matter will die down. This is beautifully brought out in the novel " To Kill a Mocking Bird". It shows the mindset of the white man.

However, in case a white is killed by a black there is no need to cry 'injustice' as the police will in such cases be pro-active. They will move fast and arrest the black man and put him up for trial. They need no prodding, hence the question of any agitation or anything similar is not required. Everything moves with a clockwork mechanism.

American thinking

Thus American thinking is moored in the past. The ghosts of slavery and discrimination against the black have not been exorcised. There is a fringe in America who still feel the black does not deserve any rights. In a visit to America two years back I was stunned at the vehemence against Obama, ecause he had black ancestry.

Last Word

But again America is changing, the black man is rising. He is converting to Islam and asking for his rights. people may be wondering what the conversion to Islam means. Does it have anything to do with discrimination and slavery? This is a vast subject and cannot be dealt in one line, but the fact is that many Blacks are converting to Islam as they feel it is one way to restore their ego. The road ahead can only be equality for the black. I do not see any other ending. Many whites also feel that American can only move forward if the black is an equal partner in the future.


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    • profile image

      B-Dawg 5 years ago

      If the white man was smart he would dye his skin black. No since in being punished for being born white. Peace.

    • profile image

      Kyle Rajasthan 5 years ago

      You know, this kind of stuff (Race B.S.) is going to continue as long as somebody still thinks that there are different races of humans. There are not. All humans are structurally similar, the only differences are the adaptations that occurred due to the environmental conditions of the area of the planet they lived in. That is it. Cultural differences are meaningless as they to are just regional. People are people, the sooner everyone realizes this, the better. So, just keep this "race" B.S. alive and healthy and it will never go away. As far as I am concerned, unless I meet a person from another planet, the only "Race" I see is Human.

    • Jason R. Manning profile image

      Jason R. Manning 5 years ago from Sacramento, California

      Silly question, but I must ask it; what does converting to Islam have to do with standing up and asking for personal freedoms allowed to others? I am sure you didn’t mean to imply that only through Islamic conversion, can a black American gain equal freedom. If that were the case, then what for instance should a Columbian American do to ensure their equal protections and due process?

      The problem is generational, the problem is poor education, but not of the government assisted kind, but of the patriarchal kind. Young men are growing up without fathers or proper role models, while the young single mother is stuck working every hour she can to provide food, shelter and guidance for her children. If young men had strict guidance, love, attention and protection, they would have a normal chance in life. The government cannot provide those types of tangibles. Cheers.

    • SpanStar profile image

      SpanStar 5 years ago

      Powerful and well presented.