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Just, Shut Up?

Updated on April 23, 2018

Shut Up

By Juanedc from Zaragoza, España (Pesadilla  Uploaded by juanedc) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
By Juanedc from Zaragoza, España (Pesadilla Uploaded by juanedc) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

"Shut the Hell Up!"

This is what the professors are teaching college students these days, but not just in Europe or Canada.

In the United States, there is a philosophical war going on. And that is where it all begins. The war of words. The group that can shut the other side up, destroys America.


Your mental anguish, outrage, religion, lack of religion, discomfort, feminism, safe-zones, victimization schemes, sexual preference, alcoholism, pot smoking problem, race bating, income infinitum – does not trump my right to tell you that I think you are an idiot.

This is an example, but I do agree with this statement and I have the right, regardless of how you tell you that I think your sexual preference is insane...another example.

I can say these things in a park, in my living room and on the train. I can say that all Christians are fools, all Muslims are imbeciles, all Buddhists are morons and all Atheists are clueless dimwits.

Makes you wonder what I am...? I don't give a crap what you think - because if you are religious...I already know you ain't playing with a full deck or maybe you added the "Jokers" to the deck in the first place.

But this is not an exercise in Religion/Non-Religion bashing. Not completely. Although, I like to do this regularly.

This is, of course, an exercise in free speech, something many have forgotten. Many now feel that being offensive is wrong and that it is not 'free speech'. They self censor. And they want you to do the same.

If this is what you think, then please attempt to shut me up, but you, like the average terrorist, will need to use force. When you use force, riots, bombs, guns, even laws -- in order to shut me up – you have lost your freedom as well. At that point, you've become your own enemy. And a moron.

"Hate Speech" is allegedly wrong. Why? Because you or I might be offended...

  • A Muslim terrorist might fire bomb a newspaper business. They have.
  • A mother might cry. She will.
  • A pope might say that if terrorists attack, then one should not draw cartoons depicting Allah or Mohammed.

In other words, be careful, don't anger anyone. If you anger someone, they might shoot you – so shut the hell up. Oh, and those creators of the cartoon South Park, you are Infidels!

Wait a minute...

Freedom of "Hate Speech"

Do you have the right to draw of picture of someone else's god in naughty way?

See results

Did I just say that if I draw a picture of Allah I could be shot? Yep. Is there a problem here? Do you see it or are you more concerned with "hate speech"? Do you feel the chill in the air yet? Psst...just shush and you might not be killed. Tiptoe through the tulips, like a scared child.

Charlie Hebdo Offices after Attack

Coyau / Wikimedia Commons, via Wikimedia Commons
Coyau / Wikimedia Commons, via Wikimedia Commons

Even Garry Trudeau, the creator of the Doonesbury Comic strip chimed in. He called the Charlie Hebdo incident "hate speech". But old Trudeau didn't mention that the Paris attacks were a crime. Instead he apparently focused on the fact the the Mohammed cartoons provoked the attacks. Where is the love. Where is the right to argue? Have we become a world of cowards? Is Garry siding with the murderers? Garry is a blanking blank blank.

I think Doonesbury sucks. The comic strip offends me. The drawings and the ideas presented make me uncomfortable. But that does not mean that I should fire-bomb anyone. I can't order Garry to make his strip less controversial. Garry has the right to give his opinion, even if we feel he is a misguided miscreant – he has the right to say dumb things. But so do we. I often do. So far, no fire-bombing, but I don't live in Paris. That is not to say that there have not been attacks on American soil, but we tried to do something about it. Maybe we just didn't hit the right 'targets'.

Portrait of Mohammed (Nothing Naughty) But why is he wearing his clothes on his head?

By Michel Baudier [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
By Michel Baudier [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Now, there are lines. There are limits. We know that if we yell "Bomb" in the crowded theater and we are only joking; and people rush out and crush each other in the process, we should be arrested. That is a no-brainer.

But what if I yell "Allah was a baby raper!" in a public park? Do I have that right? If not, why not? Are you a weak willed wimp, with no guts to speak your mind? Don't offend! Just shut the hell up, right? So sayeth Fidel Castro. (Is he still alive? I wonder how many 'organs' he has borrowed...)

What if I draw a picture of Mohammed and a Jackass, together with Jesus and some other alleged God Son? Get the picture? Am I ticking off a Muslim right now? A Christian? You? I don't care. Are you gonna cry? Take a pill.

What did I say about Jesus and Mohammed? What did I mean by the togetherness? Use your imagination. Yep, I meant that too. Hard and fast.

In my cartoon, which I am painting in your head, many such alleged demigods are all sorta playing with each other. They have an open book in the mud next to them. You see the title of that book: Kama Sutra. On a bench, nearby, is Salman Rushdie. He's reading his book: The Satanic Verses and he is giggling. "Jesus," he is saying, "do you think God would approve?"

How about if someone says "Jesus is a Lie?" Do you have a right to say that these someones are fools? Sure you do. And you'd be right -- that you can say it.

Do you have the right to tell these someones -- these Jesus Haters to shut up? Yes, you do, but they can just keep on talking. Should these haters be shot and killed? If you believe this, not only do you not cherish freedom of speech, but you also hold that those who disagree with you have no rights, if they disagree -- and that makes you...a moron. The truth hurts, huh?

Oh...I'm name calling? Am I not allowed to 'name call' in your world, imbecile?

Again, if you believe this, then please shut the hell up, you nitwit. You too Ben Affleck. This is an all adult discussion. If it hurts your ears, head toward your safe zone and 'be one with the tree.'

Nothing is beyond criticism...unless we are all slaves. Right, Master "Ben"?

Free Speech Advocate

By Bill Norton (Howard Stern) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
By Bill Norton (Howard Stern) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

"Inflammatory Rhetoric" is another appeasing label. Don't cause anger.

Oh, screw off! If you inflame them, with your mouth or your art, you might just burn. Be quiet. Freedom of Speech is not freedom to call names!

We learned that in grade school, didn't we? When Johnny called Suzy a blank and Phillip punched Johnny -- well it was all okay then. Johnny was a boy then, however. Good manners of children, as taught by parents do not translate into adulthood. And we can't punch people for being stupid or even for being religious. No matter how much we think they need it -- we must use our mouths only.

Unless you are Iranian. Then you can drag American "Christian Zealot" soldiers through the streets to make a "free speech" statement. Now, that is stupid. Murder is not free speech, Mohammed dudes. Oops. I did not offend did I? Darn. I have such a naughty mouth. Have a piece of bacon, Mr. Muslim.

If we cannot speak our minds as free people, we cannot speak. We are slaves to the "politically correct" rules as set forth by the appeasers and appeasers are losers. And whiners. A pretend victims. And losers. And I could go on...but I'm starting to sound like Donald Trump. Repeat. Repeat. Yes, I said it Dear Donny, you're a broken record. Maybe you should go wave a flag and let me burn it. Oh, I forgot, you don't believe in free speech. Another brilliant politician is born. Can I call Trump names without getting the Secret Police (NSA) on my ass? Maybe I shouldn't chance it. Screw it. Trump, your dumber than a bag of burnt flags. No, I didn't say flags without the "l". I don't like that word. Too incendiary. Hurts feelings.

And you appeasers out there. You have masters. Learn this phrase, if you agree with appeasement: "Yes, master. I obey." Tuck your little tail between your legs and say you are "so sorry" that "you didn't mean to offend, heavens no!" Then go pray, on your knees like your God commands - like a little beggar. Bow very low. Lick the dust off of the floor like the beasts of the field. Say "hi" to Ben Affleck - he's right next to you, rubbing his belly in the mud. "How low can you go Ben?"

Just ask Adolf Hitler – I mean if he was alive – about Neville Chamberlain. Chamberlain tried to tell the United Kingdom that Hitler would stop once he took over France. Hitler was okay. History tells us that Chamberlain was a an idiot – at least in some ways.

What? Is that like saying Putin will stop once he has the Ukraine? Yep. No, I don't think Putin will stop. Putin is a murderous bastard and his mother was a Muslim Lover. Now if I was in Russia I would be dead right now. I guess I'll never visit - except via Google Earth. A hell of a lot safer too.

Oh, Putin...I wish you were here, all alone, with me. I don't think your daddy spanked you enough. (Oh...and please keep your shirt on, especially when you are around Ben.)

And one last thing, before I forget. Have a nice day all you brainless idiots out there. I love to tick you off.

But wait, there's more...

The point? This new "hate speech" nonsense is only a trip down the bloodied slope of hate itself. If one uses a bomb to kill people and you claim that the victims should not have angered the mob's pretend gods, you are condoning hatred and death by default. You have become a coward. You have ignored the main point: life – and that you have a right to it. That nobody can threaten your life for drawing a darn picture – no matter how vulgar and distasteful.

If you think we must appease the tyrants of terror and place duct tape over our mouths, you will lose your other freedoms as well, by increments – like boiling a frog.

But maybe you don't deserve them anyway. Maybe you are one of the morons. Did I just insult you? You are damned right I did. Can't take a little criticism? Grow a set. Are you a girl? Grow a set.

the president is a blanking blank

"Incitement to Violence." This is yet another ploy to fool us into thinking that yes, just maybe, we ought to be careful and not make others so hateful that it may make them want to kill us. But we do not live in a prison.

In a prison setting there are real concerns that inmates will start riots and when one inmate begins to scream about the guards being demon-idiots, which may be true, it is not about free speech. It is about control. Controlling those inmates, before they openly gather a mob and attempt to burn down that prison.

We, on the other side of that razor wire, are not prisoners. We can say that the policeman is an jerk. We can say that the president is a Nazi-Commie. And by the way he is. We can spout off about communists, socialists, and homo sapiens in general. What did I mean by "homo sapiens"? You figure it out.

But they, the policeman, president and your local communist can only argue with you – not arrest or fine you. That is, only if you have the freedom to speak your mind. In Canada you might be fined or arrested, if you say naughty things. They do that there. After they tax the living feces out of you. Land of ice and "gag orders". Comrades beware!

"Appeasement." Do not appease them. Appeasing the enemy of free thought will only invite more hatred. It is like giving a monster one of your arms hoping it will wait a while before he eats your legs -- and your balls.

Should we bow our heads, allow American Cartoonists, free thinkers, and artists to live in fear, we are losing our freedom to write, create, argue; and even to voice our simple opinions, for fear that we might offend someone. We should not fear, we should fight for what we believe in. We can and should open our mouths and say things that might offend or might not.

And when gun barrels or bombs threaten us, when Americans are dragged through any streets in some foreign backwater (Iran), we should erase the enemy were it hides and cowers or do as much damage as is possible.

power and subservience

Free Speech

For the record, the ongoing attack against free speech, as strengthened by the radical Muslims, supported by a Koran which instructs their faithful that lying in the name of Allah is forgivable, so long as it is in service to that god, is also about power and subservience. Naked testicular hatred. To choke off free speech with the threat of death, is the first volley in their effort to choke off much more.

But any religion and/or political group attempting to appease and quash the freedom to disagree, is little better. And to hell with you if you don't agree.

Don't feed the monster. Tame it. In some cases, retaliatory force may be required in advance, to destroy the monsters in their dark caves. (Many such caves are deep inside Iran.)

Have a real bad day, all you haters. Please. I beg of you.

...and for Christ's sake or the sake of your own brain - don't ever let them shut you up.

Edits by the blanking Author:

This piece was previously titled: Why we have the Right to Insult each other with "Hate Speech". But I updated and re-titled it to screw with you. And I change the post (Hub - whatever) regularly -- when the mood strikes. I might do it again too. I hope it really irks some of you PC'ers.

Have a nice day. (You know I meant something else, right?)


I found this video the other night. It is very chilling to see the state of education today...

© 2015 Jack Shorebird


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    • jgshorebird profile imageAUTHOR

      Jack Shorebird 

      3 years ago from Southeastern U.S.

      @ Austinstar - As free as Hubpages allows. But I'm okay with that.

    • Austinstar profile image


      3 years ago from Somewhere in the universe

      Can't believe there are no comments! Screw that! YES! We all have the right to say whatever the freak we want to. As long as it isn't illegal. WTF?


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