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Why We Need Pride (No, It's Not Coachella for Gays)

Updated on March 28, 2019
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I am an anthropology student, fascinated by history. If there is a factual error, ect. please kindly inform me. Thank you.

Aww look at the homophobes! So happy.
Aww look at the homophobes! So happy. | Source

Apparently this Article was needed in 2019

In case you didn't know, not all™ Christians and other majority groups have used the Bible to excuse ill-founded, blatant homophobia for decades, if not centuries. These friendly faces, simply expressing their beliefs™ have been frequent at some Prides. If you are one of these fantastic religious people, feel free to go through the texts (i.e Bible) that support your beliefs and explain how the f**k they support it. I would be highly intrigued to know your findings. Save it for the end so you have more reasons to flip through Mein Kampf.

No, the Bible does Not Support Homophobia

In the Bible, which was written before there a word to translate as exactly homo or heterosexual, it would have quite difficult to write these supported™ homophobic statements. Though I am Jewish, I have been to mass once and I could not help but to notice the focus of love and community in the way fellow churchgoers talked. The love tends to rush down the drain towards homosexuals and other members of the LGBTQIA+ community. Even if the Bible did (and does not) support homophobia, explain the existence of cross and crucifix tattoos? Sacrifice is very much in the Torah and you won't find a slaughterhouse at a synagogue. How can this be?!? It's in the Bible- oh yeah it's 2019. Regardless, the Bible has not mentioned modern medical advances so if you only view what's in the Bible, good luck with your prostate cancer. :)

Oh, you understand that modern medicine is good? Then you will have to support the proven findings of biologists and biological anthropologists who debunk homophobia, because without them you would be lucky to not be peeing out of a straw. :)

Homophobia and Transphobia are not Scientific Either

A Homosexuality in the wild, far away from socio-cultural influences and bias is a survival necessity and in some species, like Bonobos can be a peacekeeping ritual as well (that's survival and peace, just fyi). Heterosexual couples are occupied mating and/or raising their own young. So if the parents die, the homosexual parents can raise them. Otherwise the offspring would die off and the species is more likely to become extinct.

Gender (not sex, which is your what’s in the pants which is of course not an invasion of privacy. It’s common to ask cisgender folk about their genitalia) is not biologica. In some African cultures, the females are the stronger sex, tasked with heavy labor. Last time I checked babies don’t come out detesting pink because of their testes. Despite the “Age of Knowledge,” there are still people swearing otherwise and are even running in office. Comforting.

Heterosexuals this isn’t really Yours and Here’s Why

Homophobia. Transphobia. Religious leaders supporting both. Heterophobia? You mean being catious as to who to trust because my heterosexual grandmother hoped i‘d grow out of my sexuality? Heterosexuals weren't denied marriage because of their sexuality. People still sit by as their friends call things they don’t like “gay“ because no it’s not homophobic it’s just that you don’t hear homosexuals calling what they don’t like “straight.” Oh right. Have I even mentioned that less than ten US states in 2019 ban conversion “therapy?” It’s torture and leads to high suicide rates. Tell me again why we don’t need Pride?

Pride began as a response to all of the hatred our community recives. People can’t even pee and leave without people having to make laws because they’re worried about sexual assault but denounce actual victims. Pride should not be made into a concert because it will deter what it’s really for. If you aren’t there to help when we’re suffering and that includes voting for people who hate us then pride isn’t a celebration for you goodbye.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.


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