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Why Women Don't Get Caught

Updated on May 26, 2022

How He Plays it

When a man is having an affair, the give away is his irritability. He wants to 'escape' his family to be with Slutina.

Anything, anyone that prevents his escape turns him into a raging bull..

An affair, for a man, is hot sex. He behaves in a manner similar to a ram goat in heat. Whatever limits his access to his gal makes him violently irritable.

It is evident, as he stalks the home as a caged animal, and responds to comments with anger. He snaps at his wife, perhaps strikes her. His children are annoyances who cut into the time he could be with his gal.

Being with his gal is so important that this man would literally kick his four year old child across the room if that child prevented him from getting out of the door.

That he's having an affair is clear.

If the wife is interested, she'll bring it into the open. Of course this might provoke lies, more violence, and make a miserable situation worse. Not all women are interested in putting themselves into jeopardy.

Some women take their husband's affair as an opportunity to have their own affairs.

How She Plays It

Affairs for women are emotionally fulfilling. Sex is not all it is. There's so much more. Her affair makes her happy and comfortable.

Happy, she is a wonderful mother, a great wife, because she's fulfilled. She is happy and will not do anything to jeopardise her affair.

She plans her movements.

If there are children, she will have a relative, babysitter, or supervised activity she will take them to. She doesn't need to create elaborate lies. That is if she would ever be questioned. Most women are never questioned. Their husbands are so wrapped up in their gal they are totally oblivious to the movements of their wives.

Yet, she is careful not to give any sign or symbol of her affairs.

She deletes all text messages after reading, as well as her call history. She might have her lover's number listed under a woman's name or the name of a company.

This is because, unlike a man, she does not want to be caught.

The Key Feature

Women do not want to be caught. That is the key feature. They absolutely do not want, under any circumstances to have their affair exposed..

Men Do.

Men want to be caught. Maybe not right away, maybe not directly, but they adore the 'James Bond' aspect. They love the sneaking around, the lying, diversions, the feeling clever. They do things which are 'give aways', because they want to be caught.

Men who don't want to be caught would so carefully construct their affairs that there would be no 'seam'. They wouldn't be 'working late' when a phone call could prove they aren't in office, they wouldn't be sneaking in after midnight nor get all spiffed up to have a night with the 'boys'.

They wouldn't have phone calls, under women's names on their phones, or strange receipts in their pockets. They would make the effort to hide their affairs.

Most men don't put effort into hiding their affairs because whether deep down, or floating on the surface they want to be caught.

Women don't want to be caught.

Women will spend more time and effort into hiding their affairs than a CIA agent.

They make it a creed to always get home before witching hour. To always have
believable and partially true excuses just in case they are asked. And they are very rarely asked.

This is because there is no reason to suspect anything.

How it Plays

As he is so hot to run to his gal, he becomes deaf and blind. He doesn't give his wife the slightest glance, if he even looks at her.

Where she can tell he is wearing a new shirt, he sees nothing.

The wife can toss an old housecoat over her fancy dress and stand at the sink appearing to wash dishes, while he stammers..."uh uh...have to go to see...uh uh Bob...uh uh about a car..uh."

She says nothing as he goes through the door. As his car makes the turn, she's slipping off the housecoat, on the heels, applying lipstick and on the road to meet her lover.

As she has 'timed' her husband, she knows her schedule.

For example, he usually comes home at eleven thirty. That means she's in the house by eleven ten.

He will have no idea she's been out. The thought simply does not occur to him. In fact, very little beyond sex with his gal occurs to him.

How can a woman be caught when a man is so sex diddled by his current slam he doesn't even imagine his wife has a boyfriend?

Oblivion Squared

Most men never imagine their wives are unfaithful. It is alien to their thought processes. Further, as the wife does nothing to advertise why should she be suspected?

Even if his gal dumps him and husband suddenly finds himself home, his wife has already created all sorts of out of the house activities.

There is nothing strange about Wife going to her Club meeting from 6 to 10 on Thursdays, or visiting her Best friend on Saturday, etc.

If he even opens his mouth to mention how she's never home, she gets carte blanche to attack him for his affair and that; "The only reason you're home is that Slutina dumped you..."

He'd never imagine that the Club meets in a room of a Hotel the wife and lover frequent or that the best friend is merely where she leaves her car when boyfriend picks her up.

The Point

For most men it is the secrecy which turns them on. He gets as much, if not
more pleasure in the whole 'Cheating' game than he gets being naked with Slutina.

He thinks he is so clever as he scoots around, driving this way, than that, as if he's
pursued by the C.I.A.

Women, on the other hand get no kick out of sneaking around. They get their kick
out of love, out of emotional fulfillment. They do not want to be caught. They
are so alert they can misdirect suspicion effortlessly.

Men who cheat believe themselves so incredibly desirable they could never
imagine that their own wife would find someone else.

Women have been able to carry on affairs for YEARS. Years, and their husbands do not have the slightest inkling.

As he sneaks out to be with Slutina, leaving his wife watching T.V. he doesn't
imagine that in two minutes, her lover, who knows hubby's schedule, will be
slipping in the side door.

As hubby returns home, he doesn't imagine that some kind of 'alarm' has been
sent, whether something in front of the door to make entry difficult, or other signal.

The Lover, attuned to hubby's schedule, has had ample time to dress, and slip out
the back door, and the wife pretend to be asleep.

The Husband is tickled by how clever he is. The Wife is satisfied with her life.

It is the Emotion; not the Sex

Some women have been in love with a man they may have never had sex with.
The emotional context is what she wants; the love giving and the love receiving.

Some women have developed long lasting affairs with the gardener, a next door
neighbour, a man beyond the husband's suspicion.

The husband has not a hint that his wife and another man are in love, and the
wife will keep it that way.

In many cases, the husband has money, the lover has none. Hence, the wife and lover live off the husband's money, In some cases the husband hires the lover to protect the home while he's away.

In cases where the wife only began the affair to hurt her husband will she admit her affair. This is why only women who confess are caught. And that is when they want to be


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