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Why Complain About North Korea?

Updated on February 12, 2013
Our Best Friends!
Our Best Friends! | Source

The North Koreans successfully tested another nuclear devise. Congratulations North Korea!

Am I a traitor as an American for congratulating the North Koreans for testing a nuclear devise? I would be, if I was actually congratulating them for this accomplishment. No, I am very upset that we are in the cross hairs of people who hate our guts. I am congratulating them for proving beyond a shadow of doubt that a rogue nation can do anything it wants in this world without fear of any real or significant consequences.

North Korea has been shoving it in our face for decades. Neither the Republicans nor Democrats have had the skills and or intelligence to deal with this regime. I would like to blame Obama and his policy of engagement; however, it is no worse or better than what we have had for the last decades since Regan. Our people are just not up to the task. North Korea is a fine example to our other friends, the Iranians. The Iranians laugh with the North Koreans as they watch the ineptitude of our country and the Western democracies. Do you really think they are going to stop?

History is replete with countries that ignored their enemies. Each of those countries did so at their peril. How many wars does it take to teach us that weakness is the real cause of war? War is a most terrible thing… It is only trumped by one thing; losing a war! If we do not want war, we must be powerful warriors whom our enemies fear to attack. If we continue on our path of appeasement to tyrants, we will definitely find ourselves at war. If we truly want peace, we must be prepared to fight.

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