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Just Some Thoughts: Post Election Jitters

Updated on November 14, 2016
Ivan Uys profile image

Came to the United States in 1962. First attended Rochester College in Rochester, MI. Graduated from Abilene Christian University, in 1966.

Just some thoughts: Why do we behave like we do after the election? Some on both sides have acted in ways that has shown a total misunderstanding of what, I have come to believe, this country is, and stands for. It is not great because we have either won or lost an election. America is great because we have elections without reciprocation. All rioters and bullies do is try to impose their will , and show a total ignorance of the very foundations they have. Freedoms (including the ones to riot and bully), however, demand responsibility, else they are lost, as we are.

Once again, the Constitution is under fire. Many feel that because the electoral college "stole" the election from the popular vote, it needs to be abolished. A casual perusal of the internet will help one see that the college members are elected by each state which distributes the election process and allows every ones vote to count, especially states with smaller populations. This issue, battled during the early formation of the country, came about as result of a compromise between the powerful northern states and those in the south. This allowed equanimity, which is still a viable issue today.

Many are afraid, according to Mr. Trump's campaign rhetoric, there would be rail cars of "immigrants," (in Hitleristic fashion) deported. This was never promised or implied. As a legal immigrant, I avow, in the strongest terms, the immigration system in this country is broken. Illegals come in at will, while those who strive to come legally, have to jump though hoops, with mounds of documents that would make the Obama Care "brief" look like a single page essay. (I can't tell you how many times I had to verify that I would learn English, my native tounge, in order the satisfy people who were not interested in my ability to do so, or even care, whether or not I could.)

In Mr. Trump's post-election interview (on 60 Minutes), he was asked about the rioters and the bullies. He looked into the camera and said, in no uncertain terms, "Stop it!" This was not said to the rioters, but only to those emboldened by his victory and were taking his message beyond their implied intent. There is no partisan or political position here. Mr. Trump's message is to "Make America great again," nothing more or nothing less. The rioters should feel consoled by the fact that this is inclusive, and maybe, their opportunities to live the American Dream, are not with rocks, but with degrees.

Many, with whom I have spoken, over the last few months, were afraid to vote for Trump because they were afraid that he would get us into another war? This seemed incredulous to me as Americans are fighting already in wars we cannot, or will not, win. As result America has found itself continually struggling between fighting or withdrawing, not to establish peace, but to appease! Maybe, just maybe, we will have a president who might literally draw a line in the sand of the Middle East, then the respect, from the determination to do the right thing, will be garnered by all. Germany was obliterated during WWll and hasn't felt like doing that again. Yes, we do need a Commander in Chief.

Those, who lost the election, feel like they have been deprived, or will lose what is owed to them. The truth, however, is that nothing is owed, only earned. The work ethic is what make this country great, and when it is not followed, or is taken away, we fail as a country, and our freedoms are diminished. If we watch football, and or most of the reality TV shows, we see millionaires, made or born at a rapid pace. Most of us will never reach those heights, but all we have to do is be the best sweeper, or digger we can, and then, anything can happen. THAT, Donald, is the America I believe in!


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