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Art-Project Assange

Updated on December 26, 2010

What is WikiLeaks?

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WikiLeaks was launched in 2006. The Magi did not gather on his birthday, the world did not turn upside down, and nothing special happened when the site became alive. Rather, almost nothing: soon after it was registered there was written an article about it on the web encyclopedia Wikipedia.After the author was immediately banned by colleagues for "fraud". However the article stayed on the site and then repeatedly was edited and finalized.

WikiLeaks from the outset positioned as a protest resource created resistance-minded mathematicians, journalists and techies from China, former USSR, South Africa and the Middle East. According to the list of countries shows that the project has been carefully thought out - all the world's hot spots accounted for, and with an indication in the text of the manifesto, that in these regions as the people themselves, as well as government institutions, private corporations + behaving "unethically". What are and should know the broad world public opinion. Well, that and start to learn, finally ...

The advisory board includes independent WikiLeaks medias, representatives of the repressed peoples, refugees, members of anti-corruption association, a former head of Transparency International, human rights activists, lawyers and cryptographers. At the time of the site have been registered 1,200 volunteers (from the time the ranks have thinned, and now, according to the tail of the resource, they order 800).

The purpose of the Internet rioters was to create an analogue of the project Wikipedia (in existence since 2001), where we could upload documents for analysis.It's not hard to understand, that millions of letters, orders, reports and other similar securities no interest can have, for the average user is unable to evaluate either their validity or meaning. But between WikiLeaks and Wikipedia really a lot in common - the user interface, the idea and part of the name. Only here the founding father of Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales diligently trying to distance itself from the relationship with the WikiLeaks, stating that the site moved away from the standards of Wiki, then there is not a resource, the content is created by users. He also condemns Assange personally: for the installation spread "all as it is, thus exposing people at risk, which automatically follows from the fact that the publication of classified material.


Wales' speeches can be caused by the fact that about the " Wikipedia ", as all of the advanced social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, to assume that they (like Google) are under the iron fifth of U.S. intelligence. That is criticism of Wales throughout his vikipedicheskoy power grist to the mill of the current project of frontman Julian Assange, independent fighting against evil, as if descended from the pages of American comics. Therefore, this "criticism" only reinforces the sympathy of a skeptical public. 

Thus, WikiLeaks' childhood was quiet. At first site to submit papers relating to the corruption of the African Heads of States who would not cooperate with the United States. Special resonance of these publications have not arisen, and the very idea - to create a global platform where everyone can share accurate information about what was happening - was already at that time, as old as time. The view that the official media said more than one truth only, not the whole truth or anything but the truth, There is a long time. And in the Internet age, the average person has the opportunity to self-publish any information on the web.


Therefore, at the time of birth WikiLeaks there were many of resources of this kind , and activists of the underground Internet enthusiastically joined in the work of a new ambitious project. Among others joined him, John Young, founder of the website Cryptome. But, despite a decent list of participants, activities WikiLeaks has long been completely invisible. And thank collapsed altogether unexpected.

Back in January of 2010 active site was evident only in the context of on-net measures, but in April 2010 has all the opposition the world order online resource (and since the beginning of June and the official media), the project suddenly began intense public relations and has found his true face - Julian Assange. Before commemorated mainly a Daniel Schmidt.


The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Exit WikiLeaks out of the closet was marked by two opposing fluxes estimates. Respectable media estimated the resource as an independent and opposition, and consequently, dreadful and terrible, yet fascinating and attractive. Marginalized by the media dubbed the next WikiLeaks superprojects CIA Pentagon. This view is held, for example, Wayne Madsen, an independent journalist for 20 years engaged in the processing of classified material. He was an American naval officer, worked at the NSA (National Security Agency), has extensive ties on the basis of which delivered its verdict: WikiLeaks - child intelligence and ubiquitous Soros.

As arguments, Madsen brings some interesting information. For example, the advisory board WikiLeaks is Ben Laurie, a former computer programmer and an expert on internet security Google, a person who has signed a cooperation agreement with the NSA and has been accused by China in the organization of Internet-based attacks. Other members of the advisory board are for the most part by Chinese dissidents and are also suspected of collaborating with the secret police. One of them, Wang Dan, received the 1998 Award of the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), another, Wang Yusay, founded the China Democracy Party, led by Xiao Qiang Chinese Internet project at the University of California, Berkeley, and concurrently a member of the Advisory Board of the International Campaign for Tibet »(International Campaign for Tibet), and simultaneously works as a commentator on radio station George Soros," Radio Free Asia. " That is, all key participants WikiLeaks beautifully incorporated into the American system of coordinates.

Another argument: WikiLeaks uses software (TOR translated from German means "gate") to download. But the programmers know that this software stores e-mail addresses, user names and passwords of computers, that is, the CIA is able to calculate the end of any who would be foolish enough to believe the cheap fraud and security assurances WikiLeaks. Critics believe the resource that site activists originally lived on was the money they paid various intelligence agencies, but, fascinated by the role of servant of two masters, at some point could not chose between the CIA and Mossad, having lost a significant part of financial support. Best of all they have formed business relations with Soros, so Daniel Schmidt relocated WikiLeaks to Iceland fiefdom Soros, a country which he first destroyed, and now intends to privatize. From Iceland, a free information zone, WikiLeaks could easily communicate with people of Langley and Soros, working under the guise of non-governmental organizations, as they quietly did. And you can not argue that the site was located only one sink. Perhaps there have been break-ins and tip-off.

Echo of 11th September

Massive peak of the resource started simultaneously with the publication of video, where you can see how American soldiers shot civilians. Then came stuffing materials on Afghanistan and Iraq. Specialists have recognized their unclassified interspersed with frank fabrications. For example, from published material in the summer followed that retired Gen. Hamid Gul, former head of Pakistani intelligence, which in the 80's led the resistance of the Mujahideen who fought for the money the CIA against the Soviet army, meets regularly with members of al-Qaida leaders " Taliban, and incidentally led attacks on NATO forces in Afghanistan. Moreover, it appears that Osama bin Laden is alive, although he was at one time declared the leader of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto dead. Immediately suspected that the CIA has finally realized the important thing: Bin Laden must be alive all living things. Especially now, with Obama, when all long forgotten, and why America is named after Bush invaded Afghanistan.

The materials WikiLeaks Gen. Gul appeared not the agent of the Taliban, not Osama himself, although he actually nothing to do with them. A poor man was blown up by a mine of gab when he said in an interview that the U.S. military is carrying Afghan heroin through Kyrgyzstan on aircraft. Since the revelation clearly informed person caused an undesirable surge of interest in this transport, there was stuffing WikiLeaks, which diverted public attention on the personality of Gula and disavow his statement.

Incidentally, in 2001, the voluble general two weeks after the September 11 events on the UPI correspondent's question "Who did it?" Replied without hesitation that the attack on the towers - the handiwork of the Mossad and its accomplices: "The U.S. spends 40 billion in year on its 11 intelligence agencies. That is 400 billion was spent over the past ten years. And after the Bush administration says that they surprised! I do not believe in it. Within ten minutes after the attack on the second tower, CNN announced that it was done by bin Laden. This, of course, misinformation launched by those who did so. " Thus, Gul has long been persona non grata, he was continually denied transit visa to the U.S. and the UK, and as a result he came under the wheel of history, becoming the victim of a plum.

It is curious that Assange in his interviews has said repeatedly that he personally irritate him conspiracy theories concerning the events of September 11. He said that he published documents prove the existence of actual fraud, while idle speculation about the involvement of intelligence in that famous act of terrorism no more than a fantasy. That is, since its appearance on the stage of media-theater Assange continually disavows unofficial versions of those events.

And perhaps no coincidence, David Cameron, British Prime Minister during his visit to India, took place shortly after stuffing compromising information about Ghul, openly supported version WikiLeaks the relationship of Pakistan with the Taliban, increasing its weight of their credibility.

Was there a boy?

WikiLeaks has risen along with the star of Che Guevara on the Internet. The first edition, published a huge article about Julian Assange, became the magazine The New Yorker. It is because of the material in this edition of people first heard (or rather do not know ...) about who steers WikiLeaks. Casting for the role of "face project" that will, like Superman, to attack the credibility of the American skyscraper, apparently, was not easy. Needed a piece character - an adventurer, a man without a past, but with the scale. This, more players. He was supposed to be intelligent, articulate, brave enough (the degree of risk in such cases is extremely high), a man who has nothing to lose. And most importantly, have the appeal of the hero-lover, and nothing like it (likeability). It seems Assange satisfies all these requirements.

The true biography of the star is unknown. The facts of his life journalists voicing his own words, and network links, leading to Julian's past, "dead» (dead links) or "are young" - that is dated to the last year. It is curious that a detailed article about him in Wikipedia wrote veteran Wiki-project, but for all the years of work on the site it became one of his two long articles, which is atypical for the aforementioned employees of the resource where there are "writers" and "admins". That is, this "writer" and not a writer at all.

Most information about Assange contains that same article in The New Yorker, where with a great sense of numerous details and issued a portrait of a rebel today who does not live and exist in a virtual, not spending the night twice in one place, does not know what will happen it tomorrow, surrounded by anonymous fans and unnamed associates, pale, poor but honest, true to his cause, and women like. As a real vampire (the public loves these ...), he can not stand the light (zashtorivaet windows, hiding from the surveillance), and from the property he had only the clothes (the one on it) so computers. Che new time, a master of escape, dissolve, while possessing a rare ability to not "be" and public relations at a time.

According to legend Assange - the son of itinerant actors. I was born and lived in Australia. Mummery & homelessness as the format of the existence of allegedly got him by inheritance. After her parents' divorce, his mother seemed to be unsuccessful married a member of the sect, which consisted of health workers and psychiatrists, who experimented with LSD and illegal adoptions. Fearing for his sons (from his second marriage she too was born a boy), Assange mother divorced and go on the run. Therefore, Julian - a man from nowhere, and question about it nobody. Grew by itself, studied mostly at home, attended school sporadically, constantly changing place of residence and educational institutions.

Now it looks like from the very childhood he was endowed with a powerful intellect and natural curiosity, sat for hours in the library, drawing knowledge from books. From a young age became interested in the Internet, and 20 had already been prosecuted for hacking. Friendly to him the press wrote that he was arrested in 1991 for hacking into computers of the university where he studied, and the Canadian telecommunications company Nortel. " In 1992 he pleaded guilty to 24 counts, but the term is not received, and paid the penalty - the referee did not see his actions evil intent. It is curious that Assange chose a nickname Mendax, in the words of Horace, splendide mendax, which in this case can be interpreted as "a brilliant liar." That is, he himself realizes that his pet subject - manipulation, hypocrisy and the "big game".

His university

After the story with the criminal prosecution Assange hacking seems to be tied up, began to write free software, participate in the drafting of the books deal with cryptography. Constantly "bouncing", trying to earn money, build a reputation and achieve a stable position. Grew and he grew up, seems to have really poor, otherwise during his last visit to Switzerland is not littered with money would be on everyone's mind, as if he is not humble fighter for the truth, living on donations enthusiasts, and the Russian nouveau riche. However, there is no reason to believe that greed led Assange to participate in the project WikiLeaks.

About higher education Assange nothing too clear. He seems to be a student (2003-2006) Department of Physics and Mathematics, Melbourne, and according to him, even took part in the Australian National Competition in Physics, which represented the university. In parallel, he had studied philosophy and neuroscience. Degree Assange, as well as other facts of his florid lines of life, is also in doubt. It was obtained in Moffett University, Network Factory various diplomas and certificates, where he is listed as a native of Nairobi (Kenya), although in fact he seems to be from Australia.

Very loud history of life Assange was charged with rape, which is against it put forward two Swedish women. Like, he seduced both by creating the illusion that we have about them is serious. When, having communicated with each other, girls realized that there was no intention, they decided that in this case, voluntary sex can be considered rape. Of course, this scandalous story associated with the search by the Interpol, a decorated hero of the image of the network, making it more and Casanova. In addition, Western feminism has become a worldwide laughing stock, so its pretty victim makes a wide audience only a warm feeling.

Friends and fiends

Sufficiently early, in January 2007, in the ranks WikiLeaks case of the first division. John Young, the ideologue of the site, the scandal left the organization, declaring it the structure of the CIA. And he had his own reasons for it. WikiLeaks was positioned as the first online resource specializing in the publication of classified information that was not true - a resource Cryptome, created by Young, existed long before the birth of WikiLeaks, which is his pale likeness.

Website Yang has published more daring things, like a list of agents of British MI-6, the materials on how they should deal with serving the interests of American security forces there located the photos taken at Guantanamo Bay, was printed a list of prisoners in this jail, and even photos taken from a helicopter being built homes of Dick Cheney in Virginia. A WikiLeaks at that time did not publish any intelligible exclusives.

Indicative in this sense is the story of former Senator Norm Coleman. According to legend, Coleman opposed the nomination of Mark Malloch Brown, Soros proposed to head the World Bank after leaving office, Paul Wolfowitz. Because of interference by Coleman Brown, the post has not received. In retaliation, allegedly at the personal request of the Soros Foundation, "Daniel Schmidt" hacked the site, where he kept lists of supporters Coleman and published by WikiLeaks their personal data, credit card numbers, addresses and appearances. " As a result of scandal won the election candidate Soros and rival Coleman Democrat Al Franken.

After the publication of plum activists WikiLeaks said he had received information about the financial ins and outs of the election of Senator Coleman with burglary. In fact all the incriminating documents were made public in one of the Soros resources from which they could just download. Therefore, the "illegal operation" and had no legal effect. Moreover, information about the leak of these documents has appeared a few weeks before they were posted on WikiLeaks.

Thus, the reasons for conflict and straight contraption Assange Yang could be much, but because of what exactly happened the final break is unclear. Young said it's all about partisanship WikiLeaks, and in support of his point of view of 150 published encrypted e-mails, one of which irritated Assange calls him a survivor of the crazy old man (Young at that time was 52 years old) and alludes to his mental illness.

On 26 September this year went from Wikileaks and its other founding father. The man who for three years of hiding under the pseudonym of Daniel Schmidt. His real name Daniel Domsheyt Berg (Daniel Domscheit-Berg). Saying in an interview with Der Spiegel much good to the resource, it has left its ranks supposedly because of the authoritarianism Assange, his persecution mania, unwillingness to reckon with the opinions of colleagues and to take collective decisions. It's funny that this "criticism" does not spoil, but rather emphasizes the image of a man personifying the project. The same comment seems ukrashatelskim Daniel respect of a criminal case, instigated by Julian: This is "an attempt to discredit Assange personally."


Tips and tricks

Western society (I think part of it) is divided into two camps today. The first consists of people who believe in democratic ideals of the Enlightenment and trust in public institutions of "civilized countries". Another part, while smaller, believes that these ideals are bankrupt or committed, and state institutions, media structures and public organizations are involved in demagoguery, deception & manipulation. The first successful controlled official media, the latter concentrated around the marginal sources of information, short-run semi-underground publications and web sites that publish compromising information.

Since this marginal part of the community tends to grow quantitatively, the question of control over it.

Here and there was WikiLeaks - «very, very" out of rebel against the world of media project. But it turned out that he needed to build the reputation will take decades (media brands - centenarians, they slowly rise to their feet, but the long fall). And time is not. Therefore, to crown the new media king Assange had with the old, though discredited, yet the authorities. Guessing that no infa itself has no weight, puppeteers WikiLeaks had involved Sponsored media structures, and this spring passed the materials on site "examination" three world-leading publications - New York Times, The Guardian, Der Spiegel.

It is in these media on July 25 came from the husks of documents provided by WikiLeaks. Their "study" was given to about ten weeks, and "authenticity" has been confirmed by the fact of publication in the pages of "old" media. It is curious that, as a support group of the Shrew site were selected three of the most ardent proatlanticheskih publications, which all previous years unanimously approves any U.S. initiative.



Operation "baptism" was of a sacred nature: to tell the world about the birth of the King, the wise men are needed. Which became the aforementioned media brands. Only after their publications site WikiLeaks and its leader Assange become what they are today - the vanguard of world opposition. Another thing that worked everything was as usual, clumsy, because the journalists mentioned publications during the past years and only did what they retold the stories of Washington, so they united support of the resource looks very suspicious. Moreover, they actually got married that all prior years have been doing their job poorly and misleading readers.

To mitigate this unpleasant effect, the three leaders added a couple of satellites: before the second stuffing documents have been submitted yet and the French Le Monde, and the third action was tightened, and Spain's El Pais. Note, we are talking exclusively about the media of countries - U.S. allies. Of the others, apparently, good expert will not work.

Time will tell whether the tactic puppeteers WikiLeaks be successful and whether media magicians keep Assange at a height at which it offered up. Can he broadcast, like the prophet and ready to feed the needy "correct" information? And while the wise men from the media, these prismirevshie "pagans", bent at the cradle of new media prophet, patiently doing his PR work and carefully hide the real truth of life from unsuspecting people.

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