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Will America Disintegrate?

Updated on August 28, 2018
Usama Sandhu profile image

A student for life. International Relations major. Working on Nuclear non-proliferation. International citizenship advocate.

When faced with real yet bitter problems, inclination towards abstract is increased subconsciously. Now a days American disintegration is felt by every other person who thinks of America as a foe and by some Americans as well. Argument given is that USSR lost Afghanistan and disintegrated, now America is loosing Afghanistan and same will be her fate. This dream-like thought process is popular alike in bureaucracy, army and the clergy in societies where these ideas are prospering. Using the word "dream" may be opposed by some, but unfortunately for using any other possible option basic politico-economic facts have to be pushed under the rug. Talking about different basic rules associated, there is a set rule that whenever price is controlled artificially market is bound to collapse due to unstable structure of demand and supply. As price was controlled by govt in USSR its market was unstable and bound to perish. Privatization wasn't there and subsequently all the production houses were controlled by govt officials who were least concerned about the production process. Result was that for producing a specific product the cost and the labor used in america is far less than used in USSR. This was the reason that after some advancements in the production sector it stagnated in USSR.
On the other hand if we see the political system of USSR, speaking against the govt was considered treason and for greater national interest all the traitors were left alone in Siberia's wilderness to die cold. To differ in opinion wasn't an option in USSR. Criticizing the policies of the govt was fatal. USSR's economic and political system weren't in accordance to the matching standards of the world. They were rigid in a sense that they were unable to cater the problems arising from within.

As far as the disintegration is concerned all the central Asian states got independence not because of independence movements against USSR but they are separated because of the fact that historically they weren't the part of USSR. Due to this very fact these states still have very friendly relations with Russia. This system of political and economic suppression ultimately failed as it was destined to.
On the contrary America has democratic political system and capitalistic economic system, totally opposite from that of USSR. Although this capitalistic system isn't flawless but it has much-needed flexibility required for survival and sustainability.
Business cycles are a distinct characteristic of this system, and through periodic study of history we have observed that with minor changes in this system the depressions have been averted or controlled. 1930's great depression was one of many sustained by this capitalist system.
If this system is supplemented with better political system which is effective, then the short comings of capitalistic system can easily be catered. Political system of America is very much decentralized. Defense, currency and macro economic policies to very low extent are controlled by the center. American states are very much independent in policy formulation vis-a-vis individual development and economic prosperity
Similarly educational system, police, collection of taxes and spending these taxes are solely matters of states. Being associated with the center is very much beneficial for these states, as these states can avoid spending on forming a separate army for its defense and can spend this alternatively on their other more productive plans.

Second benefit is of greater economic market, which they all are a part of while being connected to Washington. If any state demand independence the economic market for that state's inhabitants will decrease automatically. While on the other hand their defense budgets will increase dramatically. So being associated with the center is very useful for these states.
People who favor the argument of American disintegration tends to forget Vietnam. War in Vietnam was very destructive yet America not only saw the sustainability of her political system but further strengthening of democratic norms and economically she was able to bear the brunt. USSR's economic and political problems on the other hand were only due to the economic and political systems of USSR and their shortcomings but not the afghan war. As the atrocities faced by the Russians in afghan war were many but they weren't of that elephantine proportions as to disturb economic and political structure of USSR. It were the internal problems that led to USSR's disintegration, or it can be said that USSR along with her political and economic system was bound to disintegrate. Afghan war was not a sole cause.
Advocating the democratic and capitalistic system isn't the goal nor is the goal to show them as flawless, but the fact remains a fact that both these systems have the capability to take care of the problems arising from within and hence they provide a far better chance to any country, practicing them, to survive in a better way.

© 2018 Usama Rauf Sandhu


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