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Can Anybody Challenge Hillary Clinton in the Democratic Primary?

Updated on April 18, 2015

After a few Republicans decided to kick off their presidential runs, Hillary Clinton did what everyone else assumed she would already do by announcing her own bid for the White House.

This comes as a surprise to nobody who follows even the least bit of American politics. The Clinton name has resonated on the national scale for nearly 25 years, and Hillary is looking to capitalize off of it in order win the same office her husband first won in the early 1990s.

With the Clinton machine campaigning early and expecting to raise an insane amount of money (thanks a lot, Citizens United), does any other Democrat even stand a chance of knocking her off?

Though Hillary is trying to run a progressive campaign, liberals are looking for more of a lion to stand up for working, middle-class families instead of the elite faction that Clinton tends to be associated with.

The Daily Beast ran a story March 24 which summed up the Dems' current situation. Though Hillary is a liberal, she's been wishy-washy on a few liberal principles.

It wasn't until two years ago, according to CNN, that she finally took a stance on same-sex marriage. But in a country where same-sex marriage has becoming more and more popular, the Democrats are looking for someone who believes strongly on the issue, not someone who's recently come to terms with it.

Other possible candidates like Elizabeth Warren, Martin O'Malley, and the always-outspoken Bernie Sanders would be legitimate contenders to put the heat on Hillary once campaign season really got going.

Warren has already said many times she will not seek the Democratic nomination despite the Boston Globe running an editorial urging her to do so. Her willingness to go after Wall Street and the student-debt crisis have made her a champion within the Democratic party, but it looks as if she'll keep her talents in the Senate instead of the White House.

Sanders is an Independent, but he caucuses with the Democrats. His charismatic passion on liberal issues such as climate change, affordable heath care, and an increase of the minimum wage has hit home with the Democratic base, though he seems like more of a dark-horse candidate at this point.

While governor of Maryland, O'Malley ended the state's death penalty, implemented stricter gun laws, and raised the minimum wage to $10.10 per hour, according to

Policies like those are every liberal's dream, so O'Malley could give Clinton a run if he starts to raise some money soon.

That Daily Beast article summed it up perfectly. Liberals are looking for a lion, but they'll settle for Hillary. Though the Dems would rather have an Elizabeth Warren or a Bernie Sanders-type candidate representing their party, they'll take an imperfect Hillary if nobody else pans out.

Unfortunately, it all comes down to money, and the Clintons sure do have a lot of it. It's one of the reasons why the liberal base feels Hillary is just too out of touch with the issues that matter to them.

With the primary season underway, it's hard to imagine another Democratic challenger knocking Hillary off of her throne. Still, there is plenty of time for changes.

Let's see how (or if) the Democrats figure it out.

Do you think any candidate other than Hillary Clinton will win the Democratic nomination?

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    • profile image

      retief2000 3 years ago

      Who would have thought that a one term Senator with a mediocre history in the Illinois legislature, no real accomplishments as an attorney, a funny name and messed up family history would soundly thump Hillary for the 2008 Democrat Presidential nomination.

      Now, she is older with a dubious record as Secretary of State, she has never exuded vigor, she is still an unpleasant person, her recent and significant scandals are unexplained, her husband has been palling around with an actual, honest to goodness, convicted sex criminal Jeffery Epstein.

      She has two tools that most do not. The Media are her devoted Priesthood with nothing but religious fervor in their hearts for her and her glorious god-like husband - listen to the gushing. She is also a woman and Democrat voters have proved themselves uncritical, simple minded, emotionally infantile, "everybody gets a trophy" and easily wowed (or cowed) by the skin color or genitals of their candidates.

      The Media are going to make sure the sheep in the Democrat Party line up behind Hillary with nothing more than Woman and Media goddess as her finest qualities. Who in the Democrat Party could overcome the lethal combination of ridiculous voters and a wild eyed fanatical Media eager to make up for their abandoning her for the shiny, new empty suit they got elected last time around.