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Will Burned Bernie voters Turn to Trump?

Updated on April 27, 2016

What's been a very strange political year may take yet another turn into "Twilight Zone" territory Some supporters of a non-nominated Bernie Sanders just might consider a vote for Donald Trump.

Before you shake your head in disbelief consider Item A. Scores of Sanders supporters are vowing never to vote for Hillary Clinton, as those who follow social media have noted. With her support of the Iraq war, acceptance of huge speaking fees and ties to the banking industry; she is often perceived as "Republican Lite". Moreover, her likely nomination is not seen by some as a clean win, given the purging of voter lists and other irregularities thus far the primaries and caucuses that always seem to tip in her favor. While she may not be directly responsible, the role of super delegates and rules set up by the Democratic Party seem set up to grease the wheels for a Clinton nomination; leading to accusations of rigging and subverting the will of the voters.

They may have felt the Bern- but now they're feeling burnt- so where do Bernie voters turn? Right now, there are no viable third party options. Sanders supporters may sit out the election - or maybe give another look at - the Donald.

On first glance, some of Trump's views and statements re war, immigrants, Mexicans, women and the handicapped may seem abhorrent and the antithesis of the ideals of the typical liberal Sanders supporter. There's that. But there are also some intriguing parallels between the Trump and Sanders campaigns. Both men eschewed donations from corporations and super wealthy individuals; so neither look to be "in the tank" with big moneyed special interests. Both seem to speak without the filter of spinmeisters. Most importantly, both seem determined to shake up a government that seems stagnant and odds with itself. Fairly or not, Hillary appears to represent "business as usual".

And that's why it wouldn't surprise me if some who have felt the Bern may decide to stump for Trump.


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    • Virginia Allain profile image

      Virginia Allain 

      2 years ago from Central Florida

      Nope, not going to happen. Although Tr_mp says he is self-funding his campaign, his interest is not in serving the people. He's in it for the power & the glory. Sanders' followers will keep the revolution moving forward by voting in Sanders Democrats to Congress.

      Both Clinton & Tr_mp will find pressure from these to respond to issues like income inequality, etc.

      What I'm actually hoping for is the Republicans find some way to block Tr_mp and then he ends up running as a 3rd party. If Bernie ran as a 4th party, I'm sure both Clinton, Trump & whoever the Republicans put up would all lose.


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