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Will Iraq Expel the U.S.for Soleimani Assassination?

Updated on January 3, 2020
Gen. Soleimani DOA
Gen. Soleimani DOA

Iran is furious over the murder of their General Soleimani, the architect for Iran's terrorism across the Middle East and second most powerful person in Iran. One can compare him to America's General Patton from WW2 in his popularity within Iran.

Iraq is in the middle of a proxy war between the US and Iran, both countries have their military in Iraq, however, Iran influences the Iraqi government. Prior to the assassination, Iraq had already tried to evict the 5200 Americans stationed there but the vote failed. Now, it is likely that Iraq will evict all US troops because of Trump's actions. One can also expect more dangerous actions by pro-Iranian units against the US embassy.

If the US troops are told to leave Iraq, but if the US refuses to leave the huge vast embassy, what then? If America does leave Iraq, it will open a huge vacuum for Iran and others to fill, yet, staying there will only provoke more bad acts.

The other thing all this does is it will distract the news cycles away from Trump and his impeachment. This is key because documents that have now been received formerly blocked by Trump, show that on August 30th, he directly told subordinates to hold the Ukrainian military aid. Other documents show great concern by his subordinates regarding Trump ordering the OMB to not send the aid with no reason given.

This is a smoking gun. A direct link to Trump showing it all originated from POTUS and for some time afterwards, baffled those minions under him as to why. Will this dangerous evidence be available in the Senate trial coming soon? Or. will Republicans just sweep it under the rug?

Trump's decision to take Soleimani out is his most monumental decision and one that will cause more scaling up to real war. Iran will respond. The question is what target will they choose to hit? Their options are many from destruction of the US embassy in Iraq with missiles, swarming a USN ship in the gulf and damaging it, hitting Saudi oil fields again, hitting the US bases in the Hormuz area, trying a terror attack in the US, etc. Once Iran responds, the US will respond. The US can easily hurt Iran by taking out their oil refineries so close to Iraq, can target Iranian assets in Iraq, and many others. The danger is that Russia is allied with Iran and any US actions could bring Russia into play to help Iran. If this were to happen, things in Syria would be dicey, since Russia, Iran and the US have a presence there.

One can quickly see how things can spin out of control until it is a real war. Get ready, it IS coming as predicted in the Book of Revelations in the End Times.


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