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Will NK Kim Jung Un bring the ruckus, Gangnam style?

Updated on April 15, 2013

will it be nuke or puke (bluff)?

Will Kim Jung Un bring the ruckus? And why is he doing the things he is doing. First step is why he may be doing the hardline rhetoric with nukes, missiles and new Korean war (or part 2). I think it is because South Korea has a female leader and Jung Un sees he may have an easier dealing. He came to power in 2012 while South Korea still had a male leader and he wasn't talking smack then. He may be counting on the nature of women. Second thing is his young age, he was about 27 when he was "put" into power. Yes that is an adult but many people still have young tendencies up to their mid 30's. That's why in the US the low limit is 35, should raise it to maybe 42 the way things are nowadays, but that was from society back then. Video games are popular in the younger generation and can also come into play when dealing with war. You can basically do whatever you want, live ones own fantasy. Plus as stated in the media Jung Un wants to impress the old generals.

Will he likely start a war or skirmish? Yes. But I don't think it will be nuclear at the first blow. Likely it will be small and tactical to get warmed up. Nukes would be the last part. Looking at comments on other sites on this matter, many people think they live in the "stone ages" that's misleading. They definitely have up to date military technology or else they wouldn't be talking smack. North Korea spent more on military than on economics or food so let's not be nonchalant. They also have the same gadgets, computers and electronics as the rest of the world, basically via China and it would be mostly the upper class getting these. Can't forget their number one ally is China. The nation the US owes trillions of dollars to and likely won't get it back. Alternative ally could be Russia since they have the same interest and enemies.


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