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Will The Old Methods of Civil Rights Leaders Work in Today's Time?

Updated on August 17, 2016

After watching officers enforce the law in such a cynical way against African Americans, like Philando Castile who was gun down at a traffic stop in the suburbs of St. Paul, Minnesota and Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge has caused racial tension. Strong enough for the Bahamas, which make up 90% of their population black, to release a travel advisory to the United States. To the average activist it's just seem like a replay of despicable lynching’s that occurred during the 1800s. The question is now, are we doing all we can to ensure the safety of are young black children? Are we using every legal resource, and methods to ensure that this type of action will not happen to another African American? Will the old methods used by are most memorable black Civil rights Leaders of the sixties work to decrease violence?

Statistically the numbers of killings of blacks in the presence of police are increasing ; therefore In modern society there should always be a better approach than what has transpire with law enforcement. According to mapping police violence. Nearly 1 in 3 black people killed by police in 2015 were identified as unarmed. African Americans were killed five times rate of unarmed Caucasians. And only 10 out of the 102 cases involves an African American being killed unarmed by police escalated into the officer being charged with the crime in 2015.

After the homicides of Matthew Ajibade and Eric Harris lead the two officers into a conviction. Only one received a one year jail sentence. Julia Cravin, reporter from the Huffington Post reported on July 7, 2016 that 136 African Americans were killed by law enforcement. Like most good hearted Americans, they feel that violence has to end somewhere. Martin Luther King Jr and many other leaders understood the concept of non-violence. One of the most remarkable moments in black history was the March to Washington which became a turning point for Americans. This method open doors for the 1964 Civil rights act to take effect creating major influence within all age, gender, and race.

This gave people of color in the sixties the right to vote, rights to affordable housing, desegregation in schools and more. Will a protest similar to the one Dr. King lead could make a difference and cause an impact to make sure that black lives will not end? Maybe so. The Revolutionary activist Fred Hampton who was assassinated by the hands of law enforcement back in1969 proved that. Fred Hampton established pacts between gangs, ending violence for a period time in Chicago IL. Hampton follow police for any type of brutality by setting up projects in Chicago. Allowing the community to get involved by supervising the police.

Will the old methods of the revolutionary activist Fred Hampton can do some justice as well? Others may feel that a peaceful protest may not be as efficient like it was during the Civil rights movement. After protesting you would find that people are angrier than before, and taking matters in their own hands. As if the black panthers of sixties has been resurrected to make sure justice has served. Blacks lives matter movement were fueled by the homicides of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, which lead the movement to a peaceful protest In Dallas, Texas. Groups of people protested peacefully with officers on site. Rather than keeping the peace, another man by the name of Micah Xavier Johnson had other plans in mind.

Killing five police officer and injuring seven innocent bystanders. Police lead a robotic bomb to defuse the situation which lead to Johnson's death. Even though Johnson attempt was unethical. The attempt to kill officers probably made Johnson feel that revenge may have been beneficial to stop the violence towards blacks. This unmoral deed damage the lives of five officers with families that loved them dearly. Not only this act of violence has affected the movement but has pierced a hole in the heart of the officer’s families and the city of Dallas.

Wars can accomplish a goal for a better situation. World War I, War War II, Snake War, all had reasons For U.S. having their involvement. Should violence be encourage to reach a specific goal? Maybe so. But over time history have shown that violence was necessary; however, In Other cases, violence wasn’t as imperative. Many believe that shooting an unarmed individual may not be esential, and because of that we have our own war in the States. A war of racial tension, which lead a man to gun down innocent officers and seven others wounded.

Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris who were responsible for the Massacre at Columbine high school believed that their motives were by revenge from being bullied. Whatever the case may be ultimately lead the two to kill 12 students and a teacher named William David Sanders. Twenty-four more were injured, and at the end Dylan and Eric committed suicide. Another violent tragedy that has devastated America. A melancholy spirit will probably Hoover's around the victims’ families forever. Is the Columbine Massacre is similar in ways to the protest shooting? Were those shootings were indispensable to make a point?

The most common similarity between all the shootings that been mention has caused agony to the victims’ families. This situation could be no different than the Charleston shootings that took place at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church. Dylan Roof killed nine people in that church. This proves that violence cannot certainly be the answer to a brighter and safer America. Members of the freedoms riders may agree also that violence is surely not answer.

After the case of Irene vs. Common Wealth Virginia in 1946 lead the freedoms to test the United states Supreme Court’s decision. The Supreme Court beloved that's segregation on interstate buses were unlawful. Jim Crow laws were still in active, which allowed southern states to continue the segregation rules in interstate buses. With their support from different groups like Core, which stands for Congress of racial equality, and the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee founded by Activist Ellen baker. Help freedoms riders to challenge these southern states. SNCC very own John Lewis and Hank Thomas with others continue their journey for desegregation on interstate buses. In the 1960 these freedoms rides became violent.

Their quest continue to Montgomery Alabama but unfortunately there were abandoned by high patrol. Leaving the freedom riders defenseless against Mobs. These hostile crowds beat them while local authorities did nothing to intervene. Many freed riders were left lying there injured. Local blacks rescue them while witnessing the brutality of it all. These individuals were brave and heroic, because it takes a lot of courage and strength to endure such agony. The freedom riders never resort to violence after being beaten.

Of course the group was out number and the odds were against them, nevertheless they kept believing in the very principles that help them established equality. I'm sure most people may had disagree with this method. Instead of a freedom ride, others may think that the carrying of weapons, would be beneficial. Freedom riders was honor in at Abernathy's First Baptist Church in Montgomery Alabama where Martin Luther King Jr. was one of the guest speakers that night.

Eventually a mob broke out at the church, with weapons fire bombs, again law enforcement did not try to break this up. The individuals did not resort to violence, but was ensured by the president John F. Kennedy that protection from the national guards would disseminate the mobs. Not one activist inside the church or members of the freedom riders depend on violence. The blacks of today may not be faced with segregation laws, but a new image. The face of police brutality, which never escape black reality. This reality existed for past centuries, and also became a tragic reality for Mike Brown who also been killed by former officer Darren Wilson. One of the most heartfelt protest of this time were the participation of activist groups and leaders from different states taking a freedom ride to Ferguson, Missouri to support the family of Mike Brown.

Akiba Solomon wrote an article on explaining her 21 hour ride to city. During her remarkable experience, Solomon explains how there were different groups and Activist traveling under the name black lives matter. People from New Jersey, New York, Philadelphia, who are Lawyers, medics, pastors, journalist travel the long 21 hour to support. She also explains how they protested and work with different organizations to make sure that an arrest for Wilson was established with other lists of demands. The experience made people of colored inspired. Solomon explains how one woman was proud to be black.

The woman said ". I can honestly say that today I truly felt the spirit of what it means to be a black and brown person." Another freedom participant says " I had no words...all I knew to do was to embrace, to hold, to hug to love upon." According to Abika Solomon she wrote how 150 blacks gathered and protest. This proves that the old ways of the Civil rights movement has definitely made a huge influence. But is it enough to change injustice to justice? To Micah Xavier Johnson, that wasnt enough for Philando Castile and Sterling. It most surely wasn't enough for Ismaayil Brinsley who killed two officer for the Injustice of Mike Brown and Eric Garner.

Leaders protest to bring not only black unity but peace. Solomon also explains that during their protester of 150 were not only black but white, black, Hispanic and Asian. Supporting a non-violent movement. The old ways brung unity within people from different occupations working together and putting their difference to the sides for a bigger cause. Of course most of these officers who killed unarmed blacks has not been prosecuted, furthermore this doesn’t give us permission to take a life either but make a stand. This should encourage us to show love to are enemies in such a time like this. Andre Iguodala of the Golden State Warriors was interviewed on July of this year and made an interesting statement on the breakfast club. Andre stated that how he had a conversation with another individual about black lives. Saying “Blacks must learn how to sacrifice for the next generation.” Radio Host Charlamagne Tha God says, “ The response of violence is human nature.” Andre agreed, saying “its human nature but other cultures use different techniques to resolve conflicts. Hitting them in their pockets of wealth.’’ People on the show agree, but in order to hit them in their pockets, blacks must have an enterprise.

African Americans do not own much in America, which makes things hard to respond to racial conflict. Andre also stated that if all athletes can come together and used their influence that they already have, that can make a difference. D.J. Envy asked were a protest by athletes could be a consideration. Andre stated that it would take more than just one athlete and it depends if athletes are willing. The power behind stardom is beyond understanding, especially if athletes, and actors use it for the purpose of ending violence. Who knows, maybe Actors, and movies directors, authors, and athletes can make a stand for justice helping those that are in need by protesting. That very idea can be a reality and used if we want to diffuse situations that are fueled by violence.

After the death of Jonathan Ferrell, Willie Ferrell and his family was encourage to start the Ferrell Foundation to help citizens and law enforcement to understand each other better. After losing his brother to Charlotte police department back in 2013. Great way to try to resolve a conflict without bloodshed. Violence is not always a way, but the old methods can still be useful. Now that we have social media and technology, and group of talented individuals, from blacks lives movement, and many others. The world can make a change without using brutality, and one day live in a world where there is justice for all humanity.

© 2016 BruceJones700


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      Ann ihaza 

      3 years ago

      This is poweful well spoken, need more insite like this and to.alert the people. Amen


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