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Will This Society Evolve Into A Utopian Society?

Updated on March 28, 2010

Will This Society Evolve Into A Utpian Society?

What is the definition of a Utopian society?

A Utopian society, is a perfect society. Do we live in a perfect society today?

This society is not even close to being a Utopian society, because as much intelligence as humans have, this society continues to prey on those who are less fortunate, and continue to add distinctions according to race, and financial statue.

From my perspective, we are not even close to living or being in a perfect society. There are so many issues that plague our society today.

For our society to evolve into a Utopian society, the world and this society must eliminate:

* Senseless Wars

* Capitalism

* Greed

* Hunger

* Diseases

* Poverty

* Politics

* Crime

* Lack Of Morals and Decency in Society

* Racism and Bigotry

* Wasting resources -

* Polluting The Environment - Which includes contaminating our drinking water

* Negative Music, Television Programming and violent Video Games

Destroying our Oceans and the Eco Systems - Burning and destroying the Rain Forests, raping the environment

Until those issues or problems above are addressed seriously and eradicated, dreaming of a Utopian society, is just that, just a dream.

*Provide education to ALL who would like to pursue, without those individuals having to worry about the cost, or burdened with the expense after those individuals have finished pursuing their education.

So many distinctions created in our society, where the strong prey upon the weak or the less fortunate in our society, and in the world.

There are also people, who have substantial influence in our society, who could care less about the condition or the problems that exist in our society.

Will our society ever evolve into a Utopian society? I doubt that this society will evolve into a Utopian society, at least, not in our lifetime.


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