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Will Trump be President?

Updated on July 22, 2016

The elections are on and it is almost time to pick out the next President of the United States! My personal pic is for Donald Trump and while the media tries to paint him in a horrible light each time he makes an announcement, I think there are a lot of great reasons to choose him for President, especially considering Clinton is the other choice!

Great Speaker

Trump is a great speaker! After almost eight years listening to our President say um after every two or three words (I live with two kids under three and they speak more clearly than our current President) it was refreshing to hear a man who could enunciate, speak clearly, and never say the word um in an hour long speech!

That alone should impress us! How the President hasn’t annoyed another big power country with his crazy speaking amazes me. But the fact that Trump can speak clearly and well can really help us on the world stage. Plus it gives the idea that he isn’t trying to hide something from us in the process.

Wants to Improve America

Trump doesn’t have big backers, doesn’t have secret deals, and isn’t a puppet for anyone else. This is what makes him great. We don’t have to worry about which special interest groups are telling him what to do. Of course he’s gotten donations and help along the way, but it is from normal people like you and me.

This leads me to believe that Trump actually wants to make a difference in this country. Unlike Clinton and most politicians, he hasn’t made shady deals and really has no investment in certain deals going through. Clinton has to make certain people happy, plus keep her own pockets filling up with certain deals. Trump could go back to his own business and do just fine either way.

He truly wants to see this country become great again. He is the only man for the job at this time. We just need to push away the doubts that the media try to implant in our heads and really see how this can be great for our country.

People Want Immigrants Out

We as the people want the immigrants out. That may sound harsh, and it isn’t meant for everyone. We are talking about the illegal immigrants. We are tired of wages remaining stagnant because an illegal will take a lower wage. We are tired of paying trillions in taxes for welfare benefits for people who shouldn’t even be here. We are tired of fighting, deaths, and violence because these people are in our country.

Of course, legal immigrants are welcome in the country and Trump completely supports this. Go through the process, become a citizen, and pay taxes and contribute like other citizens and you are more than welcome here. This is what makes America great! But go through it legally, don’t come here and expect a handout that even citizens don’t get.

Trump has plans to make this better. The wall may sound silly, but the men and women who work at the borders support it, and they would know better than anyone how this wall would affect immigration. If nothing else, we are at least putting our people back to work again by building the wall.

Stop the Shootings

The amount of shootings that have happened under the Obama administration have become severe. Daily we hear about another shooting and see the poor families who have lost a loved one. And yet our government can only focus on their own agenda. They think about how we need to get rid of guns and that will make us safer.

Do you really think that we will be safer without guns? Do you think a law saying no guns allowed will stop the shooters from their work? No, and it is stupid to think this. In fact, this has been enacted in several major cities in our country, and it has failed.

Something that hasn’t been shown in the media lately is that there are stories of potential shootings that are stopped because someone had a gun on hand. Think of the countless lives that could have been saved.

I find it suspicious that the government wants guns gone all of a sudden and now we are seeing shootings all over the place in the hopes of highlighting gun control. I think that when the current administration is gone, we will see a decrease in these shootings all on its own.

Knows the Loopholes and How to Stop Them

One thing that Trump has been called out about in his campaign is how he as a business owner has taken advantage of tax breaks and other loopholes to get ahead. They question if this is actually the person we should put in charge of a country.

I say yes! Someone who already knows the loopholes is the best one to close them all up so they can’t be used again. Yes he profited off them in the past, but if you think our politicians aren’t profiting off a million loopholes and handouts all the time, you are kidding yourself.

It is just like the tech companies who hire hackers to look over their products and find flaws. We are hiring someone who has used the system and knows where the flaws are and how to fix them!

The Hillary Question

The biggest issue with Trump becoming President is Hillary Clinton. Clinton is ruthless. While the media is on her side and her website is full of all the great things she has done (check the years, there are like five “good” things and they are ten years or more apart), Clinton is not someone to trust.

Clinton has already proven that she is greedy and just wants the power. Any power she has had in the past has been abused and the fact she should be in jail for her email scandals, and isn’t, proves she is not fit for the job.

And yet, Clinton is supposedly in the lead. No one is voting for her and the numbers for Democrats are down by 20%, she still managed to beat out Bernie Sanders despite his large gatherings and is in the running for president.

While not everyone agrees with Trump and some think he is full of hot air, although how much of this is media thought and how much is actual thought is uncertain, I have yet to meet anyone who is actually thinking about voting for Clinton. So how is she ahead in the race if no one wants to vote for her?

Clinton will most likely win. Trump may have the numbers, the popularity, and everything that is traditionally needed to win the office, but Clinton will find a loophole. She wants this bad and will stop at nothing to win. And that is sad for the United States.

No one will take us seriously. While the world has become more progressive and there are women in charge of countries, such as Angela Merkel, Clinton is a laughing stock who will put her own interests ahead of everything else. She will not care who is hurt, the shootings will continue, and you can bet that we will soon be supporting more Syrian refugees and she won’t care.

This could be a bleak future for America. You do not have to agree with Trump, but you should at least be scared of the alternative.


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