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Will TrumpTriumph? What the Tarot Cards Have to Say?

Updated on March 19, 2016

Who Is Trump?

The man I see in this Presidential Campaign and the man I read in his books are very different to me. The man who is the Writer has a soft intelligent and practical way about him. The man speaking in this Presidential Campaign is attracting the wrong kind of attention.Dividing the population and erupting all the hidden wounds of emotional pus at the grave inequalities within the USA cannot move this country forward. I believe it can only help to make the USA crumble.

Trump in Action

I agree with Trump. The “system is broken”. The USA is the extreme exemplification of Capitalism. The big worry is the backlash could be Fascism. I am very very worried if Trump wins this Presidential Campaign. I am very worried for the people of the USA. And I am very worried for the rest of our World. That is a personal feeling. Not based on researched facts of this Campaign.

What I have done to explore the possibilities of Trump either winning or losing this Presidential Campaign is by using the creativity of the Tarot cards. This is an experiment for me in tackling a political situation. Please do not take this seriously. Just come along for the fun ride and bring your curiosity to the fore about both Trump and the skill of the Tarot. Then let us see, okay? Ready to gamble? Ready to forecast?

Just for the record I sat down with the Tarot cards on the 18 March 2016 at 7.30 pm. This is when I performed Mary. K. Greer’s Wheel of Fortune Yes/No 8 Card Tarot Spread in relation to the Question- “Will Trump Win This Presidential Campaign?” Followed by a quick simple 3 Card Tarot Spread I created. Do you want to know what resulted? If you do? Please keep reading….You will either laugh or cry-at Trump or Me

Tarot Forecast

Wheel of Fortune Yes/No 8 Card Tarot Spread

Card 1=3 Cups® Card 2=Knight of Pentacles

Card 3=The Chariot Card 4=6 Pentacles

Card 5=The Sun® Card 6=The Wheel of Fortune

Card 7=6 Cups Card 8=Knight of Wands®

Meaning ® = Reversed

The Holistic view of Trump’s Tarot Spread revealed that the elements of Water (fortunate circumstances) Fire (Journeys and Changes) Earth (financial circumstances) and Air (attitude and debating skills). What seems to be relevant or important to Trump at this point in time are the elements of water (35%) fire (35%) and earth (25%).The Significator Card is the Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card. This Tarot Card lay in the third row on the right hand side of the Tarot Spread. The appearance of the Wheel of Fortune Card here says there is going to be a “DELAY” in Trump winning the Presidential Campaign. What does this all mean? Let’s take a closer look.

Trump believes he has the finances and fortunate circumstances to win the Presidential Campaign. However, his abundant lifestyle is rubbing everyday people the wrong way and causing divisions. (The Sun Tarot Card)

The Wheel of Fortune Signifcator Card is in the third row and being in this row indicates “DELAYS”. Obstacles are falling across his path casting doubt that he will be able to win this election campaign.

Trump believes in himself whole heartedly and uses negative styled antics to promote himself. (The Sun)

His past may come to haunt him. Probably an ex-partner or lover (6 Cups). He is making promises to the everyday people. His enthusiasm for change is firing up conflict. Trump’s carefree attitude may get him a final “No” vote (Knight of Wands)

Trump’s strength in this Campaign could be that he is seen as an initiator in the World of Politics. However, I feel he will not be strong on the follow through on his promises. Trump’s direct way of speaking emphatically (“the system is broken!”) is creating sparks and fire amongst the people.

I feel Trump’s defensive cantankerous style will help to delay his win. The 3 Cups? This means to me there are three political candidates or people of high authourity status that wish his downfall.

Taroting On...

I wasn’t satisfied with this so I decided to ask a few more questions about Trump’s success or failure in the election process. And this is what the Tarot revealed…

Card 1=What are Trump’s current strengths that will win him the Republican Nomination for the Presidency?=Ace of Cups

Card 2= What are Trump’s current weaknesses that will work against him in the Campaign?=Queen of Cups

Card 3= What will be the Outcome of Trump’s Campaign?

Trump’s strength is that he is able to connect emotionally with the people. He connects to their fears and wants. Trump also feels confident in his position because he feels he is overflowing with resources. (Ace of Cups)

Trump’s weakness is that he may overuse his emotional side in the Campaign rather than logic and policies. On the personal side Trump maybe attending too many Banquets and over indulging in food and drink which could affect his health and therefor his stamina and finesse during the Campaign. (Queen Cups)

What will be the outcome of Trump’s Presidential Campaign? He 'will rule the city'. (4 Pentacles)

So what are your thoughts?

P.S. At 8.11 pm on the 18 March 2016 I googled an Update on Trump’s position. This is what I found first up….The Guardian (7 Hours ago) – “Conservative Leaders meet to plot against Trump”…..Here was the 3 Cups in action.

P.S. At 8.15 pm 18 March 2016….I googled on Trump’s update……“Donald Trump’s campaign Manager and the ugly controversies surrounding him, explained…. Updated by Tara Golshan on March 17 2016 4.30 pm (6 Cups in action0

Card 1 = Ace of Cups


Card 2 = Queen of Cups


Card 3 = 4 Pentacles



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    • threekeys profile image

      ThreeKeys 13 months ago from Australia

      With time there are changes. One of main media political journalist said that Trump will not get the Presidency. But you are there all amongst it so you would have your finger on the pulse!

    • dashingscorpio profile image

      dashingscorpio 13 months ago

      I believe Trump's message has resonated with one segment of the population. He was fortunate to be running against 16 other people during the primary season. Getting 35-45% of the vote was enough to clinch the Republican nomination but that's not enough to win a general electioon.

      It is highly unlikely he will defeat Hillary Clinton in the general election unless some "unforeseen event" occurs.

      Trump has alienated himself from top members of his own party. Everyday prominent Republicans are distancing themselves from him and his rhetoric. You can't win a general election without the support of your own party. In addition he has low poll numbers with women, college educated folks, and minorities. That's a lot to have to overcome in less than 90 days.

      The debates will make or break him especially the one involving knowledge about foreign policy issues. If he comes off inept it's over.

      There have also been certain things he has said that go against the U.S. Constitution. It's also unrealistic to believe he will round up 11 million undocumented people and kick them out of the country while at the same time build a 1000 mile wall and (charge it to Mexico).

      An entrepreneur is use to barking orders and having people follow those orders or else be fired. A president however cannot fire congress for not passing legislation he or she wants. He can't also rip up treaties signed with allies or dictate how they should run their country.

      Essentially a president is not a dictator.

    • threekeys profile image

      ThreeKeys 15 months ago from Australia

      Thank you MizBejabbers.

      Time will let us will be interesting to see...

    • MizBejabbers profile image

      MizBejabbers 15 months ago

      Very hard to say. I don't know Tarot, so I have no interpretation, but yours could be very accurate.