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Will Zimmerman's Indictment finally bring an end to the Trayvon Martin News?

Updated on April 12, 2012

The Trayvon Martin saga has been going on for weeks on end now, and many people are probably tired of it. It’s not that they don’t care about the death, but the story itself has been drug out for too long without the facts being known. According to a lot of people in the court of public opinion, George Zimmerman is guilty or murder. Of course, others believe that Zimmerman is innocent and should be left alone. However, the public debate and controversy over the issue has basically forced the law to take some action. Everything has gotten out of control, and the special prosecutor has been forced to finally charge Zimmerman with second degree murder.

No matter what happens, people are going to be upset. This situation has gone too far already, and it’s almost impossible for an unbiased trial to occur. Trayvon Martin’s death has been overly-publicized, and many people believe they are experts over it. They have generated an opinion as to what happened and why it occurred. If the verdict does not turn out the way they want it to, they will clearly not be satisfied.

However, I don’t think the actual death is the major issue at hand. The death of anyone is sad, but how is Trayvon’s death different from any of the other murders that occur on a daily basis across the United States? There are some problems with the whole situation that need to be discussed because I don’t think the murder is what most people care about anymore. I believe this whole situation has simply been turned into a racially driven event; certain people want to make Trayvon’s death a hate crime and racially motivated.

From the very beginning, we never knew the full facts of the case, and we still don’t to this day. However, when NBC originally publicized this all on national television, they edited the 911 tape to make it sound how they wanted. They edited it in a way to make Zimmerman look like a racist and that he pointed out the fact that Martin was black. However, Zimmerman didn’t describe what race Martin was until he was asked by dispatch. NBC originally created a racial issue out of this and spun it that way in the national media.

And how about the description of Zimmerman’s race? He has consistently been described by the media as a “white Hispanic.” While filling out the census or any other official document, I have never seen the box “white Hispanic” available to check. Anyone who would see Zimmerman face to face would not describe him as white. That is like describing President Obama as a “white black.” The only reason the media started describing Zimmerman as a “white Hispanic” was to escalate this as a racial issue. They wanted to make it out to be a white man versus a black one.

We can take a look at the actions of the New Black Panthers. This radical group put a bounty out on Zimmerman. They offered a $10,000 reward for anyone that could capture him, and it wasn’t specified if that was meant dead or alive. All of this was done while Zimmerman was a free man without a warrant for his arrest or anything. The New Black Panthers overstepped the law and tried to take it into their own hands. Putting a bounty on someone is making a threat against them and technically a punishable crime in the United States. However, no action was taken against the New Black Panthers.

We also have Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson running around yelling about what a travesty this is. They keep saying what a racially driven, hate crime this was. They pretend to be proponents for blacks, but they never step up for all the other black murders that occur every day. Why do they not show support when a black man is killed by another black man? Can we honestly believe they care about Trayvon Martin, or are they just involved for personal and monetary gain?

Up until recently, all the pictures we have been seeing of Martin have been when he was only 12-years-old. This was done to make it look more like a man killed a child. This was to help draw an emotional appeal. Or how about Obama taking sides saying that if he had a son he would “look like Trayvon.” He was stepping outside his bounds as the president to add his two cents for his own political gain. We also have Spike Lee tweeting an address that he believed to be Zimmerman’s, but it was really some other older couple. He put their lives in danger by doing so.

Over and over, we have seen more violence advocated. We have seen cries to riot and protest against this. Because it was turned into a hate crime, violence was incited. Do we really want another Rodney King incident? If we want to solve the issues or racism in this country, we are going about it the wrong way. The way people have reacted to this shooting will only prolong the racial divide.

I am not taking one side or another. I was not there the night Zimmerman shot Martin. I don’t know if it was done out of hate or self-defense. I don’t know if he was justified or not. What I do know is that this should be left for the law to decide. We have a justice system in place for this exact reason; it cannot be solved in the court of public opinion. It just saddens me that people have tried so hard to make it a huge racial issue. It saddens me that people are using the death of this young man for their own profit. Why haven’t people reacted so vehemently to all the kids killed in the time since Martin’s death? It just doesn’t all add up.


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    • Joelipoo profile image

      Joelipoo 5 years ago from Ohio

      @teaches - It's a shame that NBC and the media portrayed it this way. Unfortunately, almost everything is slanted to one side that comes from the media.

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 5 years ago

      I agree with freeway, it is the reaction to the news that is the big story. I don't know how NBC got away with editing the tape, and then slanting the news to create excitement. Shouldn't that be a federal offense -- inciting riots? I never believe anything the news broadcasts anymore. Check several sources before you even "think" it may be true. I hope that this does quiet down now and justice is served as it is deserved. Great topic and well written.

    • Joelipoo profile image

      Joelipoo 5 years ago from Ohio

      @Josak - I think they were left with no choice but to have a trial after all the outcry. It definitely got out of hand, but hopefully everything can end peacefully.

    • Joelipoo profile image

      Joelipoo 5 years ago from Ohio

      @freeway - You bring up good points. The public reaction has become bigger than the actual murder. I think this will be a difficult decision for any jury and will cause controversy no matter what the outcome is.

    • Josak profile image

      Josak 5 years ago from variable

      Well it looks like all the outcry has had the desired effect, Zimmerman will get his trial and the facts will come out and the questions will be answered and if an injustice is found to have occurred then justice will be served, I agree the whole thing got out of hand but I think that the result will be positive now.

    • Freeway Flyer profile image

      Paul Swendson 5 years ago

      Like the Rodney King situation, the real story here is the public reaction to the killing, not so much the killing itself. And like the King case, it puts on display some of the lingering racial issues in this country. The media may be partly to blame for turning this into a racial issue. But without the lingering racial tensions that are always there, people would not have been so quick jump on the "racial, hate crime" bandwagon.

      It will be very difficult for any court to sort out the facts of this case. It seems like a classic case of two witnesses - Zimmerman and the girl who was with Martin - telling contradictory stories. So how do we determine who is telling the truth? And if the Florida law says that people can use lethal force when they feel threatened, what is meant by the term "feel threatened"? When you consider the number of police shootings that cause a great deal of controversy, imagine the problems you can face when untrained, private citizens are given the same leeway as police officers.