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Will a Divided America Exist After Trump?

Updated on May 24, 2019

The simple answer is, who knows. Hindsight is only 20/20 afterwards and not looking into the future. But the residue left over once Trump is out of office and replaced by either party with plenty of divergent views of America.

America is divided, but is it truly all of Trump's fault and personality? I tend to think it started further back to Obama and then Bush. The cracks were much smaller then but still there and Trump simply has been a earthquake that cause much larger fissures. Trump has exacerbated the who divided house on just about all topics. His personality, his physical presence, his rawness to politics, has about 60% of Americans hating the guy. The other 40% seem to like his swagger, his style, his defiance for rule of law and the Constitution. They love how he hits back in his very personal manner.

But, Obama, riled a great many also, although he was a smooth operator and had intelligence in his oratory. Those that hated him were probably racists to some degree, others just disliked his policies and his tendency to appear less patriotic towards America's adversaries. One might say that Obama divided America because he was black, which is half true, he was also white. Obama tended to play his blackness greater than his whiteness that offended many white or non-black voters. He seemed to embraced blackness over whiteness.

George Bush II created cracks with his lying to the American people over WMD in Iraq based on phony CIA evidence and everything that followed. Of course, these facts did not surface until long after troops were invested there. Bush eroded American trust in government and this lingered through Obama. When Trump was elected with known Russian help (but no collusion) this blew the trust in the government away.

Americans no longer trust Trump or the men he has appointed. They all lie to defend their president. Trump aggravates this with his hate of media and calls its Fake News, when along, it is him providing the fake news!

America is divided over the two party system. How can only two political parties represent over 300 million people? There are many that like both Republican and Democratic values and policies, yet they are forced to choose between two bad choices for their views. Where is a party that represents the middle or the best of both parties? America is greatly divided between far right, right, middle, left, and far left.

While I don't blame Trump for all of America's division, it is now much more worse than ever. While diversity in America is a strength, it can also be a hindrance, trying to please everyone, all the time. Many great empires in history have fallen apart when the government could not satisfy a diverse population or one that was no longer evenly distributed.

I suspect that long after Trump is gone and just a bad moment in American history and nightmare, America will somehow, hobble along as it always has done. If for no other reason than what else is there? States leaving the union and becoming its own country? Divided geographic areas designated as provinces with less ties to the federal government?

America will survive Trump.


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