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America First Woman President

Updated on April 13, 2016

In today's society the role of women are changing, from housewives to holding down some of the most powerful jobs in society. Some women are Lawyers, judges, Politicians, astronauts, doctors, college professors, with many more exciting jobs held by women. Women were expected to stay home cook, clean, raise the children and have a hot meal on the table for her spouse.

In today's society some men feel that a women is to emotional , weak and is threatening by a dominant women who will fight for what they believe in. It's time for American's both men and women to except the facts that women will no longer sat home doing. For years Hillary Clinton has been righting for women right, Children, educations and other programs that is badly needed by the American people.

It's time for men to vote and give her a change to do the job that 44 presidents couldn't do for the American people.

Important women of the USA.Sanda Day O'Conno,r the first woman appointed to serve as Supreme Court. Ruth Bader Ginsbury The only women serving on the US Supreme Court. Oprah Winfrey, the First Afro-American Billionaire. Condolezza Rice, First Africa women to serve as United Secretary of State. Lisa Randall, first women in the Physic department of Princeton, Harvard and MIT. Nancy Reagan, first lady of the late Ronald Reagan. Michelle Obama, the first Afro-American first lady in History.Hillary Clinton, the first lady for eight years, Senator of New York and the former secretary of State. It's time for the American elect the first woman as President of the United States,"Hillary Rodman Clinton".

6 secretary, nurses and other mediator jobs that wasn't that important.

and ,most men thinks the duties of a women are to take care the home, raise the children and to stand behind her husband but in today's society women want more.


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