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Willing To Help

Updated on September 9, 2017

Hurricane Harvey recently hit Texas and we saw an immense amount of damage both from high winds and from high waters. Of the cities affected, Houston was one of the worst hit due to the high amounts of flooding, and the amount of people whose lives were changed because their house was flooded. Looking at the destruction it is surprising how quickly people are working to get back on their feet.

My family and I went down to Houston this weekend to help out a family member of our whose house was damaged from the flooding. We were able to help get the sheetrock and insulation pulled out above the level of the water damage so that the house can start drying, and there wont be any further damage.

This post however isn't about me or my family. Instead it is in people's willingness to help each other. While we were working today there were several other people from a local church who gathered together to help our family. In addition to the people from the church there was a group of contractors that were there making sure that things got done. All in all there were about fifteen people working in the house today trying to help get things back to normal.

I know also that we were not the only people being helped today. On our way down to Houston we saw truck after truck hauling wheelbarrows, shovels and a variety of other tools all heading down towards Houston to help the people whose lives have been tremendously impacted by this disaster. My best guess is that all of these were people who like us were volunteering our time to help others get back on their feet.

During a time when the news is portraying our country as a place of racism, violence and riots, it was nice to see people coming together, putting their differences behind them and just helping each other.

Today we all worked together. Of the fifteen people present there were Mexicans, Whites and Blacks. We all worked together, and the was no racial tension, there wasn't even any mention of opposing political views. The mainstream media is not going to report this because it isn't as riveting as taping a riot or other protest.

This goes to show that there are many people who want to help, and that in times of great need like this there will be lots of people who show up to help. When something like this occurs there are ways that anyone can help. You might not be able to break sheetrock out, but you could still help sweep it up and take it to the curb. If this still isn't something that you could do then you could cook meals or offer your washing machine to those who might need it. Of course you can always donate money, but to me that is the most impersonal way that you can help. Yes it is helping, and if you donated, then thank you for your help. However, I always like to know exactly who I am helping, and for me getting my hands dirty is the best way to do this.

-God Bless
Christopher Benner


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