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With Liberty And Justice For All

Updated on February 23, 2012

What does it all mean?

The Pledge of Allegiance,what does it mean? What did it stand for when it was written?What does it stand for today? What does it mean to me? What does it mean to you.


When I think about my childhood and grammar school days one of the pictures that flash in my mind is standing beside my desk with my right hand over my heart and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.I often remember the feeling of pride and trust and belonging I felt whenever I heard the Pledge or the National Anthem,and the goose bumps on my skin before the coin toss of a ball game.A sense of pride and honor would rise up in me that is really hard to describe.

Do those words have that effect on me today?Regrettably,no they do not possess the power they once had.Is this because I'm older and more callus to sentimentality,or is it because of the direction in which our country is heading?I think it's a combination of the two,but I feel as if the current state of this land is in a social and economic fall that will inevitably be the end of an ideal way of life.

In every direction I look there is greed,corruption,intolerance,injustice,racism,and hypocrisy.From the Halls of Congress to the small town streets the interest in the well being of the fellow man is small on the list of priorities.Anger,animosity,and greed mark the conversations of people who were once well mannered and polite.As a society we are torn and the rift widens on all fronts from political parties to religious beliefs(or lack there of) rich or poor,and color of skin.Intolerance is eating away at the very foundations of which we stand.

I believe this is partially due to the economy,people are afraid because the future is very unclear.I also feel that society today has lost a lot of patience with it's own self due to the frantic pace in which we live.With the advancements in technology everything has dramatically been put into "fast forward".From the work place to the dining room table we are always struggling to stay on time.Families don't take the time to have conversation or interaction which leads to a lack of unity and guidance at the core of our society.I looked up from my laptop last night and my wife was typing away on her of my children were entranced by his game console,another with headphones on,the other two with their smart phones up in front of their faces and i realized that no one had said a word in at least an hour.

I have come to believe that this is a major reason that our society has become so cold and callus. Compounded by this,a system that promotes personal alignment with one or another political belief groups which cannot govern for endless bickering and lack of compromise. Which in turn are being used as pawns in a huge game of chess by super wealthy entities driven by greed.

With this, I find myself back in grammar school,standing by my desk,with my right hand over my heart saying The Pledge of Allegiance. What does it mean? How will we, as a people, reverse the direction in which we are travelling? Are we too far gone to heal the wounds and mend the tears in the fabric of the Flag of the United States of America?


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