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Without God Then It Is Anarchy

Updated on August 19, 2019
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Dr. David Thiessen is an educator, writer, pastor, and speaker. He has authored several books on a variety of topics including Archaeology

Godel did not discover a fatal contradiction

Back in 1947 when Kurt Godel was studying for his citizenship test, it is said and published often that he discovered a fatal contradiction in the Constitution of America. In looking at the constitution article in question, Mr. Godel did not spot a fatal contradiction, he spotted a fatal vulnerability.

That vulnerability is that democracy can easily be taken over by any one person who can get the right people in the right places and change that style of government into a very oppressive dictatorship, fascist or communist state.

Vulnerability is not a good thing

All it takes is a simple majority to make the right laws and democracy disappears. Hitler proved this true after he realized that a forced revolution would not overcome the State. He saw that the very powers that was keeping him from assuming power are the exact same powers that would propel him to the top leadership position of Germany.

Democracy is very vulnerable to history repeating itself. While the framers of the constitution wanted to make room for corrections, additions and new government ideas that the future would demand, they made it possible for anyone to assume power and change the very nature of the country.

This is a vulnerability that cannot exist if the people are going to received fair and just government. But it takes strong men to uphold such honest government, and there are few of those in existence today.

Dictatorship, Totalitarianism & Communism

These 3 styles of government are probably the strongest of any form of government available to man, save for one. These types of governing styles rely on fear, strong arm tactics as well as a leader that is strong willed, stubborn and other hard to change attributes.

It is sad to see how many democratic governments resort to fear to keep their nations’ population in line, but fear is one of the most effective governing tools around. If the people really knew what went on behind the scenes maybe they would take the right action and change their government.

In Dictatorships, Totalitarian and Communistic regimes, dissent and dissenters are taken care of in such harsh manners that it can take decades before there are enough people willing to make the sacrifice to remove those leaders and governments from power.

Even China, with its billion people still cannot muster enough support to force a change in their country. Former President B. Obama’s first campaign rallying cry, ‘it is time for change’, a statement that is easy to say, is very difficult to accomplish, even in a democracy as he found out.

There is always a Theocracy

And many people would welcome a theocracy, just ask the Muslim, the Jew and the Christian. Yet even a Theocracy on a human level is not a strong form of government and can easily be overthrown if enough people side with a particular religious belief.

The problem is that most religions of the world are created by men who did not want the truth. They wanted their own way and that would be the vulnerability of a human theocratic system.

No one would agree how the religious rules would apply to the people in general, to the nation and then to the international community. Even the Muslims have splinter groups that do not agree with other Islamic organizations.

A Christian theocracy may try to instill God’s ways but as has been seen over the past 100 years or so, human believers would change God’s rules to appease different unbelieving segments of society just to gain support and eventually power.

A Christian theocracy without God but using God’s rules would not be a very stable government as the downfall of man, sin and evil, would still exist and Christians are not always immune to their tactics and temptations.

A God involved Government

This is a possibility as the ancient Hebrews, once out of Egypt lived under this system for a few hundred years, give or take ten or so years. The prophets and judges ruled with God directly involved and when that happened the ancient Hebrews lived n peace and harmony.

Yet, one day the Ancient people saw that they liked the secular forms of government better than God and asked Samuel for a king. God told Samuel that the people were rejecting him not Samuel and let the Hebrews have their king.

It is possible to have a Christian theocracy and reject God as well. No matter how many Christian rules were followed, there would always be the human element corrupting those rules. But with God in charge, the human element is removed as is corruption. God, as he did with Eli and his sons, passed just and fair punishment on his people’s rulers

He did not give them a pass for their wealth, their good looks, their feminine physique but made sure those that did wrong, no matter where they were found, were punished correctly, with divine justice.

The good news is that all of God’s rules would be applied to everyone no matter their station in life, no matter their gender, no matter their athleticism.

Would people accept this form of government

It is highly unlikely that more than a few would accept this style of government. Not only because men and women prefer darkness to light, but because they could not use the system to beat the rules and generate massive amounts of wealth.

Nor could they manipulate the people through fear and other tactics to get the laws changed in their favor and so on. The power that people desire would be removed from their hands and given to the only who can properly handle that power.

The Bible says that Jesus will come and establish that God involved government but when we do not know. Most people may not like it, but they do not see how they have failed God and the people of this world.

God gave them freedom of choice and the temptation that evil brings is too great for so many of them.

History has shown

That every human government will fail in some way. Yet unbelieving humans refuse to learn the lessons of history and continue to create laws and governments that are designed to only help a few.

Being granted the power to rule is not a right although some people take it as a right. It is a great responsibility that few have mastered. The communist Viet Namese military leaders recognized this responsibility when their words were recorded in the book Viet Nam. They said, “winning a war is easy but governing is hard.”

Sadly, even that recognition did not spur them to create a good, fair, just government style and the Viet Namese people still suffer under the government they took time to create.

Without God there can be no real government that is without vulnerability, weakness and threatened by rebellion. Even Britain’s King, could not stop the Americans from rebelling and establishing a nation that remains great because they still favor Israel.

It is not because of their constitution that country is great, for the constitution is not applied to all aspect and levels of life. It is a limited document prone to be changed if enough of the wrong people gain power.

© 2019 David Thiessen


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    • david tee profile imageAUTHOR

      David Thiessen 

      20 months ago from Philippines

      Thank you

    • Noelle7 profile image

      Vivian Coblentz 

      20 months ago


      This is an excellent article. We see the radical Left in this country pushing all the time to overthrow the will of the people for their own power and gain and impose socialism and communism, and they have no qualms about shredding our Constitution. Your reference to Hitler's tactics is eerily similar to what the Dems are doing today here. Ironically, conservatives are the ones being accused of acting like Nazis when Democrats are using communist strategies and the propaganda machine of the mainstream media to accomplish their purposes. The devil hasn't changed, and he continues to be the accuser of the brethren.


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