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Wolff and people that think it is the Bible - part 1

Updated on January 14, 2018

The Wolff Book, "Fire and Fury" has generated many comments in the forum

This article will annotate the comments from the forum. Frankly because I don't understand the Anti Trump rhetoric, I had to use their real comments to comment on them. If I had used my guess as to what they would say, I wouldn't even come close.

Because there were so many of these comments, I had to break up this article into several parts.

This is Part I

This is the category for the Wolff book

“This book, claiming to view happenings inside Trump's Whitehouse, has caused a firestorm in the press and in Trump's inner circle. It's flying off the shelves 4 days earlier than expected due to Trump's empty threat to sue the publishers and the author for defamation and slander. It just goes to show the state of ignorance and arrogance the Liar-In-Chief possesses. Time wounds all heels!”


  • This book “Claims”. And it is nothing more than claims. A lot like the infamous “Russian Dossier”.
  • Ignorance, Arragance and Liar-In-Chief doesn’t give the book or this author any veracity or facts.


“it remains to be seen how much of the book is actually true. I suspect most of it because of the Trumplike narrative.

And Vegas odds are usually pretty close to the truth.... “


  • Even the author of this forum can’t confirm whether the book is true.
  • But, the author “suspects” it to be true.

Comment from the forum

  • “Michael Wolff, the author of "Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House," included a note at the start that casts significant doubt on the reliability of the specifics contained in the rest of its pages.


Like the “Russian Dossier” even the author of the book Wolff doesn’t vouch for its veracity.


  • Several of his sources, he says, were definitely lying to him, while some offered accounts that flatly contradicted those of others.”


Furthermore Wolff thinks his sources were lying to him.


  • Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, who the book said warned Trump that he may be under surveillance from British spies, issued a statement describing the claim as "categorically absurd" and "simply untrue.


One example that the “source” said was untrue.


  • Anna Wintour, the longtime Vogue editor, also dismissed the claim that she lobbied Trump to be his ambassador to the UK as "laughably preposterous."


Another example that the “source” said was untrue


  • Other journalists have also urged caution. Some cited Wolff's track record — questions were raised about his 2008 book on Rupert Murdoch — and others compared his claims with their own knowledge of the Trump White House … rue-2018-1


Trump supporters claim the book is worthless because an author's note says that some sources were lying. For anyone who cares about the truth, here is what Wolff actually wrote:

"Many of the accounts of what has happened in the Trump White House are in conflict with one another; many, in Trumpian fashion, are baldly untrue. These conflicts, and that looseness with the truth, if not with reality itself, are an elemental thread of the book.

"Sometimes I have let the players offer their versions, in turn allowing the reader to judge them. In other instances I have, through a consistency in the accounts and through sources I have come to trust, settled on a version of events I believe to be true."

Book bashers seem to think the book has no credibility because it includes some liars. I don't think Wolff means that everyone was lying about everything in all 200 interviews he did.


  • Where did Wolff give any foundation in his words that his book had any truth?


Hating Trump will lead nowhere, for he has done a lot of things which other presidents never had the courage to do. He is good for America and it was about time a man like Trump took charge of affairs in America.


Pro trump comment

As usual, Trump and his administration brought this mess on themselves by allowing this reporter access and by running their mouths. Wolff reportedly has dozens of hours of audio to back up his book.

Trump is toast. It's only a matter of time.

And, yeah, Trump fans, we warned you he was not fit.


  • Anti Trump – Demogandist.
  • What mess, and it has not been verified about Wolff’s access?
  • Has this person heard any of these tapes?


I don't think it will make any difference because Trump supporters will simply label it "fake news".


  • And why should anyone take this book as fact, especially after Wolff’s comments.


Almost everything Trump touches turns to Sh*t. Art of the Deal, Casinos, marriage, world record law suits and so on. He is the front man to something much worst.

  • “Sh*t” is used here, and then we are supposed to believe that adding “hole” to this word makes it worse.
  • As far as the mention of what is S…t, when you look where Trump is today, he has hardly failed in life. He beat 16 of the republican’s best opposition, and the choice of the democrats. Who by the way is a 2 time failure presidential candidate.


The most annoying Trump Bragg about greed he is and smarter than everyone.


  • Why shouldn’t he brag, look where he is today?


I can't watch Trump on TV , pushing Nationaism, in which is worst and criminal than Religion. He Continue to praise justice system that emprisons and ruins more people's lives than the Holocaust over the most important plant in the world, cannabis.. Authorities kill more people than the public do. Why people regurgitate this totally destructive sh*t is beyond me.


  • Another use of the s…t word, and evidently written not by someone that knows how to use a spell checker.


Even through the deepest clouds of evil Trump could show us clearly how deeply evil the fascist Corperationism is. Alternative movements are on their way, after the third world war.


  • Deepest clouds of evil, What is that?
  • Don’t have a clue after that.



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