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Some of the United States of America's Worst Presidents

Updated on June 7, 2016

Andrew Johnson

Andrew Johnson By Eliphalet Frazer Andrews Public Domain
Andrew Johnson By Eliphalet Frazer Andrews Public Domain | Source

Andrew Johnson came from a poor family and was not educated until later years. He was born on December 29, 1808 and died July 31, 1875/ He was the seventh president.

Andrew Johnson finished out Abraham Lincoln's term when he was assassinated. He was a very prejudice person who believed the United States was for white men and should only be governed by white men. Many people think he was the worst president the United States has ever had until Barack Obama come along.

Andrew Johnson tried to stop the 14th Amendment from being passed by Congress. This amendment granted the blacks citizenship. Andrew Johnson tried to convince the Southern states not to ratify the amendment but they did anyway. He is blamed for the South remaining in poverty for over a century.

Andrew Johnson was the only Southern Senator that remained loyal to the Union during the Civil War. In 1868 he was impeached for his views on restoring the South to the Union. He was never removed from office because the Senate was one vote short.

Woodrow Wilson

Woodrow Wilson By Frank Graham Coates Public Domain
Woodrow Wilson By Frank Graham Coates Public Domain | Source

Woodrow Wilson was born December 28, 1856 in Virginia and died February 3, 1924 in Washington, D.C. He married Ellen Louise Azson. She passed away and later he married Edith Galt. He had 3 children. He was the 28th President.

His father was a preacher in Georgia, Virginia and North Carolina. He Had a hard time in school because he was dyslexic. Through hard work he became a good scholar and got a degree in history. He attended several universities. He went to the University of Virginia and studied law. In 1882 he passed the bar exam. After a short time of practicing law , he decided he did not like it.

Woodrow Wilson returned to Princeton University in Virginia and he became a political science professor. He taught at Princeton for 15 years and was president of the university for 8 years.

He was very interested in government and had many ideas as how it should work. He went into politics and he became governor of New Jersey in 1911. He was well liked and popular when he was governor of New Jersey.

In 1913 Woodrow Wilson was elected president of the United States. He immediately implemented some of his ideas he thought would work. He started the Federal Reserve System and we still use it. He started the Federal Trade Commission, which keeps business practices fair for everyone. He started a graduated tax system that we still use.

Woodrow Wilson was president for 1 year when World War I started in Europe. He hated wars because of his growing up in the South when the Civil War was going on. He did not want the United States to get into World War I. He kept the country out of the war through his first term.

When Woodrow Wilson was elected for his second term Germany started sinking U.S. Ships that were headed for Britain. He had no choice but to go to war with Germany. Woodrow Wilson said World War I, was the “war to end all wars.”

World War I ended on November 16, 1918. He had a lot of influence on drawing up the treaty. Th League of Nations was his idea. A group of countries made up the League of Nations and their duty was to try to keep everything peaceful around the world.

In 1919 Woodrow Wilson won the Nobel Peace Prize because of his involvement in the League of Nations.

Andrew Jackson

Andrew Johnson By James Tooley, Jr. Public Domain
Andrew Johnson By James Tooley, Jr. Public Domain | Source

The largest slave owner in the southwestern United States was Andrew Jackson. Andrew Jackson believed the white people had the right to conquer all of North America from the east to the west.

There were treaties with the Cherokee Indians, but when gold was found in Georgia the treaties meant nothing to Andrew Jackson. The Treaty of New Echota was negotiated by John Ridge, an agent of Andrew Jackson, and forced the Cherokee from their land. This was known as “The Trail of Tears.”

Andrew Jackson is believed to be the only president in history to defy a Supreme Court ruling.

Millard Fillmore

Millard Fillmore By Mathew M. Brady Public Domain
Millard Fillmore By Mathew M. Brady Public Domain | Source

Millard Fillmore became president in 1850. At this time the slave-owners had a big problem with their slaves escaping and going to the states that did not have slavery. The lawmen in the free states would not return the escaped slaves to their owners. In 1853 the Fugitive Slave Act was passed. The Fugitive Slave Act stated the lawmen had to return the slaves to their owners. The Fugitive Slave Act also said it was a federal crime to help the slaves.

Millard Fillmore did not limit his prejudice to the slaves. He was also against the Irish Catholics. This gave him many friends in certain circles.

James Buchanan

James Buchanan By Matthew Brady  Public Domain
James Buchanan By Matthew Brady Public Domain | Source

James Buchanan was for slavery. He said he was going to get the issue of slavery solved. His good friend Chief Justice Roger Tandy, who said African Americans were subhuman and non-citizens helped him.

John Adams

John Adams By Gilbert Stuart  Public Domain
John Adams By Gilbert Stuart Public Domain | Source

He is the only president that ever supported legislation that made his opponent's political campaign a criminal act.

Many people that supported Thomas Jefferson made many terrible remarks about John Adams. It was made law that no one could talk about government officials. Because of this law many of Jefferson's supporters were arrested.

No matter how hard he tried to discredit Jefferson he was still elected president in 1800.

Richard M Nixon

Richard M Nixon By Official White House Photograph  Public Domain
Richard M Nixon By Official White House Photograph Public Domain | Source

Richard M Nixon was not considered a good president. He was against activist groups and he used the FBI illegally to keep track of them.

Nixon did not want to improve civil rights. During his presidency the power of the president was expanded. He is probably best known for "Watergate."

George W Bush

George W Bush By Eric Draper  Public Domain
George W Bush By Eric Draper Public Domain | Source

George W Bush is thought to be the worst president this country has had by many. Reality is he might go down in history as the second worst.

When George W Bush was Governor of Texas there were more prisoners executed than ever before.

It is said his political friends were rewarded by him. Some say he used the Justice Department for the purpose of causing problems for his political enemies.

Many believe he used 011 to increase his power.

PresidentBarack Obama

President Barack Obama By Pete Souza  Public Domain
President Barack Obama By Pete Souza Public Domain | Source

Many people believe Barack Obama is the worst president this country has ever had. Many believe he has caused great harm to the country and the people. There are others that think he is one of the best presidents this country has ever had.

Many believe he has caused problems that affect the American people here at home and around the world.

His actions have damaged the economy. He called George W Bush unpatriotic because he ran up a debt of $5. trillion in eight years. President ran up $6.5 trillion in five years.

Under his leadership there are more American people receiving government aid than ever before. There are more people on government aid than there are people holding down full time jobs.

He has put the country so far in debt and he has no way of paying it off except to print more money and making things worse.

His Affordable Care Act is a disaster. People have lost the insurance they had. People have had their hours cut because of the medical insurance costs.

He has made racial tensions worse. He has condemned the wealthy. He has downgraded the military to where the country is now weak. We no longer have some of our long time allies because they no longer trust us.

He did promise to change the country and that he has done even though it is for the worse.


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    • Robert Sacchi profile image

      Robert Sacchi 14 months ago

      Yes, the lists I've seen seem to give a limited scope. They look at one area, say the economy, and judge on that ignoring other areas.

    • norlawrence profile image

      Norma Lawrence 14 months ago from California

      Thanks for your comment. I found when I checked for worst presidents it depended on what information I read. Everyone seemed to have a different opinion and the same was true with the best presidents. I appreciated you thoughts. It kind of like every one on Hub Pages opinion of the present candidates for president.

    • Robert Sacchi profile image

      Robert Sacchi 14 months ago

      Interesting list, though I would say it may be too early to tell for the last 2. The article doesn't seem to have anything that would justify Woodrow Wilson being on the worst list. I'm not claiming he doesn't belong there jsut the Hub only seems to tell good things about him.