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Women Are Not Equal To Men According To Erdogan - Discussion

Updated on January 22, 2015 | Source

Women: Not Equal To Men?

Recep Tayyep Erdogan, the president of Turkey have recently stated that women are not equal to men and that they're highest positions are in motherhood, following the status that Islam attributes to women.

Women are just different, they were created differently and that's how nature worked - he added.

Should I agree to this? Well, according to William Golding - the English great novelist and poet- Women are not equal to men too, you can't just compare women to men because women are far superior and have always been! So about this statement " Women are not equal to men" Erdogan's right! Women are far superior.

Let's Get Real

Let's get real and say that yes, actually women cannot be able to do some of the jobs that need too much physical strength and energy, such as: Building & construction, gathering garbage, working in mines, cargo and freight agents, Soldiering, pipe fixing & what's related, fire fighting and some others.

These mentioned jobs above can be done by majorly men because they require a physical strength that women cannot handle or keep up with.

What about the jobs that can only be associated and done by women?

Well, these can include: Nursing in hospitals, baby sitting, Cheer-leading, dancing (some types of it) and others.

What about the jobs that can be done by both, men and women? Well, they are numerous! And they can be perfectly done by both genders, there are no rules for that and we cannot say that women are smarter than men or vice verse, this subject cannot be discussed concerning cleverness when picking and choosing.

It's still unfair that Erdogan,however, said that women's position is only in motherhood because there are just plenty of working women and girls who have not reached their motherhood times yet, so did he forget about these women or what? What about the women and girls who like to look up for their kids and work at the same time? I totally think that these women should stay free to decide for that because its their lives. | Source

Potentials & Great Discoveries

Everyone can have certain potentials and knowledge, nothing can be completed without the help of another and I believe in life that things need more than one hand to get perfectly completed, it needs both genders.

Let's not neglect and ignore the fact that potentials shouldn't be necessarily and directly connected with genders and there's no scientific rule for that, so never underestimate the powers of another because he/she might surprise you!

Everyone has different understandings, definitions and ways of determining and getting things. What might not be understood by you can be understood by someone else.

There are many examples of women who have helped a lot in improving and getting things done better than men. A good example would be Angela Merkel, who have helped big time in the economic, political and the sociable growth of Germany through many years since she was elected in 2005.

- Hedy Lamar: The beautiful past actress who was an international beauty icon, has developed a system for secret communications in the field of wireless connections and communications.

-Patsy Sherman: The researcher chemist who have discovered and made the fabric stain repellent and material protector, carpet treatment products, automotive upholstery cleaners and many other inventions & creations which helped big time in the production of shoes, carpets, clothes, cars and others.

These great examples can show you that women too have a big role in life, of course let's not forget their biggest role ever in giving birth and life.

Men have also made big and great inventions and have accomplished too many useful things in life so in short, I think it's really silly to judge or compare or differentiate between people because of their genders and of course colors, nationalities, races and everything that has to do with discrimination and differentiation.


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    • RanaKm profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago

      PeachPurple: Yes, I agree! But I also believe that we shouldn't separate people's potentials because of gender, I just find it really silly and unreasonable. Everyone can do anything and everything as long as they persist on doing what they love doing by heart, logic & wisdom..

    • RanaKm profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago

      Peter, I'm sorry that you've had to live such experiences but please do remember that having to live with your mom and her actions with you shouldn't necessarily give you a general outlook and an opinion about all women.

      Everyone thinks differently and there are many types of people in this world, I do agree with a thing you've said here: When a person believes that you can't do something, it can really affect you and affect the way you think of yourself too but things as such can happen all the times whether from the people whom you know or from the people that you don't know and all what you have to do about this is to ignore the negative people and just believe in your potentials.

      Stay strong.

    • peachpurple profile image


      3 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      i don't agree that women are not equal to men. There are lost of women in this world who could do better than men . It is just that they are not given any chance

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      I don't meant to be offensive, but my life experience growing up, couldn't help leading me to more and more be in agreement with old school view about woman.

      My own life experience for example, my mum is officially the person that ruin my career and why I am now broke. Why? Since I was a little boy, my mum think I am somebody whom would be an burden to society. When I was 8 and 9, she use to make me yell out ten times "I am human trash.", who the hell tell a 8 years old kid to say that? When I grew up, she can't handle the fact she might be wrong, so she do all she could to keep my career in ruin. There is a famous psychology saying "When a person believe in something badly enough, they would look for example and construct opinion that is in favor of it and ignore all fact that suggest otherwise" and "when a person believe in something badly enough, they would conduct act of sabotage to keep reality in coalition with what they believe in." Psychologist refer to this as "fix believe" a situation where a person believe in something so badly, they refuse to believe otherwise and would conduct act of sabotage just to keep thing in coalition with what they believe in.

      Because I grew up in a wealthy family and sometime you see on TV some rich kids are really spoiled, so, because since I was a kid, she think I must be trash, when she saw the spoil kids on TV, she right away think, I must be like that too. So, after high school, she did everything she could from stopping me from getting a job, because rich spoil kids don't work, they think they are high and mighty simply because their parents are rich. When I was 19 and 20 looking for a job, if she found out, she get angry and rip up the newspaper. And because rich spoil kids, are suppose to be lazy, she become all selective in her memory and saying the reason I don't have a job is because, I am lazy and won't be bother to get a job. So, I got angry saying it is because you are doing all you can from stopping getting a job. And when, she do find me looking for a job, she get angry and do all she could, to stop me from getting a job. So, I started looking for a job, behind my mother's back, usually when I am in college, using the library after class and only give my mobile number on my resume.

      Of course they don't hire 22 years old with no experience, so I lie telling people I am 19 and got a job working as a sell person. I was hoping later I can get an internship, in my degree and then maybe a real job, at least within 2 year after graduating from university. naturally, my mum did everything she could from stopping me going to work and then call me a spoil rich kid, that can't won't work. So, consider I now have a job, I just walked out of home and crashed with a mate from high school for a few days and start looking for a place to stay. The only reason I went home is because, my dad got worried and looked for me and got into an accident 2 months later, otherwise, no way in hell I would go home. At first my mum didn't have an issue against me working, but 6 month later it is the same drill all over again. The problem is that during that time Swing flu was everywhere, so out of that consideration I ain't working. A few months later my mum's memory change to "the only reason I was able to hold out at that job for so long, is because she pushed me into it." why? As I grew up, I learn more and more obvious that, my mum fancy herself as a saint. But even if you have a saint like personality, a saint can only be a saint, if she have some chaos to deal with. It is said by professional "fix believe" occur because there are some form of pay off for the person, either conscious or unconscious.

      By time I graduate from university, I was too old to fake "19" and with only 6 months experience in the work force, at this age, I have better chance winning the lottery, then getting a job. And do my mum she think it is her fault, no, she think it is because I got an attitude problem, so employer don't like me in interviews, totally ignoring the fact, I have problem getting to an interview to begin with, because it was hard enough for somebody with my type of experience to get a job interview to begin with and when i do get an interview, she would got all angry and stand in front of my room, with a kitchen knife, so I won't be able to go, therefore, I never even went, to a job interview.

      Eventually, I decided to go work for a mate of mine, from high school, he own a small moving company and need drivers. In addition, because he is a high school graduate, he have a bit of problem with the business aspect of things, I am a college graduate, so naturally, I know a lot more then him and i start giving him a hand, to keep things organized, so his business can run more smoothly. Since no one in their right mind, would hire me for a real job, I decided to go into business for myself. I am starting to see, if I can start my own magazine, since I have a journalism degree (hopefully it would do alright).

      When, I was a senior in high school, that year we started using a new syllabus and some how my mum got in her hand, another syllabus that has "nothing" to do with what we were doing in school. But apparently because she believe "mum knows best." she can't possibly be wrong. So, when every body get time to study hard and still have extra time to play in high school. I spend all my time arguing with my mum, because apparently I only have the option of either (a) studying the false syllabus my mum think is the real syllabus, which has nothing to do with what we were doing in school and have no time to do what we are really doing at school or (b) spend all my time arguing with my mum. And because she think "mum knows best" she can't be wrong and apparently, because she believe "I am trash", since I was 7 or 8, her conclusion is that this is a classic case of rebelling teen getting involve with the wrong crowd and refuse to study and just want to party and get drunk (Speaking about watching too much teen movies) and she is always searching my bag for drugs. Even now she think that was the case and she is always like "You need to be grateful for me, you are such a bad kid when you were 17, if it wasn't because I did all I could, to pull you in the right path, who know what would happen enough." I swear to god, if she ain't my mum, I would have punch her.

      Later, I came to the conclusion this is what women are generally like, we see on sitcom such as "every body loves Raymond" with angry and unreasonable wife, like Debra. And one of the reason the show is popular, is because guys can related to it, through their own experience with their wife or girl friend. Then, in real life, I saw women whom are just like this also. Totally unreasonable.

      Base on my experience with my mum and then seen how some women in real life act and how so many man can relate to the unreasonable girlfriends. I learn it is not just my mum that is like this. All women are like this. It is a very simple case, women have a lesser emotional maturity then man. When I say women have less emotional maturity then man, it is obviously, man are less emotional then woman. human emotion have no ration, for example, if a person say you are a thief everyday, even if you know you aren't a thief, you would still feel you are a thief and in a lie detector test, it would register a lie when you say you ain't a thief (that is why they say lie detector ain't always accurate.). Emotional people are likely to do bad thing, due to the irrationality of human emotion. It is why, sometime a good person that lost his temper might have a shoot out on the street. Therefore there are time, when a person can be emotional and time when you can't. To have good emotional control, a person need to be logical and in my experience, women's emotional control capability is very poor, in comparison to man. When I was a kid, I totally think those old school ideal about women are full of crap, but as I grew up and seen more, I can't help agreeing with it, more and more.


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