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Women Bail Bonds Agent

Updated on December 11, 2011

Women in Bail

The Florida Keys where you go on vacation...and leave on probation.
The Florida Keys where you go on vacation...and leave on probation. | Source

Bail Bond Girls

Tonya Rynerson is a very successful bail bonds agent in Southern California. She has been building a family bail bonds business with years of professionalism and dedication. Her approach is everything that is right in the bail bonds business and shows why women are so successful in a man's bail bonds world. Bail Bonds Girl Blog

Bailbondswomen doesn't sound quite right. For the sake of this hub we will just refer to women in bail as bail bondsmen, the same term used for men. After all we wanted equal rights.

Traditionally in the not so distant past if we thought of a job we might envision the gender most likely to perform it. Plenty has changed since those ridiculous times. Women are as capable as men to complete education and gain the skills needed to compete with men in all fields. Of course men today can also fill jobs traditionally reserved for women. There are some jobs however that generally command the presence of a man, such is the bounty hunting field within the bail industry.

Exceptions exist of course, such as the ex-cop twin sisters from California now turned bailbondsmen and known as Lipstick Bail Bonds and the famous red head Mackenzie Green from San Francisco.

So that you are not confused it's worth explaining that bail agents are also known as limited surety agents, and bail bondsmen and that they are not the same as bounty hunters. Bail bondsmen get defendants out of jail for a fee while bounty hunters put defendants back in jail after they have failed to show up for court. Bounty hunters get paid by the bail bondsman to execute the pick up or arrest. Bail Bondsmen can and many times do their own bounty hunting work and for a fee may also bounty hunt for others. This is the case with the above mentioned ladies.

Women in bail make up a healthy representation of the total bail agent numbers in the field. There are countless women with their own bail agencies and plenty more women licensed as limited surety agents or bail bondsmen helping out in family businesses or working for others as posting agents and as multi tasked office personnel.

Women in bail who do own and operate bail agencies employ bounty hunters or male bail agents for the uglier and riskier part of the business, the picking up of fugitives. Many times female bail agents will be present on bond jumps and contribute to the capture and surrender of defendants. It really depends on how comfortable the female agent is with the scenario. Sometimes female agents will go on a bond jump if they feel have some first hand knowledge about the defendant or actually know him, making it easier to identify but may opt to stay in the background and not partake in the actual apprehension of the the subject. Other women bail bondsmen may feel up to the task and gear up for the total bounty hunting experience but mostly in the company of other male bail agents or bounty hunters. Beth Chapman, from Dog the Bounty Hunter is a good example.

I read that 50 percent of all bail agents in California are women. That is pretty impressive when you consider that from the inception of bail it was one of those fields strictly dominated by men.

Womens Success in Bail

Women are very successful in the bail field. Not only do they have excellent office skills - work the phones, do administrative and organizational tasks which for the most part come second nature to most whom already run their families and homes. They aslo exhibit more patience and compassion in dealing with our clientele type than most men. They can negotiate bonds in the office or via mobile phones and don't mind thoroughly filling out the required insurance company bail forms. They tend to pay more attention to detail possibly because its more difficult for them to execute the pickups if the bond is forfeited for failure to appear. Having all the paperwork can help reduce costs associated with having to pay a bounty hunter.

Women are also a great asset while conducting house visits and interviews with family members. Having a woman present is viewed as less threatening to the family, which in turn might cause them to open up and provide better leads than if just a couple male bail agents show up. The more information you are able to gather the better chance at a lead that pans out.

Women bail bondsmen are also good for stake outs. If you plant a couple of male bondsmen or even a single guy in a residential neighborhood to watch a house there is a better chance they will be made out or burned by neighbors, concerned citizens and block captains. On the other hand, if you plant a male and female bondsman or a single female bail agent people are automatically less suspicious and are less likely to attract negative attention.

When it comes to skip tracing women can follow a trail tirelessly. They make pretext calls and manage to get useful and pertinent information.

Women bailbondsmen are also useful when arresting a female fugitive. Having a female surety agent present is a no brainer. Many situations and complaints mostly sexual in nature can be avoided by simply taking this precaution.

The bail industry is open to all but lady bondsmen are climbing the ranks and certainly making a name for themselves in the industry.


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    • Bail Up ! profile imageAUTHOR

      Bail Up ! 

      7 years ago


      Thanks. It makes for a good living!

      I appreciate your offer of photography tips.

    • LuisEGonzalez profile image

      Luis E Gonzalez 

      7 years ago from Miami, Florida

      My hats off to you, not many like your type of business, even fewer women.. Way to go!!.

      Please feel free to email me with any photography questions that you may have.If ever in Miami let me know and I will share some of my favorite photo spots, tips, know-hows, tricks etc.

    • Bail Up ! profile imageAUTHOR

      Bail Up ! 

      7 years ago


      Women are always striving for new opportunities and challenges. This career here is a good example. Thank you for leaving your comment here.

    • jacobkuttyta profile image

      Siny J 

      7 years ago from Delhi, India

      Very interesting and informative.

      It is nice to know that women are climbing new heights.


    • Bail Up ! profile imageAUTHOR

      Bail Up ! 

      7 years ago

      Just Ask Susan

      Thanks for your comment. Glad to be able to help others understand the bail business.

    • Just Ask Susan profile image

      Susan Zutautas 

      7 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      Very interesting hub. Learned so much here. thank you!

    • Bail Up ! profile imageAUTHOR

      Bail Up ! 

      7 years ago


      Funny you should say that but you are right. The bail world had always been looked upon as a dark business with cloak and hat wearing thugs lurking around the courthouse. Not so, at least not anymore. Believe it or not we are the good guys! The service we provide is a needed part of the criminal justice system.

      Thanks for your comment. I do appreaciate it.

    • amybradley77 profile image


      7 years ago

      Always love to learn new things, thanks for sharing this bit of history on your I think becoming gradually more liked profession. At least more well known, now with dog the bounty hunters shows on, too. Very interesting stuff here. A.B.


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