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Women Can't Get No Satisfaction! Who Knew Being A Girl Made Such A Difference?

Updated on October 22, 2014
Women make .77 cents for every dollar a man makes, even when they have the same educational background.
Women make .77 cents for every dollar a man makes, even when they have the same educational background. | Source

Females may believe they are finally being treated as equals in today’s society, but there is still a long way to go before they will truly be equals in society. Over the past years females have made significant advancements in the progress of becoming a male’s equal counterpart. However, females are still treated unequally in both the workplace and in the classrooms.

Inequality Starts When We Are Young

This inequality begins early in life. It begins with the way adult’s influence young females when they are first entering the school system. Women seem to do well in Science and Math when they are younger but once they enter Jr. High School they begin to score lower than males in both science and math areas of tests. However, females do score better than males on the reading and English sections of tests in both the earlier years of school and the later years of school. The reason why female’s scores suddenly drop in math and science areas is unknown, but some researchers believe that it may be the result of how the teachers and the parents are influencing young females. Researchers believe that teachers and parents encourage their young female children more than their male children to concentrate more on speaking correctly, being polite, being quiet, and being able to write neatly. The males seem to be more encouraged by their teachers and parents to be more out-spoken in class, more athletic, and males seem to concentrate more on math and science subjects than on English or reading because they see math and science as more of a male subject area than a female subject area. This is because society influences the way people think about certain subject areas. When you think about doctors, scientists, or accountants you tend to think of males in those occupations more than females. Females are more thought of in occupations such as education, caretaker, or maybe librarian. When a female enters college she is more likely than a male to major in education or English, but a male on the other hand is more likely to major in math or computer science. So the inequality begins at an early stage.

Studies have shown that in the classrooms while children are still at a young age teachers’ unknowingly to them call on boys more often than girls and they tend to direct their energy and concentrate more on the males than on the females in the classroom. So this in turn could also be affecting the way women think about schooling and what subject areas they should be interested in and what areas of study they should be excelling in. Another reason why females’ attitudes may be affected while attending school is that most of the books they read and study in school are written by men and about men.

Glass Ceiling

Education used to be your ticket out of a situation, such as if you were from a low income family. If one could achieve academic success then one would be able to live a stable economic life and may end up making more money than their parents did. Females can no longer just rely on receiving a Bachelor’s Degree to enable and guarantee them a place in the workplace. Females now have to go further in school. They have to extend their education to higher levels such as attaining a Masters Degree or going on to graduate school. This is because even males who are receiving only a Bachelors Degree are beginning to find that having a degree does not always automatically mean that one will be able to find a job easily. All college graduates are having more trouble finding jobs after college so a female is at an even larger disadvantage than a male because of the gender gap. So a female must now work even harder at attaining a higher level of education. Females have to try to make their self look more appealing to the employers, so that when it comes time to hire people it will not be only the white males gaining the jobs and the large incomes.

In the year 2013, women were paid .77 cents for every dollar that a man received. It is ven worse if you are a female African American then you will only make .65 cents for every dollar that a man makes, and a Hispanic female will only make about .57 cents to a man’s dollar. On average a female is making about 150 dollars less a week than a male is making in a week. According to CNN the current gender gap adds up to losses of more than $250,000 over a 30 year career.

Since females are being paid less now, in the present time, a female will experience a smaller pension when she retires. So not only are we as females suffering now in the present but we will also suffer later in our lives due to our lower income level. Males on the other hand will have their larger incomes now and they will also have their larger pensions when they retire later in life.

A female believes that if she attains a college education that she will then be able to break through the gender gap and wage gap. A white female with a college education makes about $12,000 less than a male who is college educated. That means that a white female college graduate only makes about $1,800 more than a white male high school graduate. Gora Steinem says in her essay that she has seen “such facts as the high unemployment rate among female PhDs; a lower average salary among female college graduates of all races then among their male counterparts who graduated from high school or less. It amazes me how a female can go to college and receive a degree and yet she can still possibly make less than a white male high school graduate.

The wage gender gap becomes increasingly larger when the female is also part of a minority group. Now, not only does the female have to battle the gender issues at her place of employment but she now also has to deal with the racial issues that she encounters at her workplace. In one year, the average Hispanic woman working fulltime earns $17,837 less than the average white man does. And in one year, the average black woman earns approximately $12,000 less than the average white man does. The females that are in these minority groups have it much worse than white females do, but all females experience inequalities in the workplace.

As you can see as men and women get older the gap between wages also increases.
As you can see as men and women get older the gap between wages also increases. | Source

Move Over Men

Even when women have a higher educational background, then a male they still experience inequality whether they are white, Hispanic, or black females. They all experience inequality when it comes to the amount of education one has and the amount of income they are paid at their place of employment when being compared to how much a male’s income and education is. A female could have a Masters Degree and still make less than a male who has only a Bachelors Degree. I do not understand how a male with a lower level of education can make more money than a female with a higher level of education. I would imagine that an employer would look at the educational background of the individuals and realize that the female is more capable of the doing the job.

So females must work a lot harder than a male has to in today’s society if they want to be able to achieve their goals and dreams. Males have it easier in life than females because they have been the ones in control for such a long time but now it is time for the females to be in control. It is our turn to run things and to get things done in the world. Males have had their turn and now it is ours. It’s time for the males to move over and let the women have a chance at running things.



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    • S Leretseh profile image

      S Leretseh 2 years ago

      The girls are in the "system" (political/ economic arenas), which was created by white males – and exclusively for white males. Females got what they never should have got. STOP complaining.

      Historically, the purpose of a society was to rank males within the structure and confines of their own male group (male group=males racially, linguistically and religiously similar). Male groups create societies. Female's role is to procreate for the male group and raise the children. All of human history prior to 1964...shows us what human nature intends regarding the creation of a society and its continuance. This is the creator's design ... which is to perpetuate distinct human groups (i.e. racial & ethnic groups). All that changed in 1964 with the American compulsory integration law (euphemistically referred to as Civil Rights Act). AGAIN, that ridiculous law NEVER should have happened. What male all of human history ...ever surrendered their status environment to another male group?! Of course, even dumber than that would be to surrender it to the females!

      Ironically, and something you seem to take little note of, is that females were not even supposed to be part of the 1964 compulsory integration law. A congressman by the name of Howard Smith, who was in control of the 'black male' integration bill within the house, inexplicably inserted "sex" into the bill. WHY?! Why would he do THAT?! Every member of Congress knew exactly what that word meant: FEMALES. And as a result, the "guys" who were hanging on the proverbial fence and not willing to commit to that ridiculous compulsory integration act, now knew they'd BETTER commit to it, or risk being - unfairly - branded anti-female i.e. against females "advancement", making "human progress", etc.. The point of the semantics here is that females were nowhere on the radar as a "victim group" in 1964. NO WHERE. So why would Smith insert the word "sex"? Since Smith was a southern democrat and staunchly opposed to the civil rights act (compulsory integration by way of legislative threats), there's only one logical reason he did it: Smith wanted to demonstrate the complete, total and absolute stupidity of the compulsory integration law. In other words, "If we're going to be stupid enough to forcibly insert black males into the white male social stratification system...well, why not the girls as well?!" i.e. Let's just ruin the entire political/ economic system twice as fast.

      BTW, our illustrious Founding Fathers KNEW...they KNEW darn well the moronic things guys could think of and want to plant into the system by way of legislative law. Yeah, how easy it is to just write a law... So our Founding Fathers, wanting to protect white males from themselves...gave them the 10th Amendment. SCOTUS, however, has never once allowed that Amendment to be used to nullify Congress' stupidity.